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Report | 05/30/2016 11:47 am

One True Sango

The demon male nods. "There are many demons out there..however it would seem that my blood could satisfy for the greater good, I don't mind helping out." he smiled gently.
Sensing his son's words he looked over to him. "Yes my son?" he asked now his golden hues looked to him now. he then could sense something on him a strange scent he leaned over sniffing him catching the scent of one or two of little demons his eyes widen.

"Son...are you..?" he asked blinking seeing if he was right though still kinda in surprise.
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Report | 04/17/2016 11:55 pm

One True Sango

Inu no taisho nodded then smiled at the younger twin "We will give you plenty of food if need be however should you need blood don't hesitate to come to me." He then looked over at Sesshomaru who was motioning him over he done as he was told to do he looked over to Miroku.

"Go make some food for the people they must be starving..he then looked to Sesshomaru. "Don't worry I'll keep him here."He winked the monk nodded then went off to do what he was told to do he then looked over to the eldest monk who wanted to speak with him. "Can you tell me more about this prison my son and I would like to know.."

The eldest monk looked to the demon before him he remembered seeing him from the past. "You were the one they were after..I remember seeing you before..you were the young demon from the past who was also in that prison.."

Inu no taisho ' s eyes widen the old monk knew of him? "Does that mean.." he thought to himself for a moment.
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Report | 04/02/2016 11:13 am

One True Sango

Inu No Taisho thought for a moment after hearing what the male had said he then heared the weakened groans and moans after being transformed back. Kagome smiled.
"Isn't this wonderful? they are all back to normal!" she clapped happily. Inuyasha then looked over to his father. "So what now?" The demon then glanced over to his son. "Let them rest then we shall head back to the village." he then looked away in thought.

"Something wrong?" inuyasha asked now.

"We head to the west first thing in the morning he then looked over at the twin and other twin. "Shall I get you anything to eat perhaps?"

The oldest monk held Miroku's hand gently then looked to Sesshomaru. "I see you are blessed with children of your own..thats good." He chuckled while Miroku blushed then cleared his throat. "Please could you tell us more about the prison?" The old monk nodded.

"I was there ever since I was a young lad. I have strong powers once however. the doctor didn't want to use me til after the other experiments were done with..I was also tortured as well as the others were...luckily however I wasn't turned into a demon as much though I had turned weak after the experiments upon me..he then looked over to Sesshomaru. "As for you...I sense that you have more power than all of us combined..unlike that one there." he eyed Inu No Taisho then back to him. "You as well as him was the final experiment." Miroku's eyes widen. "But why is that?"
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Report | 03/30/2016 4:15 pm



Checking things out, and I really like your profile. smile
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Report | 03/21/2016 2:16 pm

One True Sango

He stayed slient for a moment seeing the corrupted souls wonder where they are they were also confused on what was going on sure they were out of the prison however they didn't know what was gonna become of them now til one spoke.

"Change us back? you can do that?" he asked weakly. Inu No Taisho nodded. "Rest assured you will be free from this curse that was upon you when you entered that hellish prison. He then looked over to the leader twin.

"Yes. as well I would like to ask you a few questions on things about the doctor." he replied with a series tone.

Miroku then looked over to the old monk who then eyed him. "You young lad." Miroku blinked for a moment not hesitate to answer. "Yes?" the old man then motioned to him over to him Miroku walked to him and kneeled infront of him.
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Report | 03/13/2016 10:22 pm

One True Sango

The eldest older demon nodded he looked to Inuyasha who had lead them inside. "Excuse me but..would you be able to fix them how?" Miroku asked however he was suddenly caught off by a excited yell. "LORD SESSHOMARU!!!" it was none other than Sesshomaru's faithful servant ((and rather annoying)) Jaken along with the young happy and always cheerful girl Rin. "My Lord I have been worried sick that something had happened to you and I couldn't just sit by and let you...eh?" the toad like demon blinking seeing the other demons eye him immediately.
"What is that thing..." One of the prisoners hissed. "Lunch perhaps?" one replied. Jaken then jumped in fear though had his staff of two heads aimed right at them. "I won't let you hurt My Lord!" He was then haluted by the great dog demon himself seeing as how his son was annoyed by him even by his expression he wanted to crush him to the ground..and fast. "At ease Jaken." the imp went into shock seeing the father before his eyes. "Can it really be you?"

