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Gender: Female

Location: Center of the Universe

Birthday: 10/27/1989

Occupation: Night Sage

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Name: Kristin
Other Alias: Kris, Bokkun, Sagie
Age: {{Look under Birthday}}
Species: Human(?)
Race: Unknown
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2
Weight: 148 lbs. {{Last I checked @.@;}}
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Fur Color: Cyan
Orientation: Strait
Alignment: Anti Hero
Birthplace: Unknown
Current Residents: Center of the Universe
Occupation: Sage of Night, Dimensional Guardian
Known Family: King Ganondorf "Ganon" Dragmire (Pseudo Father/Mentor), Princess Mila Dragmire (Pseudo Sister)
Known Friends: Queen Krystal (Best Friend; Deceased), Prince Cale (Best Friend), Roger (Best Friend), Princess Zelda Hyrule (Best Friend), Link (Best Friend), Fuiji [the Blue Para Yoshi] (Best Friend), Sushi [the Purple Para Yoshi] (Best Friend), Rojo [the Red Yoshi] (Best Friend), Luigi Mario (Best Friend), Princess Lillian "Lilly" Sarsa (Best Friend), Miles "Tails" Prower (Best Friend), Cosmo [the Chao] (Best Friend) Natalie "Nata" Robotnik (Best Friend), Gizmo [the Chao] (Best Friend), Phoenix "Nick" Wright (Best Friend), Apollo Justice (Best Friend), Tracy Enigmar/Wright (Best Friend), Mia Fey (Best Friend), Maya Fey (Best Friend), Prince Damien Sarsa (Friend; Deceased), Prince Mario "Chibi-MarMar" Mario, Prince Lorenzo "Lenni" Mario, Vanessa, Melody Mario, Roll [the Cyan Para Yoshi], Dr. Simon Robotnik, Edward Edgeworth
Known Enemies/Rivals: Princess Mila Dragmire (Arch Rival), Aero (Arch Rival), Black Hawk (Rival), Katelyn Gavin

Power(s): Shape Sifting, Metro Shower, Stardust Barrage, Mana Pool (Healing Spell)
Favorite RP's: Drama, Love, Adventure
Favorite Pairings: (Strictly opinion. I'm not picky, and I'll respect your pairings as long as you respect mine :3)
Key: Violet= Love
Red= Like
Blue= Okay
X= 2 Way Pairing
> or <= 1 Way Pairing

[Mario Series] MarioXPeach, MarioXDaisy, MarioXPauline, Mario<Birdo, Mario<Vivian, MarioXToadette, Mario<Wendy, MarioXGoombella, MarioXRosalina, BirdyXMario's Overalls, LuigiXDaisyXWaluigi, LuigiXPeach, Luigi>Éclair Luigi>Rosalina, Luigi<Peasly, DaisyXWaluigi, ToadXToadette, YoshiXBirdo, WarioXGold/Money/Treasure/ect., WarioXCapt. Syurp, WarioXMona
[Zelda Series] LinkXZelda, LinkXSaria, LinkXMalon, LinkXNabooru, LinkXDin, Link>Nayru, NayruXRalph, LinkXRuto, GanondorfXNabooru, AnjuXKafei
[Sonic Series] SonicXSally, SonicXAmy, SonicXBlaze, SonicXBreezie, SonicXSara, TailsXCream, KnuicklesXRouge, KnucklesXShade, KnucklesXSara, VanillaXVector, VanillaXDr. R, Dr. RXSara, Dr. R<Dr. Nega, RougeXShadow, ShadowXAmy, ShadowXBlaze, BlazeXSilver, JetXWave
[Mother/Earthbound] NintenXAna, NintenXLoid, MariaXGeorge, Maria/MarryXGigue, NessXPaula, NessXJeff, JeffXPaula, PooXPaula, Black Sesame SeedXWhite Sesame Seed, FlintXHinawa, DusterXKumatora
[Pokémon] AshXMisty, CilanXIris, CilanXBurgundy, CherenXBianca, Gold/EthanXKrisXSilver, BrendanXMay, SilverXLyra, GiovanniXAriana, ArianaXArcher, JesseXJames, ButchXCassidy, CressXMistyXChili (Games)
[Ace Attorney] PheonixXMia, PhoenixXIris, PhoenixXMiles, PhoenixXMaya, LarryXIris, MilesXFranziska, KristophXDahlia, KlaiverXEma, MiaXDiego, ApolloXVera
[Crossover Pairings] SamusXCapt. Falcon, SamusXLittle Mac, SamusXLuigi, ZeldaXMarth, ZeldaXRoy, PeachXMarth, NessXLucas, LucasXRed, Mario>Wii Fit Trainer (Female)

