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Report | 01/19/2017 5:36 am

Macen Bakuna Allambee

Yeah I moved account for I made my mistake of hoarding so much item like over 5k and affecting on my changing avi on not show up when tryna dress it up.DX Except when I go to save outfit in stuff I can.Xp
Plus, this one of my annoying make Oc I made, don't ask why I chose him be new current account, for I have reason... Sort of.

Anyways.... Afhtdht love your sexy Inu No Taishou Outfit. emotion_awesome Look perfect~ emotion_dealwithit
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Report | 12/24/2016 11:57 am


hi sup O3o ^=^
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Report | 12/23/2016 1:41 am


been a long time.
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Report | 12/18/2016 6:31 pm

Noble Ciel of Phantomhive

*hugs* I've never been to Jury Duty, but I'm sure you'll do fine. Keep your chin up!
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Report | 12/14/2016 11:44 pm

Noble Ciel of Phantomhive

*hugs* Naw. It was an accident. But how have you been doing lately?
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Report | 12/14/2016 11:37 pm

Noble Ciel of Phantomhive

My dear poor friend *huggles* Your avvie looks sad. Also please try not to be angry....I accidentally deleted your PM. sad
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Report | 12/12/2016 8:55 am


Thanks for buying xp xp
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Report | 12/07/2016 12:40 pm


thxs for buying heart
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Report | 12/05/2016 5:05 pm

Aria Glow

Thanks for your purchase! 3nodding
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Report | 10/21/2016 10:12 am

Noble Ciel of Phantomhive

Kagome was really surprised. She had no idea that Inuyasha's Father had such powers. She was also delighted and anxious at the same time, finding out that she at least had twins, and that InuTaisho knew their genders but wouldn't say. But she agreed, why spoil the surprise! Still, it didn't make her any less anxious about it. Now, Kagome would reply to Inuyasha's Father, saying, "Oh my goodness...." and trailed off. She was going to say more, but she was lost for words and blushing.

Inuyasha had been listening, his ears swiveled back some so he could get an ear full of the conversation, and he too was surprised, and even excited! However, what would happen next while moving along on their trek, was unexpected. He felt the soft wet licks on his left ear and he flicked his ear. Normally he would glower at someone touching his ears and yell at them or tell them with much restraint to please stop. However, the warmth and love he felt from the twin brother had softened his heart, even more so when he whimpered. Thus, he turned his head back some to see what the problem was, and instantly followed the younger twin's gaze to Miroku, and Inuyasha said grumpily, "Nope. Not my mate.", and he turned around, zipped over to Kirara and took his arms to pick up Kagome.

"Inuyasha!", Kagome began to protest, but she too soon noticed Miroku's restrained lechery, and she yelled instead, "Miroku, I'm telling Sango!" Kagome was positioned to piggyback on Inuyasha, him keeping her on his back with his arms, and he took off running ahead of the rest of the group, knowing the way to his Mother's mansion.

Miroku said, blushing and feeling guilty, still riding Kirara, "No don't! I'm sorry!", but he got no reply, and he just had to suck it up and deal with it. He scooted up to the front of Kirara then as she kept on moving after Inuyasha, with the others.

Once they arrived, Shippo being put down, he would begin to explore the grounds, though staying somewhat near the group in case there was danger. "Oh wow. This place is nice."

Inuyasha would set Kagome down carefully, and then hug her gently, and express to her, "Kagome....I heard what my Dad said to you. I promise I'll be a good Father. I already love them, and I haven't even seen them yet.", he said. His voice was kind of melancholy, as his mind drifted over memories. He looked about the place. It had been repaired since the fire had spread on the day he was born. However, now the place was abandoned and the forest was claiming it. The walls were cracked and the foundation in some areas was uplifted by roots. Foliage grew all over the place, but still, the old palace still had it's charm and beauty. In fact, Inuyasha kind of liked it better like this. He went off alone to wander about then, going through the yard where he'd once played ball with the other children, trying to fit in, only to be shunned away, to the garden where his Mother loved to sit and watch him play, and then he went into the palace itself, visiting the various rooms, echoing some old places in time, he swore he could almost see the people, almost hear them. Such a lonely place.....
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Report | 10/18/2016 6:36 am

Noble Ciel of Phantomhive

Kagome went to hug InuTaisho with no hesitation. She had been right about him. He really was a sweet person, which was weird right? Almost all demons were mean and resented humans, even his own older son did, though he let that girl Rin hang out with him (probably because he was too proud to admit he really cared for her and probably even loved her). However, InuTaisho was different. He had fallen in love with a human girl once and had a son with her, which was now her husband, Inuyasha. Kagome was very happy. "Yes, you are! I'm excited to, about being a Mother. I wonder if it'll be a boy or a girl?", Kagome said. That's when she thought she felt something inside of her. Was that a kick? Wait...was there another kick? Kagome looked down at her tummy with a surprised expression.

