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Gender: Female

Location: Center of the Universe

Birthday: 10/27/1989

Occupation: Night Sage

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Name: Kristin
Other Alias: Kris, Bokkun, Sagie
Age: {{Look under Birthday}}
Species: Human(?)
Race: Unknown
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2
Weight: 148 lbs. {{Last I checked @.@;}}
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Fur Color: Cyan
Orientation: Strait
Alignment: Anti Hero
Birthplace: Unknown
Current Residents: Center of the Universe
Occupation: Sage of Night, Dimensional Guardian
Known Family: King Ganondorf "Ganon" Dragmire (Pseudo Father/Mentor), Princess Mila Dragmire (Pseudo Sister)
Known Friends: Queen Krystal (Best Friend; Deceased), Prince Cale (Best Friend), Roger (Best Friend), Princess Zelda Hyrule (Best Friend), Link (Best Friend), Fuiji [the Blue Para Yoshi] (Best Friend), Sushi [the Purple Para Yoshi] (Best Friend), Rojo [the Red Yoshi] (Best Friend), Luigi Mario (Best Friend), Princess Lillian "Lilly" Sarsa (Best Friend), Miles "Tails" Prower (Best Friend), Cosmo [the Chao] (Best Friend) Natalie "Nata" Robotnik (Best Friend), Gizmo [the Chao] (Best Friend), Phoenix "Nick" Wright (Best Friend), Apollo Justice (Best Friend), Tracy Enigmar/Wright (Best Friend), Mia Fey (Best Friend), Maya Fey (Best Friend), Prince Damien Sarsa (Friend; Deceased), Prince Mario "Chibi-MarMar" Mario, Prince Lorenzo "Lenni" Mario, Vanessa, Melody Mario, Roll [the Cyan Para Yoshi], Dr. Simon Robotnik, Edward Edgeworth
Known Enemies/Rivals: Princess Mila Dragmire (Arch Rival), Aero (Arch Rival), Black Hawk (Rival), Katelyn Gavin

Power(s): Shape Sifting, Metro Shower, Stardust Barrage, Mana Pool (Healing Spell)
Favorite RP's: Drama, Love, Adventure
Favorite Pairings: (Strictly opinion. I'm not picky, and I'll respect your pairings as long as you respect mine :3)
Key: Violet= Love
Red= Like
Blue= Okay
X= 2 Way Pairing
> or <= 1 Way Pairing

[Mario Series] MarioXPeach, MarioXDaisy, MarioXPauline, Mario<Birdo, Mario<Vivian, MarioXToadette, Mario<Wendy, MarioXGoombella, MarioXRosalina, BirdyXMario's Overalls, LuigiXDaisyXWaluigi, LuigiXPeach, Luigi>Éclair Luigi>Rosalina, Luigi<Peasly, DaisyXWaluigi, ToadXToadette, YoshiXBirdo, WarioXGold/Money/Treasure/ect., WarioXCapt. Syurp, WarioXMona
[Zelda Series] LinkXZelda, LinkXSaria, LinkXMalon, LinkXNabooru, LinkXDin, Link>Nayru, NayruXRalph, LinkXRuto, GanondorfXNabooru, AnjuXKafei
[Sonic Series] SonicXSally, SonicXAmy, SonicXBlaze, SonicXBreezie, SonicXSara, TailsXCream, KnuicklesXRouge, KnucklesXShade, KnucklesXSara, VanillaXVector, VanillaXDr. R, Dr. RXSara, Dr. R<Dr. Nega, RougeXShadow, ShadowXAmy, ShadowXBlaze, BlazeXSilver, JetXWave
[Mother/Earthbound] NintenXAna, NintenXLoid, MariaXGeorge, Maria/MarryXGigue, NessXPaula, NessXJeff, JeffXPaula, PooXPaula, Black Sesame SeedXWhite Sesame Seed, FlintXHinawa, DusterXKumatora
[Pokémon] AshXMisty, CilanXIris, CilanXBurgundy, CherenXBianca, Gold/EthanXKrisXSilver, BrendanXMay, SilverXLyra, GiovanniXAriana, ArianaXArcher, JesseXJames, ButchXCassidy, CressXMistyXChili (Games)
[Ace Attorney] PheonixXMia, PhoenixXIris, PhoenixXMiles, PhoenixXMaya, LarryXIris, MilesXFranziska, KristophXDahlia, KlaiverXEma, MiaXDiego, ApolloXVera
[Crossover Pairings] SamusXCapt. Falcon, SamusXLittle Mac, SamusXLuigi, ZeldaXMarth, ZeldaXRoy, PeachXMarth, NessXLucas, LucasXRed, Mario>Wii Fit Trainer (Female)

