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Birthday: 03/28/1992

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Speak to me friend. Whisper, I'll listen

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The Gemini Knight Report | 03/28/2013 11:14 am
The Gemini Knight
Happy birthday!
HaIIows Report | 11/22/2012 11:09 am
thanks :]
Emyre Report | 03/28/2012 11:19 pm
It looks like you're skewering that bunny through its head and out its a**.
Positively horrific.

I love it.
Dakrin Solomon Report | 01/15/2012 7:29 pm
Dakrin Solomon
oh right sweatdrop yeah that was during my xmas gift giving spree as you may know... i gave away so many gifts I think I spend about 2 mil >.>'
Dakrin Solomon Report | 01/14/2012 4:29 pm
Dakrin Solomon
Lol its no problem.... uh.... what did I get you again? sweatdrop
Dakrin Solomon Report | 01/26/2011 9:53 am
Dakrin Solomon
hahaha sure xD
Charlie_Rain Report | 01/20/2011 7:16 am
thanks, was too lazy at the time to write something out, but it kept, bugging me too.
Kikikura2010 Report | 11/18/2010 11:42 am
Weeping Rose Report | 10/15/2010 11:37 pm
Weeping Rose
your welcome xd
Weeping Rose Report | 10/15/2010 11:30 pm
Weeping Rose
cute ^_^

Yeah. It's Me

Life of a Pirate

Just a few things about me.
I'm a newly 25 year old graphic designer who desperately needs an internship so I can quit stressing about graduation.
I quit logging into Gaia apparently 4 years ago, because life happens and they kinda y'know killed zOMG!, but are trying to redeem themselves, so here I am.
I'm a pirate.
I'm in love with lasher6973. aka my man-thing
I love Johnny Depp. (No I am not in love with him >> wink
I think Twilight ruins the reputation for vampires, but is still a good story to read.
I have the most amazing friends and family.
If anyone were to harm any of them, I would eat the person's face off. Seriously. Don't ******** with the people I will get hurt.
I think the killij is one of the most awesome weapons.
I now own my own guns instead of just learning how to use a gun.
Yes, I have a thing for weapons...
My best friend in the entire universe is red_vampkin. We would do anything for each other, even if she is on the other side of the country right now. >>
(but she's getting married this October and you're reading about her Maid of Honor. BOOM!)
Simply put, I'm one of those awesome people that you hear about that you should get to know.



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If someone were to harm my family, a friend, or someone I love, i would eat them.- JD

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