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Character Name: Vampire Count Sayrus Ravenryder
Age: Is: 200 Years old Looks: 19
Birth date: 11/4/15 ((November the 4th 1815))
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 140 Lbs
Hair: Mid-length Jet Black Hair mixed with strands of bluish gray hair combed. ((I'm so bad at describing things lol))
Eyes: Not Enraged: Azure. Enraged: Scarlet Red ((Iris, Sclera and Pupil turn completely Red))

Mother: Formally: Trukhina Miroslava Anatolievna (Diseased)
(Adopted) Lilith Ravenryder, Formally: Lord of the Night

Father: Formally: Dementyev Abram Andreevich (Diseased)
(Adopted) Arturo Ravenryder, Formally: Vampire Progenitor

Siblings: None, only Child

Other physical features:

I. Physical

1. What do you look like?
Pale White, Medium Build with a youthful but Elegant look

2. What is your state of health?
Healthy as he can be, just as the Doktor would say: a Sample of Blood a Day keeps the Vampire Healthy everyday

3. What kind of clothing do you wear?
Wearing a trench coat decorated with Gray gemmed decorations hanging on his coat always zipped up. Behind the Coat is a waistcoat of a dark shade of red and long sleeve clean white shirt. *No tie. Long Black Slacks and dress shoes with black socks.

_Where do you shop?
Sayrus does not shop much but when he does, he usually has other people to do that for him, formally his Tailor who usually outfits him.

4. What does your voice sound like?
Russian Baritone

5. Do you have a nickname?
The Insanity of Russia/ Bezumiye Rossii

II. Background

1. Where were you born and raised?
Born in St. Petersburg, Raised all over Russia getting a taste of the cold nips of Oymyakon to the warm seas of The Krasnodar Region

2. What background events shaped you?
Violence made him into a man of Insanity, being beaten, Abused on a daily basis, Sayrus became a cruel man involved in the arts of torture and often finds ecstasy in pain
Vampire Background: Embraces his heritage regardless of how he became one of them, With new powers he enjoys every bit of his life with self-harm and drinking deep of Upper-Class Life.

3. What was your schooling like?
Human Life: Going to school was difficult, with the common tortures of his father he never had the strength to even finish his most basic of work and often fell behind constantly ridiculed by bullies

Vampire Life: Receives High Education of University students. Majors in Human Anatomy and Biology. (Often calls himself a: Pain Specialist)

_Who was the teacher you respected and why?
Human Life: Miss Nataliya, she was the teacher who saved Sayrus from his living hell and showed a caring hand towards Sayrus and gave him a second chance at life.

Vampire Life: Lord Venediktov. Professor from Human Anatomy, also a professional Interrogator he gave him secret lessons after class of how to make people talk by means of pain and highly influenced his life backing him in many bad times.

4. What is your religion and ethnicity?
Human Life: Russian Orthodox, forced to worship Christ and Mary.

Vampire Life: Dark Lorde Nagash and Circle of Nagash

5. Are you single, married, or divorced?
Human Life: Single

Vampire Life: Single

6. What kind of work do you do?
Human Life: Nothing

Vampire Life: Professional Vampire Hunter and Member of the Circle of Nagash.

7. Where have you failed or triumphed?
Human Life: Failed in everything in general but had rare moments where he Triumphed in outsmarting his dad.

Vampire Life: Failed in Killing certain Vampires and sometimes couldn't finish off Hits. Triumphed in "Finishing the Job." and getting his degrees and becoming successful and well educated.

8. What memories do you have of your past?
Human Life: Nothing other then just being beaten half to death on a daily basis, the gentle touch of Miss. Nataliya and the cold taste of soup.

Vampire life: Remembers 1st and 2nd World War, Vietnam War, Korean War and most of the major wars but nothing that didn't include: Russia or the U.S.

9. Other than memories, what are the tangible trinkets that you save and treasure from your past?

Human Life: A few days before he was blooded he was assigned a task to clean up loose ends, that would murdering his closest friends and family. Having barely any connections to the outside world he would have to kill only 3 people: Miss. Nataliya (Which he didn't actually kill, helped her fake a death) His father and Mother, killing them was as easy as taking candy from a baby. His Trinket he would remember was his favorite: Confederate 15 D-Guard Civil War Knife.

Vampire Life: Still the: Confederate 15 D-Guard Civil War Knife. Forever Immortalized into his life.