Battle Stats:

Offense: 4/5
Defense: 3/5
Stamina: 2/5
Agility: 2/5
Intelligence: 4/5
Elemental Trait: Dark

Natalie "Nata" Robotnik/Kintobor-Sonic the Hedgehog Series
Gizmo the Chao-Sonic the Hedgehog Series
Cosmo the Chao-Sonic the Hedgehog Series
Black Hawk-[Sonic Riders] Series
Suishi the Purple Para Yoshi- Super Mario Series
Roll the Cyan Para Yoshi-Super Mario Series
Fuji the Blue Para Yoshi-Super Mario Series
Rosso/Rojo the Red Yoshi-Super Mario Series
Princess Lillian "Lilly" Mario-Super Mario Series
Prince Damian Sarsa-Super Mario Series
Prince Mario "Chibi-MarMar" Mario III-Super Mario Series
Prince Lorenzo "Lenni" Mario-Super Mario Series
Vanessa-Super Mario Series
Princess Amber Mario-Super Mario Series
Melody Mario-[Dr. Mario] Series
Mila Dragmire-The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Edward Edgeworth-Ace Attorney Series
Katelyn Gavin-Ace Attorney Series

Scraped OCs:
Prince Cale {{Prince Design}}

~Profile Structure~

Full Name: (Character's full name)
Other Alias: (Other titles or nicknames the character has) [Optional]
Age: (How old the character is)
Species: (What the character species)
Race: (What Race/Tribe they're from)
Gender: (What sex if any)
Height: (How tall the character is)
Weight: (How heavy they are)
Eye Color: (What color is their eyes)
Hair Color: (What color is their hair)
Fur/Feather/Scales Color: (For Mobian or Anthropomorphic character's fur/feather/scale colors)
Orientation: (Which gender they prefer) [Includes any relationship status, if any]
Alignment: (Good or Evil?)
Birthday: (When they are born)
Birthplace: (Where they are born)
Current Residents: (Where they are living now)
Occupation: (What do they do?)
Voice Actor Portrayal: (Actor portrayal) [If any]
First Appearance: (Debuted)
Known Family: (All known family) [Starting from the furthest known ancestor from the father side and work your way down]
Known Friends: (All known friends) [Spouse/Relationship status first then work you way down to best friend ect.]
Known Enemies/Rivals: (Any known rivals/enemies) [Starting from Arch Nemesis and work you way down]
Personality: (What kind of personality)
History/Bio: (Their background)
Misc. Info: (Any other tidbits to add?) [Optional]

(Optional): Battle Stats

Offense: (How Strong the Character is)
Defense: (How Resistant the Character is)
Stamina: (Health/HP: How Long the Character Stay in Battle)
Agility: (How Fast the Character is)
Jump: (Optional-How High can they jump)
Intelligence: (How Smart the Character is: How Much Magic/Special Moves they Can Use)
Elemental Trait: (Establish Elemental Traits: Applies Strength and Weakness)

