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► On-off Gaian Trashbag Hoe since '04
► ********, Oklahoma, USA
► Old as s**t
► Dating a bear ♥
► Does not accept random friend requests
► Returning Booty Grabber
► Works in a grocery store IRL
► Newb seamstress
► Not a nice person
► Lazy-a** artist
► Lazy-a** fanfic writer
► Doll collector
► Likes really cute s**t
► Casual gamer
► Buys too damn much makeup
► Listens to a lot of music
► Always observing, always planning
► Eats your SJW values
► Changes the avatar a lot
► Is obsessed with Persona
► Is also obsessed with pairing Yosuke with a certain P4 fem!protag
► Her name's Megumi Ueno. Remember it!

There once was a lovely girl

Quite a sight in her bedroom attire

Megumi Ueno she was named

Round the Midnight Channel she was famed

To inflame the Prince of Junes' desire

The Tank

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Let's Embrace the Point of No Return ♥


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