Name: Kitty, that's my nickname =^-^=
Age: Old enough to Know Better
Gender: cowgirl
Relationship: MARRIED since July 2006
Occupation: mother of two wonderful children
Hair color : dirty blonde
eye color: hazel
Sign: Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac: The Rat
Pets: 11 dogs, 3 horses, and 3 cats, and 2 rabbits.
Siblings: older brother and younger sister-in-law
Dream(s): to become a horse trainer/riding instructor, an actress, voice actress, or a manga-ka a.k.a. manga artist. Maybe I should try to be a novelist too! *lol*

About me and what I like to do :

Everyone calls me "Kitty" due to my sweet and affectionate personality, bright and perky attitude, and constant energy.
I love anime and manga . . . alot. *lol* Yes, I'm an "otaku". I truly adore plants and animals, along with my ever growing love of cars. I love working with them and learning about them. My favorite out of the 7 we own would be my 1965 Plymouth Belvedere.
I love to paint and sketch in my spare time, but sometimes I'd like to read some new novels I picked up or even write my own for fun.
Instead of staying indoors all the time, I'lll to go for a hike or horseback ride in the woods and photograph the beautiful scenery around me. Even sneak in a photo of a passing animal, if I'm lucky. ^_~
During the summer I love showing my horses and constantly being outside with them. I usually show in gaming *barrel racing, team penning, etc.*, driving and saddle-seat mostly, however I like a change of scenery and do western pleasure, hunt-seat and dressage shows as well. When I'm not showing, you can find me in the field doing ground work with my horses, or on the road going for a peaceful ride or drive.

Who am I? . . . I'm an artist, photographer, otaku, soon-to-be(hopefully) horse trainer/riding instructor, writer(for my own pleasure), explorer(hee hee), nature lover, animal lover, . . . well, you get the idea. =^-^=


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Day by Day

I plan to add little bits of myself in here in hopes of finding some comfort to deal with my daily stress.


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