To the twins, Inuyasha had replied, "My brother is a total jerk. He doesn't care about me either. He's said so I don't know how many times.", Inuyasha said to them, wondering why they were so defensive. Maybe it was because....oh duh, they were brothers. He sighed. He'd then watch one of them transform into a dog, though it wasn't a huge dog like Sesshomaru, it was a normal sized dog. Did that mean that these guys could control what size their demon form was? It made Inuyasha interested, but then again, why should he really care? He didn't have a dog form. He could only grow his fangs and his claws some more, and that was when he was royally pissed. Still, the kinship between all the Inu here was something profound and in the making, that was for sure. They just had to be family, but how exactly? He didn't say anything else for now though, following the others into the woods and heading towards a familiar place, the palace in which he was born and spent his youngest years at. The place for Inuyasha was filled with bitter memories and sadness, for he missed his Mother, and had hated how the others had treated him, looking down on him and not being fair to him because he was a Hanyo. Still, Inuyasha wanted to see his old home too. Hearing it's also where his father died.....that only made the place seem more gloomy, and yet, his Father was right here, right now. So he was at least happy about that.

Shippo was surprised at being picked up by one of the twins in this manner. He was being carried like he was a puppy, which in fact, Shippo was a kid after all. He didn't complain though. It reminded him of his Father, weirdly. His father, the once great fox yokai of the forest, had carried Shippo around like this all the time. Also, Shippo was curious about this place they were going on their way to InuTaisho's castle. He'd never seen where Inuyasha came from. Looking at Inuyasha, he could tell his friend was in a really intense mood, and deep in thought.

Myouga had had his fill of blood, the old man growing in size somewhat, to almost half the size of Shippo, and he took a nap. Miroku had helped Kagome to sit on a transformed Kirara and sat behind her in case she should fall, being careful not to touch her in the way he would touch Sango, lest he invoke Inuyasha's wrath, and likely, her own wrath in her pregnancy. He knew pregnant women could be really scary, and he didn't want to cause any trouble, yet the urge to touch her curves was also great. He gripped at the fur of Kirara instead, and pretended he was doing something else. Kagome looked back at him, kind of worried he'd touch her too, but saw him gripping Kirara's fur, his face looking so uncomfortable. She couldn't help but ask Miroku, "Do you need to use the restroom?" Good thing they were almost there. Inuyasha could smell it, though the scents were really faint. It ha been such a long time.
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Report | 10/17/2016 8:15 pm

Noble Ciel of Phantomhive

Both Miroku and Inuyasha were stunned that these two were so clueless. Was it because....they had been locked up all of their lives? What exactly happened to them, where were they from? This was all a giant mystery. For Inuyasha, he was still trying to figure out this and also how his Dad had been brought back to life. Were these events connected somehow? He honestly didn't know, but the more he thought about it, the more his head hurt.

"Parents raise a baby. Everyone was once a baby. You see the fox demon over there? He's a kid. He's kind of like a baby...sort of.", Miroku explained.

"I am not a baby!", Shippo yelled, hearing that, before coming back to the group with Kirara. Both of them shook off the excess water, getting it all over Inuyasha in particular.

"Hey brat, watch it!", Inuyasha yelled, and wopped Shippo over the head. Shippo yelled at Inuyasha and called him a meanie, before walking away and sitting down in a soft pile of gras that had sprouted on the edge of the sands. Kirara made a peeping sound and joined Shippo, cuddling up with him to warm him up.

Just then, Kagome arrived. She brought with her, her pink bicycle and a backpack full of goods. Her belly was swollen in her pregnancy, but it didn't seem to hinder her at all. She had that really determined look on her face, and she had gotten there in time to hear the question from one of the twins, asking what a half-demon was. She also noted that they looked injured and they wore basically no clothing and it was getting cold out, being late autumn and all. Inuyasha's mean attitude was also noticeable and she had to deal with this, getting off her bike, and saying, "Sit boy!", in which Inuyasha would fall head first, forced by the beads around his neck, and a hole would form around his body.