10. What ghosts haunt you?
Vampire Life: Still, his face he sees, the nightmare of slaughtering his family makes him feel remorse and shame for what he's done. But neither the less, the job was done, while he's accepted that he still can't stop thinking about it.

III. Social

1. What places are you associated with?
Prison, while short-lived for a few days, he became very attached to it as it seemed like a sanctuary to him. The House where he murdered his family and lived out his human life. and his own House in Moscow, Russia, A small little place with basic needs but under it is a dungeon where he tortures others or himself.

2. What persons are closest to you?
Being distant, he's barely close to anyone, even his own "Adoptive" Parents are not closed to him. But he does show a strong sense of loyalty to his friends in the Circle and all Vampires who respect him.

_Who is your best friend?
Vampire Count Anfarc Darkblade, Comrade in arms.

3. What are your hobbies?
Talking to himself, drinking at bars, and sometimes a little self-harm.

4. Are you neat or a slob?

_Describe the state of your
Dress: Clean and Elegant, thanks to his Tailor
Closet: Tried his best to make it look good but is plagued with terrible organization skills.
Desk: doesn't have one.

5. What do you like/dislike about your current state of affairs?
Like: Freedom, Late-night walks soaking in the night
Dislike: Often interrupted by some band of Vampires or humans who hunt him daily.

6. What are your opinions on topics of interest?
Not much of talkative person but loves to speak about the: "1,000 Ways to Injure Someone"

_Do you argue bitterly, silently, or to anyone who has to listen?
Argues Bitterly most of the time, but can be Passive depending on his mood.

7. What kind of music do you like?
Classical Mozart and Piano based music

Heavy Metal

IV. Family

1. How do you relate towards your family?
Throughout his life, his only family was his mother, she wasn't an abuser like his father is and in the most rarest of tender times she would be there to help his father stop beating him but ultimately she left the two to live by themselves. To his Vampire life he loves his family but after his incident with his previous family he has a hard time trying to bond since he lacks proper skill of adapting and loving but neither the less if you ******** with his family he will kick your a**.

2. What is your attitude towards the person closest to you?
Human Life: With Miss. Nataliya he was able to smile and feel closure for a short time. After he was saved by her the two became inseparable and the two lived together in a mother and son environment as she taught him to learn/love and appreciate something he had a difficult time to understand but ultimately impacted his life majorly.

Vampire Life: After Miss. Nataliya's untimely death of cancer Sayrus felt disconnected and went through a psychological outrage feeling confused and lost he began to question what he'd do next, he spent so much time defending and helping his closest friend that he never got attached onto anyone else. So, this led to him talking more to his family for guidance and ultimately helped him to attach to his family.

3. What is your attitude towards the opposite sex?
Human Life: Miss Nataliya was the Lady he would ever talk to, any other girl would often be creeped out by him or would just laugh at him.

Vampire Life: Being crippled by still not having the ability to talk to women, besides his Adoptive Mother and a few members of the Circle. He's shown a gentle, tender side with woman often letting down his guard when with a girl.

V. Personality Traits

1. What are your two opposing traits?
1) His Sensible, Tender average attitude he has when he's calm and happy with himself
2) His Insane side which he taps into in the midst of battle or when he goes through pain progressively echoes in his head just to: "Do it." Murder that person, Torture that man, Cut yourself for the Ecstasy of Pain.

The two Traits clash on a daily basis both winning each other over, but he's learned how to suppress these emotions so that he doesn't harm his friends and family.

2. What about you is worth liking?
As twisted and strange Sayrus is, he's an interesting person often getting the attention of other Vampire or just by being a living history book for historian Vampires who ask him questions about the Wars.

3. What are your flaws?
Too many to see but basically, he creeped out even the most strongest of Vampires just by his Pain Tolerance, and when he lets his emotions out into battle he chills the spines of even the most stalwart Warriors letting out a nightmarish aura that haunts his friends.

What is to be admired?
His sense of battle, whenever his comrades would think they would lose in battle all they need is Sayrus to turn the tide of battle often taking out 100's of enemies at once with his: "Nightmare Form."

4. What bugs you?
While barely anything annoys him he does have a few dislikes which would be:
Heavy Metal or very loud music
or just anything loud in general that disturbs him.

_What Are Your Pet Peeves?
He hates Vampires that are all bark and no bite.

VI. Psychological Traits

1. What do you want more than anything else in the world?
A Normal Peaceful Life.

_What is your goal?
To achieve a Harmony in life. Ultimately Death.

