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OMFG!!! LOOOKKK its stuff... :O

O_o Is this where I put the title? Where is that lazy dog? Where is that lazy cat? Where is that lazy mouse?



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i am dYING
but yeah
how about you? LOL

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GAH sorry for saying something just now but THANK YOU SO MUCH for the kind comment on my mocks! It's always so nice when people like what I do, and others thinking they look "official" feels like such an honour!

(Though of course, I'm hoping they'll someday become something beyond just official-looking, heh.)

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Sorry for just poofing. I have been a bit MIA from the site other than changing my avi and the occasional zomg endeavor gonk

YES YES Y E S plot is everything. I love gore and body horror, but if there isn't and substance to it, it is just boring for me. The CGI for District 9 was questionable, but you cannot dock them for it when you see the amazing detail they put in.
Oh boy, I would scare myself shitless too when it came to paranormal stuff. I mean, to be honest I believe in the paranormal, but I like to think of myself as a healthy skeptic when it comes to those things. That is hilarious though, haha, thinking that there were flesh eating ghosts in your room. I know I used to hide under covers as a kid too. There's that irrational fear that if any limb is over the edge of the bed it'll be gone in the morn. I know I would read Hell House before bed. Let me attach a photo--
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It looked like that, and I would have to put it down with the front facing downward or away on my bookshelf. I always thought that the eyes were creepy for some reason or another, but they were just jewels. It didn't help that it was full of legends and real accounts of stories/horror from the real world. It was my way of dabbling into history before jumping head first into the horrors that went on in some old prisons, asylums, and back in slave days. It was some very interesting stuff to say the least...and very scary for a 13 year old.
Ghosts are a very.... soft spot of mine since my family has some stories, even some about me, that shake me to this day. My family is full of skeptics so, when it comes from them it is interestingly scary. My grandmother is the most superstitious, since she is from China and they have their customs there. I was taught about a lot of rituals from back in the day and the festivals and meanings were practiced in our home as well. I keep that close to my heart, and I do think some are silly, but others are believable in my eyes.

As I said, I am very behind. I love their weather segments!! I love any music as long as it isn't gospel, tbh.
There aren't many good scary movies when you kind of know the song and dance of how scary movies go, haha. I just went to see IT and I actually liked it, but it was only a solid 6/10 for me. I felt like I was laughing way too much for a Stephen King movie, but it was a nice change of pace.
I live in America, so there aren't really /huge/ or venomous (or worth getting up in arms over ya know). I just dislike them :dislike::dislike::dislike:
Captain Blade Uzumaki

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Captain Blade Uzumaki

heheh ^.^
Captain Blade Uzumaki

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Captain Blade Uzumaki

well believe it you're there ^.^
I'm happy to have you there Saffy *hugs you*
Captain Blade Uzumaki

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Captain Blade Uzumaki

Thanks Saffy I'm glad you like it and Congratulations on being one of the friends on my profile ^.^
Captain Blade Uzumaki

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Captain Blade Uzumaki

I honestly don't know how I got that background it came with the coding I pasted into the CSS
Captain Blade Uzumaki

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Captain Blade Uzumaki

Look at my profile Saffy...
Captain Blade Uzumaki

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Captain Blade Uzumaki

I'm good. guess what... *smiles with a really big grin*


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