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omg ty <3

Art by: It was super effective

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Please visit my deviantart :
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If u want my Tumblr, ur gonna have to ask. D:<

Hi !
I'm a Belgian girl, 21 years old, total geek.
As long as i can remember i've been drawing my whole life, i'm not very productive so i could have been better at drawing.
Well, i started playing Gaia online since 4th of November 2007
I've seen the site evolve from then, and seen ups and downs, i've been incredibly happy with Gaia, but i've also raged furiously at it. Especially the latest months.
I will stay on Gaia until the very end, but i will never,...NEVER buy gaia cash.
You can find me in towns, chatterbox, art topics, and the like.
And very rarely i do avvi art.