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When walking into shadows, look away from the light.
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P o n y o H o e Report | 11/08/2017 9:52 am
P o n y o H o e
I sent offer <3
xXxAnnikaxXx Report | 08/18/2017 12:26 am
She looks like Alice, yeah?
Pretty Peahen Report | 08/14/2017 6:19 pm
Pretty Peahen
thanks for the fav! emotion_hug
Subreptitious Sendryx Report | 12/28/2016 7:33 pm
Subreptitious Sendryx

I bought some of those RNG bundles and played them all (i bought like the 10 - 25 set )
I got soooo many bundles. XD
Subreptitious Sendryx Report | 12/28/2016 7:30 pm
Subreptitious Sendryx

I agree. I get just one item of something and later on I want another one and I can't and i'm like.. emo
I use to have all the items of Lucy's but stuff came out now I'm pretty sure the once complete sets I have
are no more, lol. Although I do have some bundles that have complete sets but I haven't opend them yet. XD
Subreptitious Sendryx Report | 12/28/2016 7:21 pm
Subreptitious Sendryx

I can understand that, lol.. I need at least 2 of every item at minimum, unless I can only afford one.

Subreptitious Sendryx Report | 12/28/2016 7:08 pm
Subreptitious Sendryx

xD You just noticed?!

It's okay! Don't worry.<3
Subreptitious Sendryx Report | 12/28/2016 6:59 pm
Subreptitious Sendryx

That dress just gives you dem hips emotion_dowant rofl

Thanks.~ I couldn't really get the inspiration to make adecent avi with a different color scheme so I went with black/white
Subreptitious Sendryx Report | 12/28/2016 6:56 pm
Subreptitious Sendryx

Love the avatar.<3
Ashira One Report | 12/21/2016 6:13 pm
Ashira One
Thanks for the buying 3nodding

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