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Cheapskate Bruce Report | 11/07/2014 12:19 pm
Cheapskate Bruce
*bruce pressed his lips against Sacher's, and noted how he loved their soft and silky feel*
*he kept his eyes closed as he felt Sacher's warm lips pull away*
"mmmm.... "
*his blue eyes opened slowly and lingered on Sacher's face*
"no more for me?" he asked with a wry smile, and brushed his finger along Sacher's cheek*
Sand Dancer Shaka Report | 07/18/2014 11:21 am
Sand Dancer Shaka
xd That was pretty good!
fawn freckles Report | 07/14/2014 6:05 pm
fawn freckles
Thank you! emotion_yatta
Sand Dancer Shaka Report | 07/06/2014 12:45 pm
Sand Dancer Shaka
True dat. Plus reading = no electric bills. It's hard to get really emotional with manga though, whereas with anime the music and atmosphere makes you teary xd

Yes, so much... it just gets so omnious because they sound so sinister!
Sand Dancer Shaka Report | 07/06/2014 11:53 am
Sand Dancer Shaka
Aaah, I see. I dunno I'm anime > manga in all cases these days... except I hate filler eps in most series gonk

Yaay!!! Mushi-shi!! I'm still working on that cosplay!!
And Yamishibai is pretty good... though the kids sounding the same on mushi is pretty darn disturbing gonk

Ugh! I wish Manga would hurry and license all the animes for the UK already! How long did it take for them to do Psycho Pass??
Sand Dancer Shaka Report | 07/06/2014 9:51 am
Sand Dancer Shaka
Yes! I wanted to watch the calli-guy one too T^T it looked really funny, but heart warming . That kinda story!! Dang it..... I hope that one comes on to DVD too... I prefer the anime to mangas these days though... just because it seems to move a bit faster ... and generally are cheaper than the equivalent manga story arc

I'm such a cheapo! lololol
Sand Dancer Shaka Report | 07/06/2014 9:39 am
Sand Dancer Shaka
:donnotwant: I want it nao! xd

Hmmm, I hope it gets licensed.... it's way too expensive to import a decent quality!
Sand Dancer Shaka Report | 07/06/2014 9:32 am
Sand Dancer Shaka

It looks hawt xd
I wanna watch! ... maybe I'll have to get a DVD version from the internet somewhere..... or wait for it to get licensed by someone.... gonk
Sand Dancer Shaka Report | 05/27/2014 8:14 am
Sand Dancer Shaka
Looks awesome! xd poor Terry getting pounded by robot Bruce xd
Ooooh, all those versions of Batman! So cool biggrin
Ilia-bb Report | 05/16/2014 11:33 am
Thanks for buying! 3nodding
Cheapskate Bruce