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Report | 09/30/2016 11:57 pm


You have got a dream job. heart
At least work area.
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Report | 09/23/2016 9:40 pm


New Zealand that's near Norway and Finland isn't it?
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Report | 09/11/2016 12:51 am

Ora ad Sathanas

Congrats on no longer being a fat sack of s**t
(You were never actually fat to begin with but kudos man, shred game strong)
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Report | 07/30/2016 5:55 am


I have 2 native language, Tagalog and Pangasinan xd It's just that they thought me English since I was 6. Both my Native and English have different structure so I sometimes I find it confusing.
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Report | 07/26/2016 10:55 pm


Omg that running wolf is making me dizzy. stressed emotion_puke
Anyways I like your Instagram pictures. My camera is virtually the same as yours, only a few models older I think.
I love nature but no one seems to look at my pictures so no one else feels the same way I guess? They'd rather look at 100 selfies of the same damn person instead???
Ppl confuse me, I've always understood animals better, lol. gaia_kittenstar
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Report | 07/26/2016 4:32 pm


biggrin thank you:3
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Report | 07/26/2016 8:23 am


gaia_angelleft emotion_bigheart ~ RANDOMLY POPPING UP TO WISH YOU A BEAUTIFUL DAY ~ emotion_bigheart gaia_angelright
gaia_angelleft yum_puddi ~ MAY ALL YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS COME TRUE ~ yum_puddi gaia_angelright
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Report | 07/16/2016 1:40 am

Delta Kitty

Sorry! I didn't see your answer til now emotion_facepalm
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Report | 07/15/2016 9:34 am

Delta Kitty

I'd have to write the usernames and passwords down
and the people I talked to on them lol
you said something about how your 5 accounts are enough
enough for what? If that's okay to ask.. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Report | 07/15/2016 9:25 am

Delta Kitty

I don't understand how people can handle so many accounts.. hat off to them, and you!
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Report | 07/15/2016 9:16 am

Delta Kitty

That's crazy! In total I've moved through 5 accounts. Two because I forgot the password lol
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Report | 07/15/2016 9:12 am

Delta Kitty

I get too attached to latest accounts so I wouldn't be able to do that
upgrade and move on for me
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Report | 07/15/2016 8:59 am

Delta Kitty

this is my main, but I've been playing on and off for four years. When I get bored I leave an account and make a new one. Like this one
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Report | 07/15/2016 8:50 am

Delta Kitty

you don't have to cough
unfortunately I'm in the same predicament with the time spent here lol
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Report | 07/15/2016 8:43 am

Delta Kitty

I'm such a lurker emotion_facepalm
sometimes I'll type out a whole paragraph and then delete it all
so now I just don't try
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Report | 07/15/2016 8:37 am

Delta Kitty

you're pretty funny, I hope I'll get to see you around CB more often User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Report | 07/12/2016 6:21 pm


I know all his kinks. The things that use to bug me now just make me laugh. Like when he leaves kitchen cabinets and drawers open. I've learned all his ways through out the years being friends, best friends, love interests, boyfriend and girlfriend, and now fiance. So I'm prepared and have no worries taking the next steps of getting married and finding a house. I'm happy. 4laugh

I definitely need to get out more. The furthest I've gone from home was to Tennessee. And from Massachusetts that not that far. I'm think about traveling around the New England area on the weekends. I'm thinking about visiting Vermont or Connecticut next weekend.
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Report | 07/10/2016 7:00 pm


Thanks. And no we don't live together yet. But we do see each other almost every day and I spend the weekends at his house (we both still live at our parent's houses. He lives a 2 minute drive down the street from me). We were planning on going to get an apartment with each other when he goes back to college in the fall, but I bailed out of the idea so I can save up for a house and the wedding.

You're life always sounds exciting. I've had my mind on traveling lately. I really want to travel across the USA to the west coast to visit my bestie in California. I'd really like to road trip there but I don't have the time to call out of work for that. And I would take a plane but thinking about flying by myself makes me nervous. I've only flown once in my life when I was age 10. So that was 16 years ago. I'd really like to go over seas sometime as well. I've always had my mind on going to Ireland, Iceland, or New Zealand.
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Report | 07/09/2016 6:53 pm


Yes. All is well with me. I wanted to change my status because I think its been 5+ years since I changed it.

I got engaged last month. The wedding won't be for another two years or so because my fiance is still in school, but I'm happy he finally proposed. ^^

How are things with you?
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Report | 07/03/2016 3:30 pm


Thank you for your purchase! yum_puddi
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