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December of the Brothers


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I'm a huge InuTaisho and Sesshomaru fan. What can I say, I can't pick which I like better. They're both awesome. X3
When it comes to fanfiction I love making scenes of Sesshomaru getting injured and being found by Inuyasha, that way they work up to getting along as brothers.

I own four Inuyasha video games. Inuyasha The Secret of the Cursed Mask and Inuyasha Feudal Combat are both for PS2. Inuyasha Feudal Fairytale is for PS1 and the dialog is Japanese with English subtitles. The final game is Inuyasha Secret of the Divine Jewel for Nintendo DS. You play as a blonde haired girl call Janet from Kagome's time and go through the well on Kagome's property to start the adventure. This is after you move from America back to Japan.

I currently own seasons one, two, five, six, and seven out of the collection. I also own all four of the special movies and find the third to be my favorite, due to getting to actually getting to see the mysterious InuTaisho.

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MaziMazi Report | 09/18/2014 2:21 pm
ღ♡♥❤♥♡ღ ღ♡♥❤♥♡ღ ღ♡♥❤♥♡ღ


ღ♡♥❤♥♡ღ ღ♡♥❤♥♡ღ ღ♡♥❤♥♡ღ
The Half Demon Inuko Report | 08/19/2014 7:47 pm
The Half Demon Inuko
Hey Ryuu how are you? 3nodding
I'm having fun with the new event that's going on
BM Vivi Report | 07/17/2014 3:04 pm
BM Vivi
((Sounds pretty awesome. That's pretty far. Pretty cool that liked her stuff there.))
BM Vivi Report | 07/17/2014 2:42 pm
BM Vivi
((Bet she was a great person.))
BM Vivi Report | 07/13/2014 7:52 pm
BM Vivi
((My condolences.))
Parsley Witch Report | 06/27/2014 10:47 am
Parsley Witch
"She's one of the sweetest kids I've ever met, my era or this one." Kagome folded her delicate hands in her lap, lovely in spite of their wear from required battles a girl her age should never have had to fight.
"She collects flowers a lot, and she's fiercely loyal to Sesshoumaru. She's even younger than my kid brother... but I can see her getting stronger every time we cross paths. She'll be one heck of a lady some day."
Parsley Witch Report | 06/27/2014 10:16 am
Parsley Witch
"I don't know nearly as much about Sesshoumaru, honestly." Kagome admitted then gnawed on her lower lip
"...But I do know that he's changed a lot since I first met him."
Tree limbs rustled when a faint whisper of wind tousled their boundless, reaching wooden fingers.
"Back then...I hated him. I thought he was evil incarnate! I mean he tried to kill me. "
Kagome hesitantly held her gaze on InuTaisho, praying she hadn't said something awful by accident.
"But he met Rin. I think that changed him a lot. I've barely heard of him hurting any humans anymore, and he's gone to great lengths to save her. I guess both of your sons take after you in more than just strength and ability in battle."
Parsley Witch Report | 06/25/2014 1:19 pm
Parsley Witch
Even youkai parents were still parents in the end; Kagome smiled and tucked stray black hair behind a small ear.
"He definitely eats enough, especially when I bring his favourites back from home. He's a really good hunter, and he's amazing at catching fish. He knows when mushrooms are safe to eat just from the smell, and he's even learning more about herbs from Kaede."
She gushed, pride for the hanyou clear cut in her jubilant features.
"He's gotten a cold a few times, mostly when he's...human, but with medicine and rest, he's always back up and swinging in no time."
The miko fed the fire again and poked the wood about, arranging it to coax more heat out from the burning embers.
"He's too stubborn to get sick a lot of the time, I swear."
Parsley Witch Report | 06/24/2014 9:02 pm
Parsley Witch
Kagome smiled and patted a spot on the log beside her. Did either of his sons know he was back? She had to ponder that. Had it even been Miroku or Shippo who'd pranked the dog demon? Or was this the work of something or someone else? Those were ponderings that belonged at a later time. For now, her attentions belonged to the inuyoukai close by.

"Well...I met Inuyasha while he was sealed to the Sacred Tree since around fifty years ago from this era. Oh! And that reminds me, I'm erm...from the...future."
Somehow, admitting that to Inuyasha's father of all people felt a little embarassing, like she expected not to be believed. She trailed off, fiddled with a pleat in her skirt then looked up again and continued on
"He'd fallen in love with a priestess named Kikyou who'd been tasked in guarding the Shikon no Tama. A demon named Naraku made them hate each other and killed Kikyou. I was reincarnated five hundred and fifty years later then came through the Bone Eater's Well. Met him then, actually. He was rough and had trouble trusting anyone."
Kagome purposefully left out that he'd made an attempt on her life.
"He followed me while I stayed in possession of the jewel. A crow demon managed to get ahold of the jewel and swallowed it. I shot it with an arrow and kind of errm...split the jewel. Which is the reason why we're in pursuit of the shards now. But not only that, we're trying to fight Naraku but..."
She shook her head and smacked the sides of her face
"Going off on a tangent there. Erm...any questions before I start on Sesshoumaru?"
Parsley Witch Report | 06/24/2014 8:36 pm
Parsley Witch
"I'm not a parent so I don't understand the dynamic of raising a child but I do understand what it's like to be an older sibling."
Kagome explained and took a step back, heading over to where Inuyasha had placed her yellow back pack. She took a seat on a fallen tree, pulling her skirt under her legs to avoid her thighs contacting the rough bark.
"When Sota was born, he got a lot of attention from Mama so I got a bit jealous. We fought a lot as kids, and we still do now. But my mom, I know now she did her best for us both equally. She loves us both and it has nothing to do with equality. She loves us each in our own way. I guess the best thing you can do is show you love them and be patient. They'll realize sooner or later that their father cares deeply about them both, in different ways."
Strange wisdom glowed in the coco depths of Kagome's eyes, which mingled with the reflection of flames. She leaned over to fish out a piece of firewood from the small pile and fed the dying fire, poking at the embers with a stick to try and revive their source of light and heat. The sound of crickets resounded in the forest clearing. She wondered when everyone would be back. If Rin was with her Lord at present or elsewhere.



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