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« RPC »

▶в α s ι c s

[»]Full Name: Salise (Sa-lee-se)
[»]Nicknames: Saigo, Sai, Sal
[»]Age: 22
[»]Gender: Female
[»]Race: Half human, half succubus
[»]Ethnicity: Asian (Japanese)
[»]Affiliations: All ties cut.
[»]Status: Married to him.

▶αק ק ε α я α η c ε

[»]Height: 5’2’’
[»]Weight: 115
[»]Body Type: Petite (Slim/Slender)
[»]Skin Color: Slightly tan
[»]Natural Eye Color: Gray
[»]Natural Hair Color: White

[→]BASIC skills, abilities and weaponry:
[»]Katana/daggers wielding
[»] Conversing
[»] Mediating
[»] Thievery

▶קε я s σ η α ℓ ι т ү

Salii can be quite the social bird and usually has a lot to say, both bad & good, if triggered. So do be cautious she does have a temper and is always on to you by letting you think she's not. Taking up risky, random skits and what-not throughout her time, she lives off towns by thieving, and or chasing mysterious, intriguing things that manage to catch her eyes (i.e. dark avis, Bleach cosplays, nice hair and Katanas). Curiosity is her most notable characteristic along with her stubbornness but with her unbreakable spirit, she is loyal as well as understanding. She may be competitive but also committed once you gain her favor. She strives for success in everything she sets her heart on and will almost never give up on anything or anyone. However for her, nothing should be controlled or held on to if it doesn’t wish to be. Her actions toward you may become a reflection of yours to her.
Thus being said, she's usually most willing and accepting, given the right intentions and all.

[»] Dark avis
[»] Skits/RP
[»] Loyalty
[»] Gifts
[»] Fireworks

[»] Humidity
[»] Cowards
[»] High & mighty attitudes
[»] Rudeness
[»] Betrayal/deceit

(( the lady behind the scenes ))
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