) (
- Batman
- God
- Penguin
- Pizza
- Dodge
- Duck
- Dip
- Dive
- Dodge
- Bleach
- Spaghetto
- The love of your life, I'm like your phone charger or something.

Names really Ocean, so piss off with 'is that your real name fo'real' crap.

- They told me to follow my dreams,
so I went to bed, true story. - S e r i o u s - O c e a n

Here is a story of why you should never fall asleep around me.
I like to flick and pick, its not a weird habit so jump of that high horse of yours you dipshit. ANy ways long story short I test how deep of a sleeper you are and stick a little boogie up and in yo mouth. Sukit.

I recently changed my username from
- Undefined Eternity
- Anxious Emblem

Avi Artsu

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show. by: castlefaire
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show. by: goldcadet

past avi -art

Lovely art by - AiiHoshi

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.
done by : shwit

by gaaracookie101



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-l- jemo -l- Report | 11/22/2014 3:15 pm
Hahaha, best response. smile
-l- jemo -l- Report | 11/22/2014 11:14 am
Hey, thanks for your purchase. Have a wonderful day. smile
Graylex Report | 11/20/2014 10:04 pm
I dont know what you mean by RAI. sweatdrop

But anyways, it's midnight, and I need to clean my house. My brother and his wifey are coming for the weekend, and they get here tomorrow. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. rolleyes
Celebrating Thanksgiving early I guess, and Saturday is my sister-in-law's bday.

And plus I gotta work this weekend too. emotion_donotwant
Graylex Report | 11/20/2014 9:09 pm
I was really excited when I opened it sweatdrop

I wonder how many he's given away? They go for like $10 in the cash shop eek
Graylex Report | 11/20/2014 9:01 pm

B R A I N gave me a gift emotion_dowant
Graylex Report | 11/19/2014 2:19 pm
Yeah, I joined 6/2004.

I remember when items that were expensive were like 10k.
I bought my demonic pendant for 11k and that was a lot then.
I miss the days gonk
But anyways, I gotta go do real life stuffs now.
Stupid snow had to fall on my car again. emotion_donotwant
Graylex Report | 11/19/2014 2:07 pm
Yes. emotion_donotwant

But more realisticly, it's like double actual age, and add a few more. emotion_eyebrow
Graylex Report | 11/19/2014 1:55 pm
yeah, I'm old. emo
Graylex Report | 11/19/2014 1:31 pm
I guess I never thought about how much art he would get P;

I like to randomly draw people's avatars that I like and surprise them with it.
I try to draw my avi too, but I never really like it enough to keep using it in posts or my sig, I haven't changed my siggy in like, yearssss.
I dont think I'd be able to quit either, it's already been 10 years since I joined rolleyes
Graylex Report | 11/19/2014 1:14 pm
Yeah, BRAIN? well he's nice, I drew him before, and... actually just finished another piece for him. redface

I would totally vote for a S e r i o u s day tho. heart

And you can't quit Gaia, then I'd have no one to talk to emotion_0A0
S e r i o u s - O c e a n