Rin blinked for a moment however she wasn't really afraid but smiled at Inu No Taishou then rushed to Sesshomaru hugging him gently. Inu No Taisho then began to speak. "Yes and these demons mean no harm Don't harm in under any circumstances understand?" he then spoke stern and firm. Jaken bowed immediately. the demon elder smiled then looked over to the others then the monk. "You there. I need you to watch him for me I need to speak to the demons for a moment." He then looked to the girls. "I need you to get some food and some medicine for some and Sesshomaru." the girls nods and walk off." Rin then tugged on the pants leg. "And what can I do sir?" Rin asked blinking cutely eager to help as well. Inu No Taisho kneeled patting her head gently. "I need you to go with the girls and help them. as well as.." He looked over to sesshomaru then whispered in her ear. She giggled nodding then rushed off.

Miroku then looked to Sesshomaru holding his arm around him taking him intot he temple placing him down gently. "How are you holding up?" Miroku asked now looking at him.
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Report | 03/13/2016 3:23 pm

One True Sango

Inu No Taisho watched the twin turn to leave for the exit. He looked back to his half son and the others.
"Let's go." He then looked to Sesshomaru. "Just stay with me.." he then looked to the one of the twins. "I can sense something near but keep your guard up they can attack at any moment or an ambush." the groans was heard as they were exiting the prison then suddenly a screeching yell was heard through the halls. "What the hell.." Inuyasha spoke now as his eyes widen. Kiarara growled her cream colored fur was raised up to the tips. Sango petted her gently trying to calm her down.

Inu No Taisho looked over to the growling kitten then looked to the one leading them out. "Sir..If I may ask..was there a reason as to why you were experimented on Also..perhaps you can tell us your name?"

Inuyasha looked over to him. "Dad, as much as we would love to stay and chat I don't think it would be a good time to make friends right now." He glanced at the prisoners eyeing at him.
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Report | 03/10/2016 12:22 pm

One True Sango

"What do you mean?" Kagome asked the twin Sango then looked to her. "If we stay here any longer we all could end up like them." Miroku nodded. Inuyasha looked over to Sesshomaru and his father. "I suggest we do what he says..we can't stay here too much longer.." He then felt his sword shake. "Again? what are you trying to tell me.." he then saw Sesshomaru move as well. "Well, they wont give us a break now will they?" He joked. Miroku looked over at him. "Whatever it Is it would seem to want to have to here too for a reason." Inuyasha suddenly felt Tessaiga jerk slightly.

"Alright, alright calm down.." Inuyasha replied then looked to his father. "Make sure Sesshomaru doesn't get hurt alright?"

Kagome's eyes narrowed. "You aren't going alone ya know!" she placed her hands on her hips.

They could hear the snarling growls of the other freed demons who was eyeing them. Shippo shivered. "I don't want to be lunch!"
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Report | 03/09/2016 6:58 am

One True Sango

The group looked in disgust inuyasha gagged slightly this made him gave a weak stomach somewhat. "Ngh I think I'm gonna be sick.." The sibling released then be headed neck and hissed at him.
Inuyasha growled. "Yeah yeah watch it buddy or it will be your last by me." The sibling then went back to his meal. Shippo held his nose it smelled gross even with the smell it would make anyone tramatized or mental insane it would bring shivers to your spine.

"So, what now?" Miroku asked now. "Can we go home yet?" Shippo asked in trembling voice. "I feel something strange around..however I can't quite tell what it is.." Kagome replied looking around. "Well, I'm not gonna just stand here I'm gonna get to the bottom of this and get out of this hell prison." Inuyasha spoke as he walked passed Sesshomaru then stopped feeling a aura. "Great another one." He spine looking to his father. "Do you smell that?"
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Report | 03/08/2016 9:30 pm

One True Sango

Inuyasha was indeed shocked at the sight as well the illusion of his father "D-dad? what..what is he doing here?"
The others looked at the siblings who had been wrapped up and on the ground they then looked up to the figure standing before the two demon sons. "It's..their father.." Kagome spoke now. "Do you think he knows what's going on as well?" Sango asked now. Miroku looked around noticing that the horrifying sounds had suddenly calmed themselves. "It's gotten so quiet." The two girls nodded.
Inuyasha looked at his father still in kinda of a shock but not so surprised now. "Do you know why we are here?"
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Report | 03/08/2016 3:33 pm

One True Sango

They were all in shock seeing the something so horrible it also filled them with disgust. Kagome gasped slightly. Shippo gulped hiding behind the reincarnated shrine maiden. "T-that was scary.." he shook out his voice. Inuyasha looked to Sesshomaru. "And this is were humans and demons are captured.." He then gripped his fist. Miroku looked as they followed them. "That's awful.." He then looked to Sango. "We need to be careful here." Inuyasha then glanced over to him. "You don't have to explain the obvious here.." He spoke stern though he felt uneased. The smell made him feel like he was also gonna throw up his organs. He looked out infront of him.

