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The Badlands~~~

My name is Jackson Hercaleez. I'm part of a special last stand group. It's only been a week since I got here. It feels longer than that. It's gotten much worse in that one week.

I woke up to the alarm and heard a pre-recorded voice message saying "Warning the outbreak has started it is imperative that you immediately get to your posts!"

I then rapidly got up and put on my uniform. My uniform was a blue grey color. I was very particular about what color I wanted it. I rushed out of my room to find Commander Hugankisc.

He then started briefing us on what's happening. "All of them seem to generally come from the south meaning we don't have much time and I would appreciate it if you would hurry up!"

Me and my fellow soldiers scrambled around. We made our way to the weapon lockers and grabbed some M16A4 assault rifles. I heard an explosion wich had my ears ringing.

I saw most of the solders had fallen over. I darted my eyes back and forth looking for what caused the explosion.There was some crazed laughter.

I looked over to the left and saw one of them stabbing my fallen friend over and over again. I raised my rifle firing a couple of shots only hitting it's body.

It's attention then turned to me. It charged at me still laughing. I pulled out my six inch blade and stuck it in it's neck... that didn't stop it.

I then felt a sharp pain in my chest and saw that it was stabbing me trying to cut my chest open! Knowing what it was gonna do I attempted to pick up my rifle.

After getting stabbed two or three more times I managed to grab it. I raised my rifle with one hand lifting it with what might I had left.

I then held the trigger down firing whatever I had left in my clip. Luckily that stunned it long enough for me to get on top of it.

I ripped the blade from it's neck swiftly bringing it up then down stabbing it in it's head.

As I got up now bleeding and breathing heavily I staggered into the hallway. I scanned the area to find that the whole base had been overrun by them.

I staggered back into the weapon locker and now sitting in the corner, awaiting my Demise.

The End~~~~
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