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Birthday: 09/15/1996


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yooo my name's Kai
feel free to call me that or sad!
i'm 20 and ive been on here for far too long
they/them pls

random stuff about me:
- im a wannabe cosplayer, rly lame, and royalty B)
- i created the sad color scheme! if you dont know what the is, it's the pink/mint/black color scheme that's been floating around.
- im way too into kpop, various weeb stuff, mystic messenger, yuri on ice, and killing stalking at the moment.

face ///

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feel free to message me or comment
i accept random friend requests~

you can ask for my facebook, tumblr, and snapchat if you'd like heart

Yo0o0o0o0o0o0 WaT Up Mii GenTe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DiisZ iiZ ur bOi kAi AkA XxX_//CR_cri4ever_XxX - aKa DHa DiiamoNd PriiNce
HeResz a Liil Biit Bout MiiselF:
FuLl NamE: PriiNce kAi
GeNdeR: ???? nO DuH
Im BiiseXual ( I LikE GurlSz anD GuySz)
DaTe DaT I STaRTeD To LiiVe: SePtEmBeR 15tH 1996
HoMeToWn: noNe of Ur BuSiinEsz (So DoNT AsK)
StAtus: iN a ReLatIonShip 2.13.17
HoBbIiEsz: LiisTeNiiNg 2 MuSiic, chatTing OnliNe, Just EnjoyIin LYfE 2 DhA FulLesT WiifF doSe ii dhA MosT iin Ma LyFe, DrAwiiNg, FasHiion DesiiGniiNg
LiKEs; Mii FamiiLiia, Mah BesTiiesz,, SwEetzs,ReAdiiNg, FaShiiOn
HaTeSz: HaTerSz (doNt nEed Dem BitcHeSz in Mah LyFe) PoZsErs, Ppl DaT ThiiNk Dey KnoW Mii But RllY DonT KnO ShYt Bout Mii, BiiTChEsz , BaD DRamA
MuSiiC FaVeSz: GoTh RoCk, ReGgAeTon, ReGgae, SalSa. DaNCeHalL, MeReNGuE, BaChaTa, CluB MusiiC
***(UpDaTed On 4.6.2017)***


my name's prince kai

my color scheme list!

User Image
17b // 20b

please buy from my store?


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