Points Accumulate 1-5

Current OC Cosplay: Penelope "Lope" Robotnik

Full Name: Penelope Teatch/Robotnik
Other Alias: Lope (Nick/Pet Name by Julian), Mother (By Gerald), Aunt[ie] [Pene-]Lope (By Hope), Madame (By the other Overlanders), [My] Lady/Queen/Empress [Penelope] (By Julian and other Overlanders)
Age: 48
Species: Overlander
Race: Eurish
Gender: Female
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brunet
Orientation: Strait (Mate)
Alignment: Neutral
Birthplace: Megapolis, OL/UF
Current Residents: Robotropolis, RE
Occupation: Empress
Voice Actor Portrayal: N/A
First Appearance: Will make her appearance in Saga Chronicles
Known Family: Dr./Sir/Emperor Julian Kintobor/Ivo Robotnik (Mate), Cmd. Colin Kintobor Sr. (Brother-in-Law), Angela Hopkins/Kintobor (Sister-in-Law; Deceased), Gerald Robotnik (Son), Colin "Snively" Kintobor/Robotnik Jr. (Nephew), Hope Kintobor (Niece), Issac Robotnik (Future Grandson), Ian Robotnik (Future Grandson), James Snively (Future Grand Nephew), Maria Robotnik (Future Great Granddaughter), Simon Robotnik (Future Great Grandson), Ivan "Black Jack" Snively (Future Great Nephew), Julian Snively (Future Great Nephew), Virgil (Future Decendant), Natalie "Nata" Robotnik (Future Descendant), Megan Thorndyke (Future Descendant), Eliot Nega (Future Descendant)
Known Friends: Angela Hopkins/Kintobor (Best Friend; Deceased), Angus Hopkins, Dr. Nathaniel "Nate" Morgan, Princess Sally Acorn, Miles Prower
Known Enemies/Rivals: Overseer Jonathan "John" Chambers (Arch Nemesis), Regina Ferrum
Personality: A really calm and collected individual, who is the ying to Ivo's yang. Although intelligent, she can be gullible due to her kind nature. She is very polite and respectful. Despite her mate's violent mental condition, Penelope is loyal and sticks by his side.
Misc. Info: She's one of the few Overlanders whom seem to trust Mobians. Penelope is a year or 2 younger than Colin Sr., yet 2-3 years older than Julian. Penelope loves classical music. She can play the piano.

2nd OC Profile: Prince Gerald Robotnik

Full Name: Gerald Robotnik
Other Alias: Son (By Julian/Ivo), Young Master (By Snively and other Overlanders), Young Prince [Gerald] (By other overlanders), Cousin [Gerald] (By Hope)
Age: 12
Species: Overlander
Race: Eurish Decent
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Auburn
Orientation: Strait
Alignment: Neutral-Good
Birthplace: N/A
Current Residents: Robotropolis, RE
Occupation: Prince
Voice Actor Portrayal: N/A
First Appearance: Mecha Wars [Originally: 2004]
Known Family: Cmd. Markus Kintobor (Grandfather; MiA Presumed Dead), Merrill Kintobor (Grandmother; Deceased), Cmd. Colin Kintobor Sr. (Uncle; Status Unknown), Miriam Day/Kintobor (Aunt; Deceased), Angela Hopkins/Kintobor (Aunt; Deceased), Dr./Sir/Emperor Julian Kintobor/Ivo Robotnik (Father), Empress Penelope Robotnik (Mother; Status Unknown), Colin "Snively" Kintobor/Robotnik Jr. (1st Cousin), Hope Kintobor (1st Cousin), Issac Robotnik (Future Son), Ian Robotnik (Future Son) Maria Robotnik (Future Granddaughter), Simon Robotnik (Future Grandson), Ivan "Black Jack" Snively (Future 3rd Cousin), Julian Snively (Future 3rd Cousin), Virgil (Great Grandson), Natalie "Nata" Robotnik (Future Descendant), Megan Thorndyke (Future Descendant), Eliot Nega (Future Descendant)
Known Friends: Princess/[Queen] Sally Acorn (Best Friend), Miles Prower (Best Friend), [King] Maurice "Streaks" Hedgehog [Best Friend], Antonie D'Coolette, Bunnie Rabbot, Rotor the Walrus
Known Enemies/Rivals: Colin "Snively" Kintobor/Robotnik Jr. (Arch Rival), Queen Regina Furrem (Arch Rival)
Personality: A very soft spoken, yet compassionate young man. He's a little bit more cautious side compared to his adventurous cousin Hope. He's very polite and well manner gentleman.
History/Bio: [SC] Gerald was born right at the end of the Great War. Fearing the mobian invasion, many overlanders had left their homes to search for a new one to colonize on. Sadly this wasn't the case, when Commander Colin was force to return to their homeland after a decade of searching. Right on the border of Robotropolis, they ran into the Freedom Fighters. With the fear of a mobian uprising were realize, the overlanders had fled into Robotropolis itself. Surprise to see the return of his people, Julian had granted the overlanders safe passage into his city; providing both food and medicine to the weak. Despite his generosity, Julian is merely a shadow of his former life as an overlander scientist. While Penelope did help regain back some of his former life, even as far to rekindle with his former love, it however wasn't enough to save her by the diabolical scheming of Snively. Highly jealous of his cousin, Snively had devise a plan to rid Gerald and anyone else that may stand in his way for world domination. His scheming really seem to pay off, as he convince Gerald and his half sister to travel into the Great Forest to 'help bridge peace' to both mobian and overlander nations. While that was underway, he manage to lie to his uncle that Gerald and Hope had undisplically died when engaging with the Freedom Fighters. This had resulted into an a full fledge war.
[MW Paradox *Spoiler Alert! Highlight to read*] With Snively's trickery had backfired on him, when set events came to play when Neo Metal Sonic had came back in time. Being ambush by the robot as it took his form, Neo went on the search to kidnap Gerald. By the stroke of luck, Gerald rounded up being taken by the Freedom Fighters while they hijacked a cargo ship. Tension rises, as Julian threaten to destroy the if the Freedom Fighters didn't return his son back to him. Things only escalate when Shadow the Hedgehog had kidnap him. With all the confusion, there was a brief battle between the Freedom Fighters and Robotnik's forces. After getting Hope and Gerald in a safe place, Shadow engaged Neo Metal Sonic (currently in the form of Snively), and destroy him once and for all. However Neo had other plans, and Chaos Control was activated scattering everyone in the present time future.
Misc. Info: Because he had inherent many of his mother's traits, people often mistaken him for a girl. Before becoming the heir to Robotropolis, Gerald was lead to believe that his father had died during the war.

