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Name: Alice (I prefer to be called Bunny though)
Age: 21
Blood Type: O+
Height: 5'2
Weight: 100 lbs
Food Status: Vegetarian
Location: AZ
Color: Pastel Pink and White
Fav Game of the Month: Sailor V (fanmade for android)
Fav Animal: User Image
Sweets, video games, cake, food, curry, strawberries, candy, anime, boys, ftm, music, cosplaying, did i mention cake?
The sun, judgmental people, wigs, people who dislike anime, people who dislike cake, *****, and dolphins, they violate people.
[xxxxx] thunder/lightning
[xxxxx] dogs (big rottweilers)
[xxxxx] zombies
[xxxxx] becoming fat
[xxxx] dead Asian girls hungry for revenge
[xxx] cabbage patch kids o.o

Tibit about me
I spent YEARS growing my hair out past my butt to be a living sailor moon! biggrin My mom touches up my roots every 3 weeks orso. I sometimes wear knee length extensions for conventions, but most of the time I prefer to use my own hair. I also aspire to be a living doll someday ;3;