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*I am on and off Gaia a lot nowadays. Between, classes, internet connection, and life in general I can be gone without explanations.....


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Pookibella Report | 06/24/2010 12:41 pm
Pookibella Report | 06/01/2010 9:46 am
Theeheee whee
Pookibella Report | 05/29/2010 9:17 am
Really?? Well i believe we hace met before..... But yeap you re right you re not my friend lilly lol she very similar to yours jajaja xD
Pookibella Report | 05/26/2010 7:05 am
Nice avi Lilly!!!
Kyuchann Report | 04/05/2010 2:20 pm
TY , for buying
Gundar TwinkleFluffy Report | 03/12/2010 12:34 pm
he he o uo
Gundar TwinkleFluffy Report | 03/12/2010 12:13 pm
ooooh neato o )o(o
Gundar TwinkleFluffy Report | 03/12/2010 11:54 am
whatcha questing?
Gundar TwinkleFluffy Report | 03/12/2010 11:17 am
alright, things are going good for me, nothing i can complain about o uo
Gundar TwinkleFluffy Report | 03/12/2010 2:38 am
si O )o(O whats up


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About Me

Name: Sacre
Age: 20
Religion: Christian
Race: 1/2 Native American 1/2 Unknown

Things I am-
NRA Pistol Certified
Open Water Dive Certified

Horseback riding
Photoshop, Illustrator
And the usual stuff, Reading, Writing, Music

To Illaborate-

I am generally a friendly person, though I dont give out much personal information, and I wont add you on facebook. If you need help with anything you can always talk to me. smilies/icon_smile.gif

I joined Gaia in 06, and I dont get on as often anymore. I tend to disappear for a long period of time, and pop back in during a major event. Mostly because of college. Im in my second to last semester before i get my Associates. Im getting a degree in Design media print technology......long name for graphic designer. Along with Print Graphics ive recently started classes for web graphics, and web design.smilies/icon_sad.gif

If you want to chat me up for no reason, give me a heads up in your PM or what not that you are bored, I love to spur on conversations of nonsense, though eventually I will bring some logic to them and be a killjoy......I cant help it! Its just how my brain works.

(For more information feel free to PM me.)
Sacre Cerf