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there's a person behind these pixels

but i'm just another awkward girl with dreams

anything about me is not worth knowing

but if you must know then
i'm a short asian girl with a temper
i love strawberry milk and cute things
and i'm bound to go to japan one day

i've been on gaia online for way too long
and i think life can be a little bit funny
i love to write and i often sleep late
i'm a very timid person, and it takes awhile
for me to form the things i want to say and explain
so i often hesitate and hold awkward conversations

i'm not depressed
flower's are better than diamonds to me
kiko mizuhara is my bae
i love nature, fashion, art and being kawaii as fuq
wanderin earth, just protecting my heart wherever i go

that's it
yoroshiku onegaishimasu


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