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stupid videos i thought were funny when i was a NOOB...


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Okay so JustDrama here to talk
about my homie g Radek. A.k.a. Sai the Hokage. Sai is a Gaia addict! lol. Gaia's practically his life! He has a lot of friends from school like me of course, Otaku Crossing, Pandi Grafiti, Onishi The, The Metal Messiah, sexy rocker dude, and lots more! You cant label sai. He's one of a kind. One day he can be a nerd (a cool one) and some times he can be an anime freak. He's all together a cool guy so don't mess with him.he's my dorky friend : ) And yes, he is my friend : )
Peace in the middle east! >.<

I adopted a wolf!
Name: mononoke
Nature: misterious, bit shy, playful, curious, loyal, and he is protective to me
Likes: anime, fighting, living in the ancient spirit forest, and me!
Dislikes: haters, hunters, people I dislike, and anything he doesnt know
Owner: sai the hokage
Get one now!

sai the hokage
Otaku Crossing
Umibe Namikaze
Hinata Hyuga 454
Alice Of Murderland
Cupcake Mcfugly
Wolfy ShadowNightmare
Nothing to get Hung About
I iFox I
sai the hokage
sai teh hokage

sais hot!!!!

sais hot!!!!

Gaia sis

i just got back to this account on gaia. my profile looks like s**t, and i barely have to time to change it, so please excuse it! my other account is sai TEH hokage

Family Friend