2. Whom do you dream about, yearn for, hate?
He dreams about his past often 90% of the time is his father that abused him or the rare 10% of Miss. Nataliya.

3. What virtues characterize that person?
None of them but Humility seems the only closest to him.

4. What is your greatest fear?
Once, It was losing Miss. Nataliya but after her death he only feared only the most scariest of all things, the most menacing, the most creepiest of all. Skeletons and Needles.

5. What do you hope no one will ever find out about you?
That he doesn't have Emotions at all, that all he's been doing was just pulling the veil in front of everyone.

6. In one word, what motivates you?

7. How do you describe yourself?
A Strong Vampire who just wants Peace

8. What makes you laugh?
The Ecstasy of Agony

VII. Beliefs

1. What do you think about god?
Fake, Cruel, if there was one, why didn't he save me? Bullshit of a god. Sayrus gave up on him a long time ago.

_The bible?
A book of words that weaklings turn to for some sense of closure.

It's a natural thing to do.

2. What do you believe in?
Dark Lorde Necromancer Nagash

_Not believe in?

VIII. Mannerisms

1. What is your most noticeable mannerism?
His most noticeable mannerism is his calm attitude that he usually takes on when he's not in battle. But if someone is keen enough, he holds a nightmarish attitude behind the veil of his "Emotion"

2. What clichés do you use often?
Whether he gets, Shot, Stabbed, or given any sign of physical pain he laughs.

3. How do your hands behave?
Usually on top of each other as he was taught to keep his hands to himself as much as possible

4. What do you do when nervous?
Eyes twitch, he chews on his lip and often looks around sweating.

Yawns and just falls asleep whether intentionally or unintentionally.

He clamps his hands together staring at the person with a frown that is annoying him probably thinking what he's going to do with this annoying person if he keeps up this bullshit.

breathes in and out slowly trying to keep a calm state of mind often relaxing himself.

Drowsy, slipping in and out of a sleeping mind.

5. How do you act during a meltdown?
He often lets go of his chain bonds of his sanity directing his Nightmare towards an enemy or to someone that is near him.

IX. Unique Talents/Abilities

1. What unique talents or abilities do you possess?
1) Years of Enshin Itto-ryu Battojutsu Taught him to:
2) Increase the level of awareness, patience, and inner strength.
3) Build higher level of self-confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline.
4) Express yourself and channel energy in a positive and supportive atmosphere.
5) Enhance health, physical fitness, and good posture.
6) Learn and progress at your own pace.
7) Practice unification of mind, body, and spirit.

His other Ability is his transformation called: Svet ot d'yavola or Light of The Devil.

Nightmare Form

While in this Transformation he's capable of filling the mind of other people in a 1 mile radius with nightmares, He's capable of Sapping Brains which allows him to drain energy and health from an enemy, He can summon your greatest nightmares in the form of a pit that tears you apart from the ground.

2. Are you musical? Yes

_If so, do you play alone for yourself or publically?

In his downtimes and often relieve stress he often uses a record player and sings musical pieces from bunches of Music Baritone Operas. His Favorite being:

Bryn Terfel - Bella Siccome Un Angelo

The wages of sin, paid in full.
With A Cruel Blade I end another Fool.


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Kiyo-Kuuun Report | 12/17/2014 5:42 am
Sweet! You have been accepted, you have alot of games owo
Oxane Report | 12/06/2014 1:19 pm
ya sure! send trade <3
Prismatic Kitsune Report | 12/06/2014 12:42 pm
Prismatic Kitsune
No problem and thanks biggrin
Her Majestys Neko Report | 11/27/2014 3:35 pm
Her Majestys Neko
Of course... A marketplace owner needs to look fit in order to attract customers.
IbukiHoshi Report | 05/11/2014 6:20 pm
Thank you, son~

Amdis Malum Report | 05/11/2014 5:52 am
Amdis Malum
I think it's very wonderful, I love skull items but I am usually too lazy to look them up individually. As you can see, I'm wearing the coat right now biggrin
Neseroth Report | 05/04/2014 2:01 pm
You better be getting ultimate edition. If not you are dumb.
such is healy Report | 05/04/2014 7:52 am
such is healy
sure thing, i'm actually buying a lot of green, blue and red bugs/inks right now so if you have more, you can throw them my way and i'll pay for them generously c:
Nyaoista Report | 05/03/2014 5:44 pm
The speech? o:
Nyaoista Report | 05/03/2014 5:40 pm
Lol if anyone's willing to sell a white body dye for 2bil...XD

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