Proud owner of:
13 souls
1 liver
2 spleens
Zeth's arm
Lain's arm
It's amazing how many ppl will just hand this stuff over.

Preecher: 3,000g
Captain Sledge_Hammer: 2,000g
dreamy_dreamy: 100g
Nall 3: 2,200g and Chyaku Norisu Scarf
Katelin Jacques (Kd): Holly Jolly Boots, Orly Hat, Pandy Pack, Guitar of Angellus, Marshmallow Snowman, Bouncy Antennae, Monocle, Heart Shaped Box of Sweets, November Letter (12), Zurg Energy Drink (3), Cow Bell, The Red Parrot, Winter Rose, Flame Sword, Spring Green Kimono, Holly Jolly Collar, Baby Seal Slippers, and 89,456g heart
FullMetal_D: 9700g
Kaday: G Blade and Ducky
~darkest-penguin~: Roro-Robo Puppy and 10000g
Dreadgler: Yellow Scarf
KisaSohmaSan: Radicool Blackout Trim Top and White Wool Top
SephirothCloudAdventChild: Ancient Katana
Ku_ni_ni: 100g
Lots of ppl: A buttload of tickets and tokens
!Uber!~!Spork!: 3500g
Fastmurder3: 95g, Jacked Cape 2K6, and Green SQUID Top
[.Nae.]: 1000g
Killswithsporks: Doll Ears
Katalia16: Gold Pocket Watch
AmberSagrath: Gwee the Dragon
star water faire: Cow Bell
potato-top: Prisoners Ball and Chain and Prisoners Shackles
Tsunade_Sakura: Spirited 2K6 Boots
EdElric7213: Heart Shaped Box of Sweets
KamonDragon: Rili Sari
Ray-Lieng_Hatari: Spring Green Kimono
Dreaming_Loser: Gold Wrist Watch, Smoker, and Blue Vinyl Compact Briefcase, Rain Zebra Wrap, Easter Bunny Shirt, White Top Hat, and 8600g
Ficus: Mythrill Armor and ORLY? Hat
Chen11: Spirited 2k6 Corsage and Framed Gaia Artwork #23
dreamy_dreamy: THE MASQUE
Crimson_Light_Assassin: Bunny Ears and Bunny tail
Randomness4eva: Giant Green Eyeball, Giant Blue Eyeball, Space Bubble (2), Ohh~Cean Blue Head Wrap, Alien mask, Blue Flame Shirt, Green Longjohns, Jack'd Shoes 2K6, Framed Gaia Artwork #10, and Basic Dark Concrete Wall Tile
Teh Dorkface: G Shades Yellow
Lied_to_the_Angels: Green Sleeping Cap, Wooden Sandals, Green Longjohns, Green Pawprint Pajama Pants, Island Girl Wig, and Tropical Beach Sandals
KisaSohmaSan: Wooden Baseball Bat
noff noff: Sporran
RockLee1450: 50g
Tchii-chan: Mimzy
Koffin Kat: Mimzy
Flying Booger: Floppy Clover
Soren0: Lucky 4Leaf Clover
zeth77: Green Bannded Shirt, KoNfuZeD ReD SHoEz, Labu Neclace(2), Yellow Punchingbag, Stethoscope, Steel Gunner Top, White Castaway Shirt, Sienna Ruffled Skirt, Orchid Partition Socks, Leather Punck Socks, Red Stockings, Red Gunner Boots, and 3950g
The Donation Fairy Queen: Warm Gray Phat Pants and 210g

I have donated/given:
Angelbow (2)
Mini Ghost Sheet
Elegant Blue Dress
Ancient Katana
Sno Yeti Pillow Plush
Pandi Pack
Pink Ribbon Skirt
Red gunner coat
Red Ruffled Top
Sheer Stockings
Black Stockings
BSS Top (2)
A buttload of tickets
Grunny Slippers
Mythrill Armor
ORLY? Hat (3)
Silver Promise Ring (2)
Mochi the Puppy
Sealed Envelope (October)
Heart Shaped Box of Sweets (10)
November Letter
Momo the Monkey (2)
Dark Halo
Snowboard Pants Red
Black Gloves
Reindeer Collar
Elven Ears (2)
Mini UFO
Sealed Envelope 01/2007
Black Strapless Bra
Black Soft Underwear
Green PomPom Scarf
Navy Ceramic Mug
Sealed Envelope 02/2007
3 uber expencive bouquets
Whip of Fire
Blue and Yellow Joker Wand
Spirited 2k6 Gift Bag
Enchanted Wooden Trunk
Black Fishnet Stockings
Celestial Wrap
25k Tickets
White Stockings
Felecia's Gloves
Angelic Microphone
Doll Ears
Stylish Charcoal Winter Skirt
Navy Trimed Chef's Coat
Fox Ears
Gray SKA Shoes (2)
Egyptian Black Linen Dress
Egyptian Gold Armlet
Blue MeHTRO T With Cross
Dont Ask Dont Tell Gray Shirt
Red Trim HIPster Sneakers
Glacier Ice Jacket
Mokona Hat
Wild Orchid Kimono
Black GetaGRIP Pants
Black Silk Boxers
Glacier Ice Pants
G-LOL Blue Gown
Bouncy Antennae
>_< Glasses
Green Woven Abalone Button Blazer
G-LOL Dark Dollie Shoes
Flashion Blue Top (3)
Stylish Charcoal Winter Boots (female)
8 for all Gaians Blue Jeans
#0000FF Complex Shirt
Emo Glasses (2)
Ruby Forehead Jewel
KoNfuZeD ReD SHoEz
Black Goth Boots


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