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I really have no idea what to say, a loss of words it seems. I'll just speak my mind, what ever happens to be on it. Hmm.... I'm so distracted, pardon me.
I suppose things I like should be provided... Art, techno, videogames, happiness? The typical things a person likes. I forgot to mention role playing, that I enjoy as well. I can't really think of anything else to write at the moment. I'll add more when I remember to, if ever.


[01/26/2013] Well it seems I've found something to add. I figured it would be convenient if I provided a link to my dA gallery for all of you. In any case, here is the link: View Gallery
I do hope you will enjoy my artwork, please feel free to leave a comment as well.
[10/03/2013] It's been so long since I've added anything, goodness! A few things have happened since my last update. I'll be turning 18 on March 12th. I'm so excited! Save the date!

I've also reached my goal of 100m! I managed to work my way up from 0 to 105.8m within my 4.5 years of being on Gaia! I have no idea what to spend it on though, so I may start a charity. I can't think of anything else to add, but I'll up date this again later. Stay tuned to find out about my jewelry sales!
OH! I also forgot, a few people have mentioned or commented on my background image. Yes, the owl was drawn by yours truly. Materials? A variety of different sized ballpoint pens. I'm a fantastic artist with pen, so if you want some of my ink art just ask.
I'm also open to commissions for art. You can view my samples by clicking the link to my gallery above. My prices may vary depending on your request. Just send me a PM and we can work out the details.