"Owwww! Kagome, why'd you do that?!", Inuyasha said, after getting out of the hole.

"I saw you being mean to Shippo! Also, who are these guys, your cousins?", she said, looking at the two that kind of looked like Sesshomaru, and....her eyes widened. She recognized the older demon, and she looked like she'd seen a ghost.

"Inu...yasha.....is this your D...Dad?!"

"Yah. It's him. He's back.", said Inuyasha.

"Oh wow! It's nice to meet you! When Myouga and Saya, and Totosai talked about you, you seemed like a really nice person! I'm honored!", Kagome said, and bowed to him formally.

Inuyasha just twitched his ears, looking irritated, and huffed, "Yah yah.....Dad, you said something about Sesshomaru right? Well, I don't care where he is."

"Inuyasha.....your younger cousin looks cold! Share your robe of the fire rat, or I'll say the word again!", she demanded.

"Ughh Eyy!", Inuyasha made sounds. He was kind of ticked at her referring to them as his cousins, but whatever. He took off his robe and walked over to the younger twin, and handed it to him, saying, "Here....you do look cold. And umm...thanks, I guess, about the scent thing. A half demon is someone who's half demon and half human."

"Good boy! Now we're starting to act better.", Kagome said to Inuyasha. She then opened her backpack and brought out a wrapped parcel containing what smelled like those heavenly home baked sweets. She opened it and passed out cookies to everyone, giving extras to Shippo and the twins.
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Report | 10/17/2016 5:57 pm

Noble Ciel of Phantomhive

"Oh, thank you, SIre!",Myouga said, grateful for the cushion from the battle friction. He also got the hint and began to drink of his old friend and Master's delicious blood, the small flea yokai growing in size as he drank. The twin inu yokai would go about and smash the locks of the other cells and release the prisoners. After all this, the group and the prisoners found themselves out of the prison, having been transported to a beach with white sands. It was night, and the moon overheard in the clear sky was full, it's rays shining down on them. Inuyasha growled, looking about the place, sniffing for anything out of place or any danger, but none was there. Everything, at least for now, was peaceful. This place wasn't familiar to him, but no doubt, it was familiar to InuTaisho.

Inuyasha glared at the twins, and said back in his usual edgy tone, "I'm a half demon, and a Dad....well...",Inuyasha said, trying to explain but he couldn't do this very well, so Miroku would finish it for him, the monk saying, "A Dad is the person in your life who is in love with or was at some point, with your Mother. Without a Dad, a Mother can't have a baby, but when that baby is born, they have parents, the Mother and Father, or Mom and Dad.", said Miroku. He had a feeling Sango would be smiling and giggling if she were here. Unfortunately she wasn't though. It was clear as well, that by the surprised and intrigued looks on the two inu demons' faces, that they had never seen a beach before, or maybe....they had never even been outside? Inuyasha felt a horrible pain in the pit of his stomach for them, feeling some weird kinship to them he couldn't explain. Still, he would keep an outwardly indifferent appearance, trying to always be the tough guy. He crossed his arms and grumped under his breath. The wind blew in his hair. The breeze.....it carried a scent with it.....one that piqued his interest immediately as the scent came closer to their position.

'Kagome!', Inuyasha thought, as he kept his gaze on where the scent was coming from. This only further irritated him, as much as it also pleased him. Kagome shouldn't be here. She should be home resting!

Miroku on the other hand, had the attention of Lord InuTaisho, noting the look in his eyes. He seemed familiar with this area, and so Miroku would ask the elder Dog Demon, "So, what's your connection with this place, and have you yet figured out who those two are? They certainly look a lot like you."

Kirara had turned small again in the meantime and she and Shippo were running along the beach happily, playing in the small waves that reached the sands.
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Report | 10/15/2016 4:21 pm

Noble Ciel of Phantomhive

"Make a few things, sire?", Myouga said in response to one thing that the Dog General had stated, truly wanting to figure out what he meant. As for the rest of what InuTaisho said, the flea yokai understood, and responded, "Of course. I'll keep thinking and watching. I'm trying myself to recall your first marriage. Perhaps you had a fling with a girlfriend some time before you married your first wife?", he thought, asking the Lord. The Lord roundhouse kicked another guard, and Myouga braced for the friction of the movement.