"Something doesn't seem right here.." The motion of his sword was calling to him as well but why he wondered He has never had sensed his sword go this crazy He grabbed his sword to try to calm it down but to no avail. He then looked over to Sesshomaru. "So. did you know those two in the cell?"
Miroku looked around hearing the moans and groans of the poor souls in their now called "Permanent Home." it made his skin call just like the rest. He could also sense a strong presence. He looked over to one of the cages to see a human who was also a monk who had been experimented on horns grew out of his head his hands grew out claws he reached out begging to be released. This made the monk's heart skip a beat as if his soul was taken he looked away quickly. Sango could sense the one they were following hearing his growls along the way seeing the children in the cages made her sick to her stomach. One child looked to her that seemed to be Kohaku's age which made her stop in her tracks. She went to reach for him til Kagome grabbed her to snap her out of it then followed along.
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Report | 03/08/2016 1:31 pm

One True Sango

"Dammit you." Inuyasha growled "Why does he have to do everything on his own?" Kagome glanced over. "I can say the same thing to you sometimes. Sango sighed. "Well what are we waiting for we aren't just lay around and do nothing..Huh?" Miroku didn't hesitate. He rushed after him. "Sesshomaru wait up!" Shippo blinked. "Well he wasn't gonna sit around. Inuyasha picked up kagome on his back. "Let's go!"
Seeing Sesshomaru stop to catch his breath Miroku stopped beside him. "You can't go alone in your condition let us help you."
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Report | 03/08/2016 11:18 am

One True Sango

Kagome took the sutra then the drawing in her hands her eyes went wide as the others crowd around her. "Oh my gosh, I know about this I read it in my history textbooks!" Shippo shivered beside her shoulder. "That thing is actually real?! I hope it won't come back to get me." Inuyasha huffed. "Oh calm down Shippo i'll gladly slice it down with Tessaiga." He then looked to his brother. "As if we are gonna let you go alone." Sango and Miroku nods. "I agree its going to be a tough one." Sango replied. Miroku then looked to Sesshomaru. "I think you need to rest more before you head out..but tell me do you know where this prison is located?"
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Report | 03/07/2016 8:56 pm

One True Sango

The young hanyou looked over to him his ears twitched softly. "Hey you're awake how do you feel?" Kagome got up "Shippo and I will go get some breakfast." She walked off having the small kitsune on her shoulder. Miroku looked at the older demon with soft eyes with a sign of relief. "Thank God I was getting worried."
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Report | 03/07/2016 8:23 pm

One True Sango

Kagome nods in agreement "Yes. but we need to see if Miroku and Sesshomaru are alright.'
Inuyasha walked by her and the others. "He better not be a perv around him.." As they reached back to the temple he looked to Miroku who was in more worry.
"Miroku, what happened?" Inuyasha asked now alittle angered but yet with worry. "I was rewrapping his wound since it was freshly opened again and then he passed out." He looked to his friends with a saddened expression as well as a slight sense of fear. Sango walked over to him kneeling down. "Here let me see.." The demon slayer studied him for a moment then looked to Shippo. "I need healing herbs there should be some around here and I'm pretty sure I saw some when we arrived here. Go get some then rush straight back." Shippo nodded then rushed off Inuyasha tagged along to make sure no other demons around to harm them. Once they return back to the temple, Sango immediately went to work smashing the herbs into a old bowl. "Its a good thing I practiced this back in my village." She smiled Miroku then bows his head. "I am truly grateful for your help."

Sango nods as she made the healing medicine some for the wound and a liquid for him to drink. "Slowly lift him up for me once he drinks this, he shouldn't feel any pain and should heal right smart." Inuyasha help him sit up slowly so the wound wont bleed more out than it would once more. She places the bowl that had conserved the liquid to his lips slowly pouring it into his mouth Once she heard the gulp she smiled. "Peferct. Once he awakens if the wound reopens we will have alittle extra."
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Report | 03/07/2016 7:31 am

One True Sango

Inuyasha slammed into the ground hard as if he was flattened like rice ball rice Kagome shot her arrow but to no avail Sango used her weapon to attack but it was no match.
"It's too powerful!" The female slayer spoke. Inuyasha growled as he slowly lifted from the ground. "How dare that ape humiliating me like that.." He growled. Kagome looked over. "It was like when I say-" Kagome was cut off by his death glare. "Don't say it or I swear to God..just get that arrow ready and shoot." He remark ready to do his backlash wave. Kagome aimed her arrow purifying it immdiatly. "GO!"
"BACKSLASH WAVE!" They both yelled at the same time going out in all full force.

