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To those who know me i'm a simple girl with a little bit of attitude and a lot of love but I don't have a lot of love to give to every one..so when you expect something all the time from something and you don't get it don't expect a good answer because most people can't do a lot for a lot of people and even for those they truly care about they feel like there being used like there not even loved and that there just being laughed at behind there back like no one really cares for them at all so to every one I know I don't care what you think of me and I really don't care what any one says any more i'm more of a emotionless husk of what I use to be because of what I've been through so come to me if you really care don't meebo me expecting results like you think it will happen because i'm not all ways going to be there for you people when you need me because atleast I remembered your guyses birth days and every thing else so if you do truly know me don't say things that you don't mean .. and if you don't know me like the way you think you do then just leave and never come back because i'm sick of being used so if any one realy does need me then talk to me but if you don't need me but want me for something else then don't even talk to me or go near me because I don't even know you any more .


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my life

hello foxy here this is my journal it is about my life and why i love it


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