Battle Stats:

Offense: 4/5
Defense: 3/5
Stamina: 2/5
Agility: 2/5
Intelligence: 4/5
Elemental Trait: Dark

Natalie "Nata" Robotnik/Kintobor-Sonic the Hedgehog Series
Gizmo the Chao-Sonic the Hedgehog Series
Cosmo the Chao-Sonic the Hedgehog Series
Black Hawk-[Sonic Riders] Series
Suishi the Purple Para Yoshi- Super Mario Series
Roll the Cyan Para Yoshi-Super Mario Series
Fuji the Blue Para Yoshi-Super Mario Series
Rosso/Rojo the Red Yoshi-Super Mario Series
Princess Lillian "Lilly" Mario-Super Mario Series
Prince Damian Sarsa-Super Mario Series
Prince Mario "Chibi-MarMar" Mario III-Super Mario Series
Prince Lorenzo "Lenni" Mario-Super Mario Series
Vanessa-Super Mario Series
Princess Amber Mario-Super Mario Series
Melody Mario-[Dr. Mario] Series
Mila Dragmire-The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Edward Edgeworth-Ace Attorney Series
Katelyn Gavin-Ace Attorney Series

Scraped OCs:
Prince Cale {{Prince Design}}

~Profile Structure~

Full Name: (Character's full name)
Other Alias: (Other titles or nicknames the character has) [Optional]
Age: (How old the character is)
Species: (What the character species)
Race: (What Race/Tribe they're from)
Gender: (What sex if any)
Height: (How tall the character is)
Weight: (How heavy they are)
Eye Color: (What color is their eyes)
Hair Color: (What color is their hair)
Fur/Feather/Scales Color: (For Mobian or Anthropomorphic character's fur/feather/scale colors)
Orientation: (Which gender they prefer) [Includes any relationship status, if any]
Alignment: (Good or Evil?)
Birthday: (When they are born)
Birthplace: (Where they are born)
Current Residents: (Where they are living now)
Occupation: (What do they do?)
Voice Actor Portrayal: (Actor portrayal) [If any]
First Appearance: (Debuted)
Known Family: (All known family) [Starting from the furthest known ancestor from the father side and work your way down]
Known Friends: (All known friends) [Spouse/Relationship status first then work you way down to best friend ect.]
Known Enemies/Rivals: (Any known rivals/enemies) [Starting from Arch Nemesis and work you way down]
Personality: (What kind of personality)
History/Bio: (Their background)
Misc. Info: (Any other tidbits to add?) [Optional]

(Optional): Battle Stats

Offense: (How Strong the Character is)
Defense: (How Resistant the Character is)
Stamina: (Health/HP: How Long the Character Stay in Battle)
Agility: (How Fast the Character is)
Jump: (Optional-How High can they jump)
Intelligence: (How Smart the Character is: How Much Magic/Special Moves they Can Use)
Elemental Trait: (Establish Elemental Traits: Applies Strength and Weakness)

