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I'm a huge InuTaisho and Sesshomaru fan. What can I say, I can't pick which I like better. They're both awesome. X3
When it comes to fanfiction I love making scenes of Sesshomaru getting injured and being found by Inuyasha, that way they work up to getting along as brothers.

I own four Inuyasha video games. Inuyasha The Secret of the Cursed Mask and Inuyasha Feudal Combat are both for PS2. Inuyasha Feudal Fairytale is for PS1 and the dialog is Japanese with English subtitles. The final game is Inuyasha Secret of the Divine Jewel for Nintendo DS. You play as a blonde haired girl call Janet from Kagome's time and go through the well on Kagome's property to start the adventure. This is after you move from America back to Japan.

I currently own seasons one, two, five, six, and seven out of the collection. I also own all four of the special movies and find the third to be my favorite, due to getting to actually getting to see the mysterious InuTaisho.

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The One True Miroku Report | 01/26/2015 12:10 pm
The One True Miroku
InuTaisho slowly nodded before following his father down the stairs to where everyone finally came together other than Sango and Kagome. He gathered the group together before informing them of the situation now at hand. Of course Inuyasha himself wasn't to happy about hearing about it especially when they turned the topic onto him about him controlling his anger only for him to protest that he could control it. Hearing this everyone seemed to give him a look of no you can't hold your anger before he lowered his ears a bit grumbling to himself. The monk simply shook his head and smirked at the hanyou as he thought of something that might keep him in check should he attempt to go out of hand. However he would discuss that with him once the two were by themselves. Back at the healer's Sango sat quietly with Tsukihana, Shippou, and Rin watching over Kagome but watching the healer work away in the room.
The One True Miroku Report | 01/19/2015 6:17 pm
The One True Miroku
InuTaisho listened closely to him as he thought about it himself before nodding in agreement however one thought did strike him as he had noticed it before.

"I have no issues let alone probably Sesshomaru but I have noticed Inuyasha is quite..........quick tempered." He said with a weak smile.

"I mean did you see how angry he got when the wolf's name was even mentioned. Sesshomaru himself didn't get upset even though he knew him as well and didn't like him. I have to say I'm worried if we can't at least control him into not losing his temper around them." He added scratching his head a bit.
The One True Miroku Report | 01/19/2015 5:42 pm
The One True Miroku
InuTaisho stood in shock listening to his father trying to understand what he was saying. He had two twins that were taken from him and even lead to believe they were dead if he happened to remember them. Hearing the torture they were put through he growled a bit as hearing the rest of his father's words. He stopped to think a bit before looking to his father a bit confused when he claimed to know where they were.

"Even if we find them what's to say they won't attack us. Plus with their own power if it does out rank us we would just be walking into a trap ourselves." He said letting out a sigh trying to understand their next few steps.
The One True Miroku Report | 01/19/2015 4:24 pm
The One True Miroku
Inuyasha nodded and soon the whole group was off making their way towards their lands. Upon arriving the issue came down to who would go with Kagome while the rest of them looked around in attempt to find out what Kazemaru had seen. Sango slowly smiled walking towards them.

"I'll stay with her. Better for me to be around then some boys." She stated before Rin also raised her hand.

"I'll go too!" She smiled before heading off to the healer's room.

Being scolded InuTaisho lowered his head a bit before looking at all of them letting out a sigh.

"I honestly didn't think the girl would cry. I'll apologize when she gets up." He said moping.

As they split up to look around they heard Kazemaru call for his son quite quickly which made him take off towards his father's voice. Upon finally finding him he rushed over to him to see a parchment paper in his hands.

"What is it father?" He asked attempting to look and see what he found.
The One True Miroku Report | 01/18/2015 10:48 am
The One True Miroku
Sango slowly nodded before helping everyone set up things to leave. Inuyasha continued to hold his sister nuzzling her when she awoke hearing all the movement. At first she was whimpering as if something was wrong before his nuzzled calmed her down.

"What's wrong Tsuki?" Inuyasha asked a bit worried.

Once everything was pretty much set up to go they went outside setting up Ah-Un and Kirara to carry the ones they were to carry. Inuyasha handed Tsukihana back to Sango before getting on Ah-Un with the imp and Rin.
The One True Miroku Report | 01/18/2015 12:43 am
The One True Miroku
Sango looked at him again before letting out a sigh before looking at Inuyasha for a moment.

"Inuyasha would you hold your sister for a moment while I tend to Kirara's paw." She stated handing him Tsukihana before letting Kirara in her lap borrowing Kagome's medicine supplies and started treating it.

Once done she made sure she could put her weight on it before looking to everyone else.

"Well I guess we should go then, but what about Kagome?" She asked looking at her friend.
The One True Miroku Report | 01/18/2015 12:16 am
The One True Miroku
InuTaisho looked at him thinking a bit about these twins before looking towards Sango seeing her go out of it a bit.

"Sango dear are you ok? You see quite quiet unlike earlier." InuTaisho stated gaining her attention really quick.

"Oh sorry just thinking is all. Is it really safe for Sesshomaru goes back to the Western Lands?" She asked showing a bit of worry in her voice.

Inuyasha slowly looked at her before looking at the monk who also seemed a bit concerned.

"Sango its not like you to seem this worried." Miroku said resting his head on his hand looking her over a bit before looking to Kirara who stood next to her also quite silent.
The One True Miroku Report | 01/17/2015 11:50 pm
The One True Miroku
Sango looked at Sesshomaru as he smiled saying how he was happy she was ok. However it didn't last long when she heard Kazemaru speaking about the demon. She slowly looked to Kagome before she seemed to zone out for a bit.

"Ah home it has been so long since I've been there. About time things be put straight." InuTaisho said growling a bit before sighing looking at the taijiya.

"Well we are glad you are fine Sango. My son was quite worried for you." He added grinning a bit at her.
The One True Miroku Report | 01/17/2015 8:54 pm
The One True Miroku
Hearing about Kohaku she slowly shook her head.

"No I didn't see Kohaku it just I decided to feed Tsukihana while we were out there. There was a nice breeze." She said smiling a bit.

Hearing the wold InuTaisho quickly looked to his father seeing him acting a bit weird.

"Father are you alright? Is something wrong?" He asked moving a bit closer to him trying to see if something was indeed wrong.
The One True Miroku Report | 01/17/2015 8:25 pm
The One True Miroku
Once home everyone seemed to be at ease as Sango got off of Inuyasha's back making her way in before having a seat. Hearing the question she looked to Kirara and gave a faint smile.

"Oh she accidentally startled to cow and it ran over her paw before she could move fast enough." She said as the twin tail looked up at her.

The hanyou sighed looking at her as he was still felt there was something else especially after the way he found her looking off in the distance at something.



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