Burning Heartache


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LoneStar_Champion_Red Report | 06/26/2017 9:58 am
Thanks. I'll check it out. biggrin
RavingProductions Report | 06/19/2017 9:04 am
Hmmm, sounds like a plan.

I'm fully aware of the Beast Balls they have. Just can't wait to get them smile
RavingProductions Report | 06/19/2017 8:45 am
It took me a while to catch Deoxys in OR. I had to stock up on at least 200 ultra balls and 90 timer balls, I mostly use Ultra balls and wait for at least 10 turns before tossing a timer, because... you know, Timer Balls get progressively stronger the more turns you take in battle.

Thing is, I always use my Master Ball on the first Legendary Pokemon I come across. For Pokemon Moon, in case if I ever do get a Master Ball, I know I'll just use it on Lunala, or if I choose to do so otherwise, I can save that for one of the ultra beasts and just toss Ultra ammo at Lunala xD
RavingProductions Report | 06/19/2017 8:39 am
FireRed, yes... on a Pidgey, hahahahaahah! But I was young back then.

Emerald? Uhhh.... I think I used it on Groundon.

Regardless, I ended up running out of ultra and timer balls in both times. xd
RavingProductions Report | 06/19/2017 8:35 am
I missed my chance catching Rayquaza back in the old game. I saved after he went away because I thought he would come back if I meet certain conditions, but I looked at the strategy guide and it says that I only have one shot to catch any legendary. I made the same mistake trying to catch Zapdos back in FireRed. sad
RavingProductions Report | 06/19/2017 8:26 am
If I remember, I played Pokemon Emerald back in the day and I managed to get the Amulet coin somewhat early on. There is but only one Meowth in Emerald; some girl will trade you for it in exchange for a Pokemon I can't remember... Skitty, maybe?

I remember finding that Meowth and mass breeding it nonstop so I can transfer them to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and then use those Meowths to trade for other Pokemon I wanted.

I have Action Replay for the previous five generations of Pokemon so I can just simply hack the game. However, my stupid brother intentionally destroyed it because he's an a*****e. evil twisted
RavingProductions Report | 06/19/2017 8:20 am
Yep. Now that I finally caught one, I'm gonna focus on training it nonstop... I just need an amulet coin (or at least a luck incense). mrgreen
RavingProductions Report | 06/17/2017 12:36 pm

Normally, Meowth evolves into Persian at Level 28, but I always hold it off till 30 (obviously why).

So I'm on my way to Route 2 in order to find Alolan Meowth :3
RavingProductions Report | 06/17/2017 8:56 am
Don't wild wingulls and pelippers have a 5% chance of holding lucky eggs?

I just need tons of EXP. Once I find Meowth in Moon, I'm gonna train it to Level 30 so it can learn Pay Day >:3
RavingProductions Report | 06/16/2017 7:15 pm
Tell me... what are some places to train daily in Sun and Moon?


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