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If u want my Tumblr, ur gonna have to ask. D:<

Hi !
Belgian, female, forever 21, geek, socially awkward, averagely good at drawing. Those are the main things that describe me. I love hanging out in cb, because everyone there is crazy and on drugs.
My username is Sagishi, and that means "con-man, deceiver, swindler" that's right i chose this name because i liked it. deal with it.
I may or may not do art for you, it all depends on several factors. Time, wanting to do it, technical cooperation,a nice avvi, and obv gold.

Go write a comment or something, go on, i dare you.

I will give you the best kisses in the world if u give me dis s**t

This is to continue what i will do if you give me that s**t ^^^
I will worship thee forever and keep you in mind, i shall rub thy back and kiss thy lips smoothly. I shall take u for a ride and wave the middle finger to all the peasants just for u. How's that?