Miroku gasped gently suddenly feeling the weak male on his lap he felt the warm yet sticky liquid flow out of the snow paled body. "Kiarara, Help me with him." The demon cat mewed gently turning into her main form laying down to make a cushion for Sesshomaru. The monk gently lifted him up placing him gently near the creamed color fur as he helped him with his now freshly opened wound.
"Please heal up..if anything else were to happen to you..I-I.." Miroku gripped his unusing hand then shook his head trying not to think of it. Sesshomaru was stronger than that. No way was he ever gonna let some weak demons kill him. He was also going to be a father..no way he would let him die.

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Report | 03/06/2016 10:35 pm

One True Sango

"As if He is my brother you lousy giant ape I'll make you eat your own words and have your fur sold for a suit!" Inuyasha snapped as he jumped to attack him. "I'll hack you into pieces you b*****d!"
Kagome stopped as she looked outside. "Inuyasha becareful!" She aimed her arrow at the the giant ape Sango threw her Hiraikotsu She looked back at Miroku. "You're wind tunnel is no match against him stay here and protect Sesshomaru with Kiarara and Shippo I'll call her if need be."
Miroku nods in understanding rushing back inside, he sat beside Sesshomaru looking at him worriedly.

"Is he gonna be alright?" Shippo asked in worry.

"Yes but he has a fever go get me some water and wash cloth and hurry." Miroku ordered. The little fox demon nodded and did as he was told. Miroku then looked back and reached down feeling Sesshomaru's head which was covered in sweat. "You're burning up.." He spoke gently. Shippo rushed back getting the supplies needed. rinsing the wash cloth out he wrapped It up then placed the cool cloth on his head. "This will help alittle.."
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Report | 03/06/2016 9:35 pm

One True Sango

Inuyasha as well as the others stayed infront of Sesshomaru protectively seeing the one walk to them.

"Looking for a fight hope so but you are not gonna lay a hand on him." Miroku remarked sango and kagome prepared their weapons Shippo protected Sesshomaru as well as Kiarara.

"And don't think I'm done with you monk I'll have a talk with you later."

"Alright but seriously why take it out on me?" Miroku asked now as he set his cursed hand in position glaring at the demon.
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Report | 03/06/2016 8:56 pm

One True Sango

Miroku could only blink with a wide expression His sutra made he the great dog demon's son Sesshomaru a female? Having his hand still on his midsection he looked to him while blinking a few times.
"O-oh really is that so?" He was at a loss for words. "That's a very..interesting thing indeed...are you sure its a trick right you weren't really the opposite gender. eheheh..right?" Inuyasha then popped his head in. "Hey what's taking so..." He then went into a "what the hell" reaction. "Uh..perhaps you two can do that somewhere else?" inuyasha blinked. Miroku then looked at Inuyasha as his hand was removed he then looked back to Sesshomaru. "Excuse me for a moment I need to um tell them something.." Inuyasha and the others then came into the cabin as Miroku called them back in.

"Alright this is kinda hard to explain but.."

"You flirted with a girl again didn't you I told you so many times.." Sango glanced at Miroku seeing as how it was obvious he was a flirt. Miroku waved his hands back and forth.
"THAT has nothing to do with THIS." Miroku then gulped slightly. "Well um.. do you guys remember that I told you about the female demon before?"

the rest of the gang blinked for a moment. "You mean the one that you were protecting from demons and who looked oddly familiar?" Kagome asked now.

"Y-yes well..at the time..She didn't remember who she was and..she was assumed pregnant at the time..and well...let's say it was.him."

"Him who.." they all asked in question.

Miroku gulped once more to then point to the resting Male behind him. This made Inuyasha blink but then all silent. Before Miroku could speak Inuyasha goes to whack on him on the head. "You b*****d you touched my brother with your nasty hands of yours no wonder I was getting a strange vibe while you were touching him!"
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Report | 03/06/2016 2:17 pm

One True Sango

"A new scent you say?" Miroku blinked for a moment then placed his hand to his chin in thought.
"Is Rin and Jaken still out there? We can go fetch them so you as well as them can stay with us of course." He then looked at him. "They did wound you pretty badly..I'll fetch you something to eat and drink..with an injury like that it would also damage your thirst and hunger."
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