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Sacral Cecity

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Location: Don't worry about where I'm at ya Creepers!

Birthday: 04/06


Try to uNdeRstAnd mE

I am...
Laid back
Loyal (not dog loyal though...I don't heel)
Honest (not brutally though)
A dork
Can be a nerd at times too
With a style that's always changing

the top 5 constants in my life: animals, music, words, colors, movies

Sometimes I...
Smile at squirrels. WHAT?! they're chunky and adorable and when I'm having a good day I find that a lot of them are outside.
Strip in the wrong places or...whip my bra off and fling it at some random victim.
Take big steps when my pants are slipping
Share my drinks late at night with strangers at the beach
Go into fits of rage and bake cookies, make guacamole or cook some random dish.
Sing songs randomly...sometimes at the wrong times, but always in tune.
Sing songs I don't know the language to....and songs other people don't think I know the language to -.- but I do
Am confused by the word "Approval". WHAT THE HELL DOES IT MEAN TO "ASK" FOR IT?!

I've been known to...
Hyperventilate after getting too many texts from one boy at one time.
Start sobbing over Coffee Toffee mishaps at Wendy's
Say random things that make sense later on well after they were said
Push people away when they become more and more attached
Get bored easily and create my own fun at times
Make anything funny even the sickest films you can imagine
Say I'm drunk when I'm not and say I'm not when I'm drunk.
Turn anything into something sexual . . . even broccoli lmfao. Wouldn't you like to know.
And I've been known to have the best stories to tell and be the best person to be near when events for those stories happen.

It takes a lot to upset me and I get along with pretty much anyone and everyone. I'm easily distracted and easily entertained. Sometimes I act like a kid (and I'll quote you out of any cartoon ever made). I love making people laugh, but I'm not some stand up comedian. I'm just a goofy person and sometimes, just like a kid, i say the darndest things. I travel a lot so don't be confused when I tell you I live in one place then write you later talking about I'm somewhere else...i know, it confuses me to sad
Don't take my smile as a weakness...ask all the people I leave behind me in tears. They know that my Cheshire Cat grin doesn't mean that anyone is safe. I have an extremely dark sense of humor but laugh at the brighter things as well.

I love to read, sing, watch movies and write. I dance too, but never seriously anymore and you'll be EXTREMELY lucky if you catch me busting any moves XD. I listen to EVERYTHING and will sing it all. I don't draw much nowadays because I don't have the time. My idol (right now in the professional sense) is Neil Gaiman...because he's amazing (his books, his films etc). Other than that I have no heroes, just friends. ^_~ And if one of them tells you my driving is amazing...they're either lying, or, they've finally come over to the dark side twisted where the water cost more than the cookies.
If there's something you're curious about just ask and I promise to respond. I'm not always cheery.

The songs I sing and the colors I paint my nails are ways I express how I'm feeling at EVERY given time. . . so be on the lookout XD

I have a facebook and a skype. I honestly don't hang out on facebook much though. I wait for all the messages to pile up before I log on. sweatdrop It tends to irritate my friends a lot, but I'm always on skype. If you're interested in adding me just let me get to know you a little bit first.
I also have a phone. That number is given out rarely.

Finally, sometimes I can be extremely indecisive. I already don't like this 'About Me' post, sooooooooo I'll change it later. The only thing that has held true since I can remember is that I have NEVER been a fan of pears. I don't like their texture.

PS my wish list is more of a list reminding me what I want to save up for...a very broad list ^_~ and when I say "you can't afford me" it's not about money (because I hate gold diggers). It's about me being too awesome for you OR (most likely) it's me not being in the mood to be hit on. stare

My memory is trash and if I repeated anything I just can't seem to care enough to double check.

Oh yeah, if you haven't noticed, I've got Aries pride emotion_omnomnom emotion_yatta emotion_dowant emotion_awesome emotion_dealwithit emotion_hug emotion_brofist

Dream Avis.
Click for item lists and price info if interested

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~~~"u talk all the time but u don't say anything"~~~
_______And you still don't get it_______
~~~"the universe's been waiting for me"~~~

Homies, Roaddogs, Ride or Die chicks, BFFLS, Main Squeezes, Huggerz, MeanMuggerz ^.^

Word Rapeage

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divineIy Report | 04/03/2016 3:33 pm
O: heart
D Aleister Report | 04/06/2015 9:37 am
D Aleister
miss you too! heart
Yukari Tenshi Report | 10/15/2014 8:58 pm
Yukari Tenshi
Yes sorrie Sacral, thing have been very hectic on this end lol i hope you are well tho : )
Yukari Tenshi Report | 09/24/2014 8:36 pm
Yukari Tenshi
Yes, life is also about embracing and enjoying all the good things in life : )
Yukari Tenshi Report | 09/08/2014 1:54 am
Yukari Tenshi
Well, i am not really getting anywhere lol since I don't really live a normal life as such but it sure has been a long while. I hope you continue to be doing good. : )
Yukari Tenshi Report | 07/15/2014 11:04 pm
Yukari Tenshi
I've been good too and yes you too : ) and welcome back.
Ash_Trigar Report | 07/15/2014 1:53 am
im not online for ANYONE but lana nanana is neglected pfffffffffffffttt
and yes its hot, ash no like hot O^O ******** HOT!!!
and i need to find aj a lambo costume : D
forced lei to buy a primo ring XDDD
he wont take it off lloooooooooooooooooolllll
Yukari Tenshi Report | 07/12/2014 10:28 pm
Yukari Tenshi
Hey Sacral, it sure has been a long while, I hope all is well with you : )
Ash_Trigar Report | 06/29/2014 2:48 pm
At leis parents place by the way, so hot, need ice >.>
Ash_Trigar Report | 06/29/2014 8:15 am


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