"Ughhh!", Shippo exclaimed, watching one of the guards fly into the Iron Maiden device and seeing the outcome. He turned around and barfed on the floor, saying, "Sorry.", to them. The smell of all the bloodshed for Myouga was only making the flea more hungry, an increasingly torturous experience. Meanwhile, Inuyasha, Miroku, and Kirara continued to battle guards that came into the room, to aid the twins. They were doing well. Kirara was covering for Miroku where Miroku could have been injured and Inuyasha was doing quite well for himself, sustaining no injuries at all. Kirara was decimating each guard that came her way, and Miroku was knocking others out and bashed in a skull or two.

After these guards were all taken care of, and the twins had recovered to their feet, horribly injured as they were, they would ask Inuyasha and his group who they were. It was clear their desire to leave and make haste, and no one blamed them for that. This visit here, even as brief as it was, was horrible and no one wished to be here right now, especially Shippo.

Inuyasha would speak up, "I'm Inuyasha, and these are my friends, Miroku the monk, Kirara the nekomata, and Shippo the fox demon. The other guy is my Dad. But...who are you guys? You guy smell....well.....familiar, but I don't know you at all. As for the exit, I don't have a clue, but we can get out of here."

What one of the twins had spoken towards InuTaisho suggested that whoever the evil b*****d was who owned this place would likely be most interested in him. Over Inuyasha's dead body.

"Let's get out of here.", Shippo suggested.

"I concur.", said Miroku.

Inuyasha nodded, and Kirara made a noise saying she wanted to leave too.

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Report | 10/14/2016 10:55 am

Noble Ciel of Phantomhive

The sights seemed to get even more gruesome and shocking to the group, but it was clear they needed help. In response seemingly to Inuyasha's yelling, guards appeared, though they immediately attacked the escapees. The older twin took care of the guards and the younger twin drank blood....Shippo was the most unsettled by this, cringing a bit and clutching onto InuTaisho's robe. Miroku particularly had noticed the snarling earlier, and guessed why, but he would of course be very careful where he aimed his Wind Tunnel. And now came another influx of guards, after the first influx. They charged towards the twins and Inuyasha's group, noting the intruders who certainly had to have helped these experiments escape. They attacked with spears, yelling. Inuyasha sidestepped the first lunge at him, and brought up Tessaiga and brought it down to cleave the haft of one spear, then kicked the man who'd been holding it back. The guy didn't take the hint though, and came back, trying to use the splintered part of the spear to stab Inuyasha in the chest, but it was futile. Inuyasha grabbed it, and he chucked it back over his shoulder. The man had held on, and was thrown over his shoulder as well, and slammed into the ground behind them. Miroku didn't use his Wind Tunnel right now, unless the numbers would become too many, which for right now was bearable. He used a combination of martial arts with his staff to fight the guards. Kirara ripped into them with her fangs, and Shippo used his fox magic to cause them some confusion to aid his friends.

Miyouga was certainly frightened, but he couldn't run anywhere, due to being strapped to InuTaisho's armor. He would then say to his friend, "I see....something's blocking your memory. Did you see how they looked at you? The connection is clear. However, what's the plan now? Those boys are very injured and need to be tended to. We should get to safety, even if Inuyasha wishes to fight them all."
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Report | 10/11/2016 8:33 pm

Noble Ciel of Phantomhive

Kirara had been happy to see her old friend and Master. She had went to cuddle against her just before she faded back into the crystalline figure in the cave. After all was said and done, Inuyasha and his friends surely had many questions, but they made haste from the cave, and out across a vast field. Inuyasha could sense it, and Miroku too could sense the evil in the air. The dreaded and horrible Phantom Prison was nearby. Shippo was trying very hard to remain brave and strong, even though he was highly afraid. Even Inuyasha was on edge, though he wouldn't admit it. As soon as Inu no Taisho opened the portal leading into the prison that looked like a mere old mansion from the outside, the group was met with a horrible sight and smell. Bones littered the floor, new and old blood splashed and smeared the floor and walls, and they hurried, following the Dog General closely, into a cell where someone Inuyasha didn't know, but somehow felt was familiar in a way, was held to a wall, emaciated and wearing a mask. Inuyasha put a hand to the hilt of Tetsusaiga, but didn't pull it from it's sheath. Miyouga really hated this place. It just reeked of danger and he really wanted to leave now, but since he was strapped to InuTaisho's armor, he couldn't leave and must remain here, cowering.