Points Accumulate 1-5

Current Cosplay: Vanilla the Rabbit

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Full Name: Vanilla [the] Rabbit
Other Alias: Mother (By: Cream and occasionally by Natalie), Mrs./Ms. Rabbit (Formal Title), Nilla/Nilly (By Mocha and Virgil)
Age: Unknown Estimated between the late 30's to early 40's
Species: Mobian Rabbit
Race: Northamerian
Gender: Female
Height: 4'3
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Auburn
Fur/Feather/Scales Color: Cream
Orientation: Strait (Widowed)
Alignment: Lawfully Good
Birthday: Day: 107 (April 16)
Birthplace: Unknown
Current Residents: The Rabbit Plantation, SB; Central City, SS
Occupation: Plantation Owner, Chao Garden Poitier, Stay-at-home mom
Voice Actor Portrayal: Rebecca Honig
First Appearance: Sonic Advance 2 (GBA 2002)
Known Family: Bunnie Rabbot (Grandmother; Deceased in her timeline), Mocha [the] Rabbit (Mate; Deceased), Cream [the] Rabbit (Daughter), Choacola (Pet), Cheese (Pet)
Known Friends: Virgil (Mutual Friend; Status Unknown), Dr. Simon Robotnik (Mutual Friend), Prince Manik Acorn (Mutual Friend), Princess Sonia Acorn (Mutual Friend), Amy Rose Hedgehog (Mutual Friend), Natalie "Nata" Robotnik (Former Adopted Daughter/Mutual Friend), Vector [the] Crocodile (Mutual Friend), Mighty [the] Armadillo (Mutual Friend), Ray [the] Flying Squirrel (Mutual Friend)
Known Enemies/Rivals: None Known
Personality: Vanilla is polite and a well refined woman. She has a kind and generous nature.
History/Bio: Raised in an orphanage along with a neko boy named Virgil. They become fast/close friends until Vanilla was adopted by a wealthy plantation owner. She was raised to be a proper young lady to carry on the family wealth. While a proper suitor was being chosen for her, on the side hired Virgil as a handyman. He needed a job to gain a little pocket money to aid him searching for his origin. Vanilla had rekindled her friendship with Virgil and supported his quest. She had developed a small crush on him, but getting involve with an overlanders and overlander hybrids is considered taboo. Out of respect to her and her courter, Virgil had left and gave them his best regards. Over the years she have grown to like Mocha and they ended up having a beautiful daughter together.
[SA1] Virgil eventually returns with an overlander girl; nearly surviving a brutal injustice and prejudice, Virgil asked one more favor and looking after one only daughter. Virgil had always written to the rabbit family whenever he had any leads in his quest of origin. One day his letters stop coming in a daily basis, and Vanilla feared the worst for he best friend. Virgil's last letter ended on a lead in Station Square, where a giant watery serpent had leveled the city. Many lives were lost, others were injured, many more went missing. While Virgil's name was never named, Vanilla felt that her friend was long lost to the tragedy.
[SADV2] Several years later Vanilla was forging mushroom with her daughters, when she was adducted by badniks. She has met the man in charge of the invasion, and found that he is a rather polite and refine gentleman. Her adduction was clearly accident, and never once did he mistreat her during inceptively. Although eventually she has been rescued by Sonic the Hedgehog, Vanilla had began to rethink her opinion of the scientist.
[RW] After the second Ark incident, Dr. Robotnik had been quite as of late. It took some effort for Tails to finally track down the scientist from hiding and attempted to befriend him. It had took some to gain some trust between the two geniuses, and Vanilla thought it was about to pay the doctor a visit herself. She tricked him on doing a DNA test on Natalie to find out the young girl's origin. After finding out that Natalie was his granddaughter, the doctor was no doubt furious at first. Vanilla had given him the option of her to continue watching over Natalie herself, or allow him a second chance at life by giving him purpose. In the end, although quite sad to watch her adopted child go, Vanilla was happy that she was able to fulfill her best friend's wish and reunite their family.
Misc. Info: She likes looking after chao, to the point where she converted her plantation into a Chao Garden. She's oblivious to Vector's affections. Vanilla likes to cook and bake.

Burning Heartache


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haha, usually when you have a roleplay to respond to and then the unthinkable happens... X_X
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I'm clever, ain't I? xd
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Capture the Mane 6 because they each have an element, muhahahaha! twisted
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Hey, only ponies can have the power of friendship... *GASP* you a pegasister? lol
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but someone shall stop you (not me) xd
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hahaha, WORLD DOMINATION!!!! muhahahahahaha twisted


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