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Gender: Female

Location: Center of the Universe

Birthday: 10/27/1989

Occupation: Night Sage

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The One Who Waits for the Breath of Destiny

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Name(s): Kris, Sagie, Bokkun
Age: (Look under Birthday)
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Fur Color: Cyan
Occupation: Sage of Night
Power(s): Shape Sifting, Metro Shower, Stardust Barrage, Mana Pool (Healing Spell)
Favorite RP's: Drama, Love, Adventure.

Battle Stats:

Offense: 4/5
Defense: 3/5
Stamina: 2/5
Agility: 2/5
Intelligence: 4/5
Elemental Trait: Dark

Natalie "Nata" Robotnik/Kintobor-Sonic the Hedgehog Series
Gizmo the Chao-Sonic the Hedgehog Series
Black Hawk-[Sonic Riders] Series
Suishi the Purple Para Yoshi- Super Mario Series
Roll the Cyan Para Yoshi-Super Mario Series
Fuji the Blue Para Yoshi-Super Mario Series
Princess Lillian "Lilly" Mario-Super Mario Series
Prince Damian Sarsa-Super Mario Series
Prince Mario "Chibi-MarMar" Mario III-Super Mario Series
Prince Lorenzo "Lenni" Mario-Super Mario Series
Vanessa-Super Mario Series
Princess Amber Mario-Super Mario Series
Melody Mario-[Dr. Mario] Series
Mila Dragmire-The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Edward Edgeworth-Ace Attorney Series
Katelyn Gavin-Ace Attorney Series

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Other Alias: (Other titles or nicknames the character has) [Optional]
Age: (How old the character is)
Species: (What the character species)
Race: (What Race/Tribe they're from)
Gender: (What sex if any)
Height: (How tall the character is)
Weight: (How heavy they are)
Eye Color: (What color is their eyes)
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Orientation: (Which gender they prefer) [Includes any relationship status, if any]
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Birthday: (When they are born)
Birthplace: (Where they are born)
Current Residents: (Where they are living now)
Occupation: (What do they do?)
Voice Actor Portrayal: (Actor portrayal) [If any]
First Appearance: (Debuted)
Known Family: (All known family) [Starting from the furthest known ancestor from the father side and work your way down]
Known Friends: (All known friends) [Spouse/Relationship status first then work you way down to best friend ect.]
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Elemental Trait: (Establish Elemental Traits: Applies Strength and Weakness)

Points Accumulate 1-5

Current OC Cosplay 1: Dr. Melody

Full Name: Melody Mario
Other Alias: Dr. Melody (By Patients)
Age: 19
Species: Human
Race: Italian Decant
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brunet
Orientation: Unknown
Alignment: Good
Birthday: November 24
Birthplace: Andaileville, SL
Current Residents: Andaileville, SL
Occupation: Receptionist/Sectary, Medical Assistant
Voice Actor Portrayal: N/A
First Appearance: (I can't remember ^^; )
Known Family: Petunia "Peach" Mario (Mother), Dr. Marcello Mario (Father), [King] Mario Mario Jr. (1st Cousin Once Removed), [Count] Luigi "Weegie" Mario/[Sarsa/Charlotte] (1st Cousin Once Removed), Stanley Mario (1st Cousin Once Removed), Queen Peach Toadstool (Cousin-in-Law), Queen Daisy Sarsa/Queen Lea Charlotte (Cousin-in-Law), King Mario Mario II (1st Cousin), Prince Mario "Chibi-MarMar" Mario III (1st Cousin), Prince Lorenzo "Lenni" Mario (1st Cousin), King Luigi Mario Jr. (1st Cousin), Princess Lillian "Lilly" Sarsa/Charlotte (1st Cousin), Prince Aidan Mario (2nd Cousin), Princess Jenny Mario (2nd Cousin), Prince Luke Mario (2nd Cousin), Princess Amber Mario (Future 2nd Cousin)
Known Friends: None Known
Known Enemies/Rivals: None Known
Personality: Normally very calm and collected. She can be sometimes cold, and very by the book.

Current OC Cosplay 2: Princess Amber

Full Name: Amber Mario
Other Alias: Pumpkin (By Vanessa, Chibi-MarMar, and Mario), Baby Girl (By Chibi-MarMar)
Age: 7
Species: Human
Race: Italian/Hispanic Mix
Gender: Female
Height: 4'3
Weight: 76 lbs.
Eye Color: Sea Green
Hair Color: Brunet
Orientation: (Too young for confirmation)
Alignment: Good
Birthday: Unknown
Birthplace: Peach's Castle, MK
Current Residents: Peach's Castle, MK
Occupation: Princess
Voice Actor Portrayal: N/A
First Appearance: Created in 10/25/15
Known Family: King Raziel (Ancestor; Deceased), Rosalina (Ancestral Aunt), Mario Mario Sr. (Great Grandfather; Deceased), Matilda Mario (Great Grandmother; Deceased), [Unnamed] Mario, (Great Uncle; Status Unknown), King Cloudberry Toadstool (Great Grandfather; Deceased), Queen Astral Toadstool (Great Grandmother; Deceased), King Mario Mario Jr. (Grandfather) , Queen Peach Toadstool/Mario (Grandmother), King Mario Mario II (Uncle), Queen Kairi Mario (Aunt), King Mario "Chibi" Mario III (Father), Queen Vanessa Mario (Mother), King Lorenzo "Lenni" Mario (Uncle), Prince Aidan Mario (1st Cousin), Princess Jenny Mario (1st Cousin), Count Luigi Mario/Charlotte (Grand Uncle), Queen Lea Charlotte (Grand Aunt), King Luigi Jr. (1st Cousin Once Removed), Queen Sara Houde/Mario (Aunt), Princess Lillian "Lilly" Charlotte (1st Cousin Once Removed), Prince Damian Charlotte (1st Cousin Once Removed; Deceased), Prince Luke Mario (1st Cousin), Dr. Marcello Mario (1st Cousin Twice Removed), Melody Mario (1st Cousin Once Removed), Stanley Mario (1st Cousin Twice Removed), King Bowser Koopa (Grand Uncle), Queen Kimberly Sasumori/Koopa (Grand Aunt)
Known Friends: Unknown
Known Enemies/Rivals: Unknown
Personality: A little spunky and playful. She's a bit of a prankster. She's spoiled and believes in her kind of justice. But otherwise very loyal to her friends and family.


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