Once the prisoner's mask was removed, Inuyasha was shocked to see a similar likeness in the demon's face to his father, and even to his own. It was so totally clear..this person was related to him, but at the same time, it made no sense at all! Inuyasha gritted his teeth, looking to his father for answers. As soon as the Inu demon vanished and left from the room, Inuyasha followed in rapid pursuit, followed shortly by Miroku and Kirara transformed, becoming a huge sabre-toothed bake-neko. They followed into the arena and witnessed the horrible spectacle unfold. After which, seeing the other twin and seeing the first one's innards exposed....it wrenched at Inuyasha's gut, but inside of him, rage erupted. He sniffed, and looked about, unsheathing Tetsusaiga, and looking about for the horrible villians responsible for the pain the other two Inu had gone through, as well as countless others. He of course wanted to know who they were, but it was clear this is why they'd come, what else? He wanted though, to tear apart those responsible for this horrid place!

"COME OUT! WHEREVER YOU ARE, YOU SCUM! SHOW YOUR UGLY FACE!", Inuyasha yelled. Miroku was ready as well, to help, as was Kirara, and even Shippo would help if he could.

Miyouga asked Lord InuTaisho, "My Lord, are these twins....your children as well? I see an uncanny resemblance."
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Report | 10/11/2016 6:35 pm

Noble Ciel of Phantomhive

The little girls happily went to hug their daddy and they told him they loved him. Miroku would bend down to give them both a big hug and told them he loved them even more and that daddy would be back soon (even though he didn't know if that was true or not, but he hoped). Shortly after the team left, going out across the village to Midoriko's cave. Shippo was happily enjoying the ride on InuTaisho's shoulder, asking him all kinds of questions along the way, while Miroku also asked some questions here and there. Kirara was perched on Miroku's shoulder, and Inuyasha remained quiet and focused on where they were going, looking to Midoriko's cave with concern. He watched his father though, pass through the barrier with Shippo, so it looked like anyone could pass through. The rest of them followed and everyone remained quiet to let InuTaisho speak to the spirit of the old Priestess who was responsible for the creation of the Shikon Jewel.
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Report | 10/11/2016 1:54 pm

Noble Ciel of Phantomhive

"Hey, now let's not be too hasty Sango. I brought everything of course.", he said, and went to deposit the basket of groceries in the kitchen. Sango excused herself from her guests for a moment and went to inspect the goods, and noticed that everything she asked him to bring was accounted for...except...the coconut looked rather furry. She prodded it, frowning and it popped into a puff of smoke, from which Shippo appeared. The fox yokai child immediately, "It was all Miroku's idea! I told him he should have just bought the coconut instead of trying to impress people.", he said, tattling. It was all Sango needed to hear before getting into a heated argument with her husband about loyalty and such, in which Shippo hurried to get out of, running ut of the kitchen and into the living room, immediately jumping on Inuyasha's back and yelling, "Hey Inuyasha!", and then he saw the other guy, the full dog demon, and he got scared for a second, almost falling because he thought at first he was looking at Sesshomaru, when he realized that wasn't him, and he asked Inuyasha, "Hey, who's that guy in there playing with Sango's kids?"

Inuyasha replied, "Hey squirt. That's my dad."

"You're what?! Isn't he dead?!", Shippo asked, staring at the man in the living room, eyes wide with wonder and a bit spooked.

"Not anymore. In fact, we're going to find out exactly how it was possible he came back to life. You wanna come?", Inuyasha asked.

"Sure I will! Sounds like the good old days!"", Shippo said, excitedly. He jumped down then and walked timidly over to InuTaisho, still a little freaked. He was obviously friendly though, unlike Sesshomaru, so he tried to calm himself, and approached, introducing himself and such.

Inuyasha sighed. He had A LOT on his plate now so to speak. A new quest, and now finding out Kagome was going to have his kid...or kids, it was all so sudden, weird, frustrating, and yet, he was happy too. He felt a happiness he'd never felt before. The Hanyo watched unamused as Miroku exited the kitchen with large bumps on his head, though smiling. He walked up to Inuyasha and gave him a hug, totally catching Inuyasha off guard, and Miroku said, "Yes Inuyasha, rejoice! You too will soon have a larger family. Your inheritance continues, a legacy of part demons. Be proud! Now, I understand your father is taking you on a quest and I must go along, and bring Kirara. We shouldn't dawdle, don't you agree?"

