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Report | 03/05/2015 2:43 am


Inutashio looked to the her nodding his head as they entered and perused the library. He let his eyes drift to her form as he thought a moment or two. "Well as far as those two go I think it is Inuyasha's resilience towards the idea his brother is turning soft and rational. It bugs him I assume that their hatred and rivalry disappeared so quickly. I mean think about it. I knew as a half demon and younger brother he would need help and more strength initially as he figured himself out and ideally would grow up. His brother provided that drive and need to grow stronger, to compete with him and beat him and now he is an ally." He took a deep breath sighing. "If something is bugging Sesshomaru he will only discuss it when he is ready or he finds the opportune moment. That is how he is." He paused a moment allowing his thoughts in his head to process fully before speaking."That seems to need investigating although I can't imagine opening it to be any easier or what it truly is to be something desired..."

Mrs Higurashi only nodded giving him a quick simple hug as thanks. "I like him Kagome..." She whispered in her daughters ear who was standing next to them both. "well i wont lie i don't understand all this "Demon" stuff but Kagome seems to like you and you don't or haven't hurt her so I can easily be nice. Do you two have anywhere to go?" She knew very well her daughter wasn't one to stay long anymore.
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Report | 03/04/2015 11:51 pm

The One True Miroku

InuKimi listened closely when he mentioned Kazemaru however when he spoke she was a bit stunned to hear that this was her son's grandfather let alone her father-in-law. When Sesshomaru spoke again she listened before looking at the twins as she attempted to remember them only to come a blank.

"I only recalling having one son so did you have someone on the side again InuTaisho?" She asked eyeing him only for him to shake his head.

"No they are your sons. However we have no recollection of them because of one of my old council members. He did just as Sesshomaru said but also erased our memories of them so we wouldn't go looking for them." InuTaisho explained.

InuKimi thought for a moment before looking the two of them over a bit seeing they really did have some of her features but more of their father's. Her attention was soon back on Sesshomaru as he explained the incident with Inuyasha and smirked a bit before hearing he adopted others.

"Oh so you're making me a grandmother already. So hard to believe. I honestly thought that would never happen." She said being a bit dramatical.

Also hearing about Kagome she had to chuckle a bit as he mentioned the word group. Never once did she believe he would use that word so it was quite interesting.

"So I take it that the small human girl outside with that human woman and inu pup are also part of the group?" She questioned.

"Yes the pup is named Tsukihana and is the newest adopted child of Sesshomaru's. The other is Rin and she was the first adopted. The woman with them is Sango a taijiya who fights along side them." InuTaisho said catching her off guard at that remark.

However before she could say anything Sango and Rin returned and Rin ran over to Hikaru and Kaoru.

"Uncle Hikaru! Uncle Kaoru here! These our flowers aren't they pretty?" She chimed handing them a small bouquet.

Sango looked at them before joining everyone sitting next to Sesshomaru so Tsukihana could catch his scent letting her know he was close to her. Once she finished giving the twins their flowers she ran over to Sesshomaru and grabbed his hand placing another flower ring on his ring finger.

"There we go! Now you both have rings to bind you together!" Rin beamed happy in her little way to wed them in her mind.
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Report | 03/04/2015 11:08 pm

The One True Miroku

InuKimi continued to look from InuTaisho to Sesshomaru and the others before noticing Kazemaru and Hikaru and Kaoru. However before she could question anything she over heard her son's words and looked back towards him showing an interested look.

"Oh and what might that be? You choose to follow in your father's steps?" She asked in what seemed to be a sweet voice.

InuTaisho however quickly caught on that it was more of a rude manner.
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Report | 03/04/2015 10:49 pm

The One True Miroku

Inuyasha listened intently to his father and himself began to feel a bit worried as the woman was someone to fear in a way. Seeing him begin to panic however he was shocked to see Kagome begin to in a way baby him as she spoke softly in an attempt to calm him. InuTaisho quickly took not of this and watched Kagome quite intently before his attention fell on the monk who moved over as well. He had to admit this was a new sight to him to see people who actually cared for Sesshomaru when he used to be so stand offish. However his thoughts were soon cut short when InuKimi finally entered the room.

She slowly looked around at everyone and noticed a human girl holding her son and frowned a bit before looking toward InuTaisho her hand folded in her kimono.

"So the rumor I heard are true are they. You have returned from the dead. Quite interesting." She said as if she wasn't too surprised.

"I see Sesshomaru has guest along with his brother. Last I heard the two were fighting a lot. Amazing they are staying in the same room together." She added looking to InuTaisho.

"Its been a long time InuKimi. I take it you came to see if I was truly alive?" He asked crossing his arms.

"I guess you could say that." He smirked a bit.
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Report | 03/04/2015 10:11 pm

Princess Dragonlady

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Report | 03/04/2015 9:03 pm

The One True Miroku

Inuyasha quickly took notice over his father's reactions at the thought of his mother being there and slowly made his way over to him leaning towards him a bit.

"Are you really on bad terms with the old woman?" He asked knowing that Sesshomaru never really spoke about her before.

InuTaisho himself stood ready to welcome InuKimi despite the last time he had been with her was on bad times before being with Izayoi.

Outside Rin watched the woman enter the castle and looked to Sango for a moment.

