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salut sluts
yeh i'm asian, short and lame c;
i love any food and i play a lot of video games
i am a scaredy cat and most horror movies creep me out
i love love love my music more than life.

3DS Friend Code! : 1607 - 1642 - 7783~ Pm me yours if you add me! ♥
adios bitchachos ♥

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Gender: Female

Birthday: 11/07


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i change it weekly ( r v r )

♥ 03 - 31 - 14 ♥

Ralf, At first I thought
I scared you and creeped you out.
I was a weird person who wanted to
create a ghost army with you
But you were so chill with me I knew
you'd be one of my best friends.
You're funny, sweeter than sugar
and just perfect ♥
You're the most FAB bae
I've ever had and I love you.
Ralf is the one I love the most ♥

My Role Model ♥

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