Inuyasha gently pushed his friend away, his ears twitching, but he thanked his friend and added, "Yah, we should get going.", and he got up walked over to where his Dad was happily playing with the twins and Shippo, and said, "We're ready when you are."

Sango seemed pleasant again, having brushed away her anger at her husband, and said from the kitchen window, "You all have a safe journey!"
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Report | 10/03/2016 10:59 pm

Noble Ciel of Phantomhive

In reply to InuTaisho's about Midoriko's cave, Sango would reply, as she came to sit down at her own cushion at the table, "So you knew Midoriko and you've been to that cave? Well, I don't think it'd be a problem if you went there, besides I can tell you're honestly a good person. I can tell Inuyasha takes after you a lot. He may be brash and stubborn, but he's really kind and brave. He has a good soul. But yes....if you'd like to go to the cave, I as leader of this village, give you permission." She would then pour herself a cup of tea and sip from it.

Inuyasha hadn't understood Kagome's sudden changes in mood or how she was so tired. He'd just thought she was coming down with something and was getting sick, or something. However, when his Father had caught on to what he had said and figured out the "puzzle", Inuyasha looked suddenly surprised and almost choked on the rice ball he'd just taken a bite out of. He hit his chest and swallowed, his face purple, then normal colored and he exclaimed, "WHAT?! She's....she's..."

"Pregnant.", Miroku said, coming into the house from the doorway. "Congratulations, Inuyasha! I knew you had it in you." The monk gave Inuyasha a wink and he walked over to his wife to hug her and give her a kiss on the cheek, but he was met with a scolding.

"You're late! Did you get all the things I asked you to?", Sango, asked, sternly.

Inuyasha sighed, and finished eating his rice ball, before asking his Father, "How....how'd you know? I didn't even know!"
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Report | 10/03/2016 11:24 am

Noble Ciel of Phantomhive

Kirara purred happily with all the attention she was getting. She jumped from Inuyasha's shoulder to InuTaisho's, carefully avoiding the spikes on his armor. Sango noticed the Demon Lord staring at her and she stared back at him for a moment with an awkward feeling creeping over her. Inuyasha looked from his Father to Sango, an eyebrow arched, wondering, 'What the.', to himself, when finally his father broke the silence and explained, and Inuyasha felt like he'd explode on him, not being able to hold back, he commented, "My Mother?! Hell no Sango doesn't look like my Mom! Mom was so much prettier.", he said bitterly, crossing his arms about his chest.

Sango shot the Hanyo an icy glare and said, "Are you saying I'm ugly, Inuyasha?!"

Inuyasha looked frightened at Sango, his ears pressed down against his head and waved his hands at her as she came over to him and punched him on top of his head. He looked bewildered and stumbled back a bit before recovering and rubbing his head, and Sango added, "Honestly, where's Kagome? It's more like she'd have taken care of smacking you for me if she was here.", and she suddenly was completely calm again. She bowed before the Demon Lord and said in a pleasant voice, "You flatter me, Lord InuTaisho. To be thought I look like royalty, that's such an honor. But yes, do come in.", she said, and turned about to lead the way into the house.

Inuyasha grumbled and rubbed his head some more. Than he had an itch, so he scratched it, before muttering, "Kagome's at home. She couldn't come. Said she was tired. It's so weird of her. Lady Kaede seems really spirited lately and is hanging out with her a lot. I don't get it.", and after that, he walked into Sango's house and was immediately assaulted by the twin girls, whom came to be known as Meme ("Maymay" wink and Momo. They jumped on him and started pulling his ears, to Inuyasha's dismay. He growled and walked over to the living room with the two in tow before setting them down and ruffling both of their hair, and smiling. He couldn't stay mad at little kids, even if they were annoying.

Kirara jumped down from InuTaisho's armor and rubbed against Sango's legs before running back to Kohaku as the boy continued polishing his armor. Sango would then answer InuTaisho's question, as she went to the kitchen to prepare them a snack and some tea, "Of course. I'd be happy if Kirara could help you. I'm sure she's more than willing. Normally I'd also say I'd go, but a Mother has to tend to their Children, you know? Besides....you just got back into Inuyasha's life. I'm sure he wants to spend more quality time with you without a bunch of others around. Miroku though, he might accompany you. If you need him to, I'll make sure he goes.", Sango told InuTaisho. She came back soon and placed a kettle of tea with some cups on the table and brought over some snacks as well...rice balls and red bean buns. Inuyasha smelled the food and immediately went to the table, thanking Sango and chowing down.
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