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OMFG!!! LOOOKKK its stuff... smilies/icon_surprised.gif

O_o Is this where I put the title? Where is that lazy dog? Where is that lazy cat? Where is that lazy mouse?



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Cool avatar!
Knight of Plagues

Report | 07/28/2016 12:35 pm

Knight of Plagues

If I ever run into a need for a ton of gold I might take you up on that. For now however I'll stick to being a poor pleb xD
Ahhhh, don't feel like you can't spend frivolously though. Not like there's any serious econonic repercussions. Unless they start making us pay rent.
that'd be a pretty decent way to get rid of inflation tbh though it would also be really stupid

I think it's horrible to do as well. I'm just sayin', it was well deserved. I don't think I could ever be that good at drawing; I'm a good photographer so I'm happy with that. I'm not sure I have the patience, for myself at least, to ever become particularly good at drawing; I'm so used to picking things up quick...
I've seen your art though you're really good plz don't stop

As am I! Though I only have one other sibling lol.
ohohoho. Thats kind of funny that people thought that. I wonder who they might've thought you as though... Maybe Myin? I'm not sure, to be honest. You have the no numbers in your username thing going for you though which I'm pretty sure most older WGers had. Still sort of do. Also well put together avatars. Iunno.

I do have a second character, but he's on a different account; his names Gauge. Don't WG with him much... he's a bit too grumpy and misunderstood for that crowd. Hell, people call Knight evil sometimes which makes me sad. My poor misunderstood babys...
BUT THEY'RE NICE AVATARS way better then most people can do. Me included.
Hmmm... well, there's a few way to do that I suppose. You could do it the lazy way like me and write sort of like... uhhh:


Saffron screamed at the top of his lungs, staring down at the poor, confused hunter.

Where as, when you're not in character, you could write in italics or bold all the time. I don't know if you notice but in the forums I do this all of the time... Using a certain color for when your character speaks also helps... but I don't do that.

Just a few ideas though.
Knight of Plagues

Report | 07/26/2016 12:22 pm

Knight of Plagues

I think by now it'd be awkward for me to reply in the thread by quoting your post so I'll just quickly do it here:
Forgive me for being terribly lazy and not answering you earlier BUT

I find that incredibly surprising you could make that much from Kindered. I remember scamming the hell out of blackjack on here way back because it's the only game involving gambling I'm any good at. Those days were always fun... selling the s**t out of tickets and that sort of thing.
Damn tho, that's a big goal to be headed for.

It is quite a while, yes plz help me escape from this horrid place
I heavily doubt anyone would've cared, I just didn't want to be treated like a kid, I guess. I also remember submitting art of something at that age on the forums and being ridiculed. Its okay I deserved it I can't draw lol

You get that feeling too, eh? It came as a massive surprise to me when I found out I was older then rnerc for instance xD I guess thats sort of normal for you though, especially if you kind of grew up around here. You're used to being a kid compared to everyone else.
You've only been around 2 years? I could've sworn it was longer... maybe I'm crazy tho.
/shatters t-thank you emotion_c8
I can never tell what people think of my character but I'm always a bit curious... I don't know what to say other then thank you??? Do you really mean it???? <3
lmfao... Knight... in his first stages, before I named him Knight even I think, was a... /cringes half man, half demon. Needless to say I quickly dropped that, but I kept the eye's 'cause I like red eyes... also I made him like an actual person and have strengths and weaknesses like the fact that since I've stated he's so skinny he genuinely can't hold his own one on one in a fist fight with someone bigger then him... not without cheating at least.
He's still pretty self insert-y admittedly tho...

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thanks bud~~ ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-;

Report | 07/22/2016 11:46 pm


Sneks are cute. But I'm generally scared of them irl, lol. xd

True, true. But I should know you like long stuff, haha. Lel not that or maybe that lel rofl
Idk, I know the vocals are super cheesy sometimes but that's part of what I love about them, haha. And the Finnish accent is adorable. xd
Hahaha yeah that song made me not take Stones Grow Her Name seriously. xd
The other thing I posted? THIS. rofl
Seriously, though, I love them (with Udo Dirkschneider on vocals) and I love Udo's band after that, U.D.O.

I'll have to give more time to the new album maybe tomorrow. I heard "An Ember's Arc" and it's good. 3nodding
Haha I noticed you like playing their whole albums. Good, good stuff.

Also I am relistening to the Shylmagognar album, Emergence. Holy s**t the title track is soooooo goooood. Like I liked it enough before as you played it but now it's just WOW. Holy hell.
*steals some ideas for riffs*


Report | 07/22/2016 11:22 pm


Haha, silly trigger-happy snek. lol
(U r snek now. Hehe. A wA)

I guess that is true... lol I was just thinking that long albums might not be the easiest to sit through but yeah I almost forgot you liked those long proggy bands (like how could you forget THAT, Argyle) so... lol

But yes go listen to their progression. Admittedly the latter-day stuff is not all bad but I prefer the first few albums even if they're a bit more straightforward. Idk. Haha.
(And they have a song called "Shitload of Money" which is just pretty absurd. xd
Though when another friend of mine got that song when I posted it in song thread, she said at least it wasn't about overeager gay old men singing about balls to the wall because that was what she got last time she posted below me. lol )

Speaking of long stuff, I need to go listen to the new Be'lakor now (I see a new eight-minute song). emotion_awesome

Report | 07/22/2016 10:52 pm


Haha, that's alright, sometimes power metal songs can be long and hard to pay attention to as well. One of my favorite songs on Reckoning Night ("White Pearl, Black Oceans" wink is like nine minutes long. lol
I also had "Don't Say A Word" off the same album in my profile for a while. Yeah I'm such a fanboy. Got hooked on this album a few years ago. lol
The band started losing me a little after Unia and some of their recent songs are kind of baffling but when their stuff is good it's really good.
In any case, I hope you two have fun! They can put on a pretty damn good show.

Report | 07/22/2016 7:36 pm


I see you listening to Sonata Arctica's Silence...

If you haven't yet go check out Reckoning Night that is by far my favorite album of theirs it's so good
I Come With Knives

Report | 07/17/2016 7:52 pm

I Come With Knives

Astronaut can would not be happy!! xDD
OH!! MY GOSH!! Did I tell you!?!??! I'm dating someone!
I Come With Knives

Report | 07/15/2016 4:23 pm

I Come With Knives




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