Hihi! I like to watch cartoons, sometimes I draw and I sleep a lot. ... ... Not much to say. sweatdrop


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Sairune's Notes and Junk

It's marching through my door now... The stony cold of lonesome! A bell tolls in my heart now and my lonesome song begins.

I'll post pics I drew here, story summaries, thoughts, wishes, memo's, and other stuff...



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Amoe Chan

Report | 10/13/2015 1:41 am

Amoe Chan

I think I've seen this before in our chat in solia. I'll say it again, he's hot. XD

(Needs to be a little more sinister ;3 )
Amoe Chan

Report | 10/13/2015 1:38 am

Amoe Chan

An artist leaves a piece of themselves in each of their creation.~

(I know, I'm so cheesy sometimes. XD) In your case though, it's more physical. x3
When I tried writing a story before, my characters had personalities similar to mine. So, you don't have to worry 'bout your characters being like you~ I'm sure others had done the same at one point.
Like J.K. Rowling, she once said that Hermione was based on her young self.
Amoe Chan

Report | 10/13/2015 12:55 am

Amoe Chan

It means Damien is your alter ego. x3 And Garnet too? o:
Amoe Chan

Report | 10/10/2015 3:07 am

Amoe Chan

I'm doing great~ <3 How bout' u? biggrin

Did you receive my present? x3 Not sure if you still like that item, but I hope you do~ Nuu, I keep gifts. I'll treasure them~! Thank you! (Not sure if you've seen it, but I was using the halo *0*) I always loved halos.

Ohh, was it a 100-art request as well? Gee man, I missed that. emotion_awesome

Haha, I thought it would be a nice bonus thing. XD I've always seen those kind of goofery in some manga and I always thought they are adorable. How's the anatomy study going? Must be helping you heaps now~! biggrin

Thing is, I change avis all the time. XD (It's a problem with too much items. >u< wink If you're questing any item here, tell me, kay~? I'll help ya~!
Amoe Chan

Report | 10/08/2015 3:01 am

Amoe Chan

I love your avis~ (especially the ones in solia) XD (Especially the pink ones because it pops out when you use it to color. XD)
Ohh, so you used to collect artworks for this avatar, eh O:
Would be nice to skim the gallery XD (I always had the habit of doing that x3)

Ha, since you said you like drawing poses (How about Damien, Garnet and the Demon dancing 1980's style. emotion_awesome )

But I'm too lazy to do that now XD

And oh my gosh, you bombarded me with gifts~! It's not even christmas yet. x.x
But thank you soo much, that was unexpected. O:

Amoe Chan

Report | 10/06/2015 4:14 am

Amoe Chan

Ohh~ the good-sides of having only a few avis is that you can commission a lot of art for them <3
I love collecting art. *0* Imma draw your two avis once I'm done with the orders. XD You're not the only one working slow at the moment, the only difference is that you work hard on every picture <3

I actually like the way you're creating poses for each request you make~ My favorite is the eating noodle one x3 And of course, the dying one, even though, it's dark and sad. >u<

Is it? Haha. I was planning to draw my solia avatar in movie famous lines, but I got lazy. XD (I was planning to do, "I got a jar of dirt" next XD)
Amoe Chan

Report | 10/06/2015 2:49 am

Amoe Chan

Ha, yeah~ The sudden influx of gold does put the rich oldbies disappointed. XD

I was disappointed as well...but yeah, gaia has been the first site I joined when it comes to browser games of some sort. ^^

(Honestly, it's easy to earn money here. Just play Lake Kindred. ^_^ I can lend you one of my kindred(pets) if you want to help you start out. Or, when I manage to cash out some of the items I'm vending I can give you goldies. x3 Though, with your talent for art, you can always survive here... (I got orders of chibi for 30b a pop, surprising really >.< My art is pretty s**t.))

But yeah, you're pretty busy in Solia. x3 How many artworks left before you reach 100? :3
Amoe Chan

Report | 10/06/2015 2:25 am

Amoe Chan

When was the last time you online'd here? :3
Amoe Chan

Report | 10/05/2015 11:42 pm

Amoe Chan

Feeeeeeey~! XD
0 SunshineStorm 0

Report | 08/01/2010 12:40 pm

0 SunshineStorm 0

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