I've been on Gaia since October 27, 2005. My first account was Michi-dono and have gone through five accounts since (excluding mules). I've been RPing on Gaia since my join date and if you want to see how bad I used to be, check out my first account. I've been with this account since December 18, 2007 and I'm not going to leave it behind now.

    I am addicted to sweets, Dr. Pepper, zombies, cutesy avatars, the Mass Effect game series, vector art, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, horror movies, film noire, writing and probably a whole bunch more things which I'll end up thinking about later.

    Oh! and in case you were interested, here's a link the my photobucket full of B/C pets: Go look at how awesome they are. I tend to collect them which can be looked down upon by my fellow B/Cers.

    My OTPs include:
    Dean/Cas from Supernatural
    Spike/Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Alpha/Echo from Dollhouse
    Kaidan/Shepard from Mass Effect
    Snape/Harry from Harry Potter
    Barney/Robin from How I Met Your Mother
    Batman/Catwoman from the DC universe

    My fandoms:
    The Hunger Games
    Harry Potter
    Mass Effect
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    What You Wish For - A Supernatural Destiel fanfic.


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Notes about BC Pets

As the title suggests



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Thanks for buying!!!!!Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for buying, I hope you don't mind voting for me, please? (:

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Thank you again 3nodding heart
You are awesome.

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Hello !
Can you sell me your SDPlus #326 Tink for 630k?
Happy holidays and very nice profile.
Fairie Queen2

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Fairie Queen2

hey I saw that your Demeter Nacht is going to expire in a few hours and i wanted to purchase it but i'm about 30k short. I was wondering if you would consider selling it for a little less than the listing price. I understand if you won't, but thank you for taking the time to read this.
Nova Lust

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Nova Lust

nice avi and profile
l Captain Obvious l

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l Captain Obvious l

Thanks for buying!!~ emotion_yatta

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Heyy~ Thanks for buying! Enjoy & Come again soon!(:

Kisses :* dramallama dramallama
El Salvador Pride 64

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El Salvador Pride 64

Thank you for buying yum_pie
K o t u h

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K o t u h