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I live in a hobbit hole. I work in a castle. I wouldn't want to live without stories.

Theoretically female, but use whatever pronoun you wish. Librarian. Nearly 30. Avatar is usually cosplaying as my (male) OC Mac, a rabbit-eared mage courier who works part time in a tea shop. I don't post in character or RP on this account. If you want to know more about Mac or myself, feel free to post a comment or PM me.

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Shrimp_Man Report | 03/27/2015 12:52 am
Yep, she's my Harry Potter OC.

You'd think, and it used to be that way. But after one update, it wouldn't let me any more.

Probably the only time obnoxious screams would be useful would be if you were a banshee. xD

It's the second in George Romero's zombie movies. It's amazing, probably my favorite of his zombie movies. But two of the four main characters are guys that are pretty obviously in love. However, it's not brought across in the text at all. The movie honestly reads as two couples, a gay couple and a straight couple try and survive the zombie apocalypse in a shopping mall until it all goes to s**t (as it always does).
Shrimp_Man Report | 03/26/2015 9:12 pm
I only remember I have the two accounts is because one is LenoraLupin (my usual pen name before ducttapeofdoom became my catch all).

Yeah, I'd try and log on through a community and it just wouldn't log on. So I got into the habit of opening up another tab to log on, refresh the community, then close the tab.

I totally don't blame the little one, since both of her siblings shoved her under the table while they fought off against the Orcs. Hell, I'd probably still scream while pelting them with whatever I could find.

I know that some people have written dissertations about the relationship between two characters in Dawn of the Dead, the original 1978 one.
Shrimp_Man Report | 03/26/2015 8:51 pm
I've got two but I only really posted stories on ducttapeofdoom.

I love how 90% of sites do it but for some reason livejournal will just not recognize me if I log on on any other page. emotion_facepalm

I loved him in the movie, definitely thought he was a better character in the movie versus the book since we got a better grasp of his character before becoming Lord/King of Dale. Can you blame them though? Orcs attacking their house?

And I'm sure that those dissertations have been written. lol
Shrimp_Man Report | 03/26/2015 8:31 pm
Yeah, it's why I haven't done much on LJ and Tumblr. LJ was mostly when I was still posting all my Glee stuff on one of the communities there.

I haven't been on LJ in forever mainly because somewhere around 3 or 4 updates ago it won't keep me logged in anymore unless I log in on the main page.

Yeah but I think it just has to do with the character's own temperament because Bard's actor came up with the idea that his wife died while giving birth to his younger daughter. And that didn't change his love for her.
PikaGasmic Report | 03/25/2015 8:16 pm
i hope you go the achievement -saw you had it available-
PikaGasmic Report | 03/25/2015 8:15 pm
cool avi
Shrimp_Man Report | 03/25/2015 7:45 pm

Yeah after a while I gave up on posting the stories to tumblr and livejournal as well as and AO3.

I know he preferred Boromir's fighting spirit rather than Faramir's scholarly spirit. There's a fanon theory too that Denethor's wife died in childbirth with Faramir, which is what led to the resentment.
chxii Report | 03/25/2015 7:44 pm
Okay, good luck on your quests. cx
chxii Report | 03/25/2015 7:11 pm
What's the lowest you would go? ;c
I'm questing a few things and i really can't spend much on just this one item.
Rrg, money is so frustrating! haha
Toxi of the Grunnies Report | 03/25/2015 7:07 pm
Toxi of the Grunnies


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What a handsome and posh Grunny you are!
*gives you a cookie*


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