"Should we go in with her?" Rin asked looked at her a bit curious.

"I don't know who she is but she is a demon. Maybe they know her as for going in I'm not sure." Sango said with a weak smile.

Rin looked at Sango before pulling on her kimono and getting her to get down. She then slipped on a flower ring she made and put it on her ring finger.

"There that is for you now let's go inside I have something else I wanna do." Rin smiled at her as Sango just sighed and followed her trying to find out what she was up to.
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Report | 03/04/2015 4:51 pm


again! thank you so much!
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Report | 03/04/2015 1:37 pm

Princess Dragonlady

htanxs for buying cat_smile
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Report | 03/01/2015 8:52 pm

The One True Miroku

Inuyasha about jumped out of his skin as she hugged him and smiled a bit down at her before feeling what seemed like rage behind him only to see the monk staring at them. It was obvious the monk wasn't too happy seeing that however when Kagome stood up and looked out the window asked InuTaisho if he had a twin.

"A twin?" He asked quite clueless for a moment before it hit him.

"She is here huh? Why is she coming now?" He asked unsure why she would now decide to show herself.

Sango continued looking at Rin before thinking a bit.

"Well I do like the person he has become since he found out Inuyasha is his son." She admitted to the little girl.

"Well then you two should wed." Rin smiled only for Sango to gasp and cough a bit at the sudden action.

Rin just looked at her a bit before looking towards the door seeing a woman making her way towards the castle.
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Report | 03/01/2015 8:24 pm

The One True Miroku

Inuyasha frowned a bit as he looked at Kagome then to the twins feeling a bit upset at the idea he came up with. He was mostly just thinking of how it helped him keep that part of him in check but didn't want to end up causing something that could easily hurt the others. He let out a sigh once again before InuTaisho looked at them.

"Well if that happens we can easily try to talk you out of it instead. It is worth a try." He stated looking at the twins as that was one thing they could try instead of controlling them.

Meanwhile outside Sango walked around with Rin while she looked through the flowers picking tons of them.

"Hey Sango do you think Uncle Hikaru and Kaoru will like these?" She asked with a smile showing them to her.

"Maybe they said they never have seen them so maybe." Sango smiled and held one in front of Tsukihana to sniff.

Rin stopped for a moment and looked at her before making her way over to her.

"Hey Sango do you like Lord Sesshomaru?" She asked tilting her head at the taijiya.

Sango sat for a few moments just staring at her unsure of what to actually say to her.
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Report | 03/01/2015 7:37 pm

The One True Miroku

The group listened to the two before the hanyou looked at them for a few moments thinking to himself.

"That almost sounds like what happens to me when I turn into a full demon. However as long as I have Tessaiga it is kept under control. Hey gramps do you have anything that might be able to control that part of them so they don't just snap." Inuyasha asked looking at InuTaisho.

InuTaisho looked at his grandson and started to think of something that might do the trick in controlling them a bit.
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Report | 03/01/2015 5:18 pm

The One True Miroku

The monk looked at the two for a moment before letting out a sigh only for InuTaisho motioned them over to sit in front of him.

"Tell me something why use your powers for destruction? I'm sure you can use them to help people. Your brother over there used to act the same way and just destroyed everything in his path however now he has learned that, that isn't the only use for his powers. He can use them to help protect those who need protection." He said hoping his words would catch their attention.
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Report | 03/01/2015 4:49 pm

The One True Miroku

Both sighed with relief that Kagome passed it off as an accident and looked to the twins as the seemed completely embarrassed now that they had done something like that.

"There. There. Its ok you two. It was just a misunderstanding." The monk stated patting the two on the head.

"Everyone makes mistakes but you can simply say thank you when you want to thank someone. Also it was my pleasure to help the two of you after all we all are going to be good friends." The monk added looking at the two of them once removing his hands.
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Report | 03/01/2015 4:12 pm

The One True Miroku

InuTaisho slowly looked over at the monk a bit shocked he touched his grandson that way before seeing the monk give a weak smile.

"Oh no my hand just slipped is all. There wasn't anything going on. Right Inuyasha?" The monk said trying to cover himself as Kagome was still around.

"Uh yea that is why I elbowed him and told him to watch where his hand was." Inuyasha said pushing the fallen over monk off of him.

Both were obviously red however they had no idea if Kagome would fall for it herself.
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Report | 03/01/2015 12:51 am

The One True Miroku

Hearing the boys behind him InuTaisho looked back at the monk and his grandson only to see the hanyou upset and the monk holding his side and was quite confused. However when the twins made their way over to the monk and rubbed his a** he stood in a state of shock, however not as much as the monk who jumped back only to fall over on the hanyou.

"W-what were you two doing?" The monk asked his face completely red.

Sango herself was a bit shocked as Rin also seemed interested but had to take her attention from it.

"Hey Rin how about the four of us girls go look for that evening orchid you were talking about." She said holding Tsukihana and standing up taking Rin's hand.

She honestly didn't want to know what was going on and believed Rin shouldn't either.
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Report | 03/01/2015 12:33 am

The One True Miroku

Seeing the boys changing Sango quickly grabbed Rin covering her eyes as she looked away not to watch the scene while InuTaisho quickly cover Kagome's eyes as well. The monk on the other hand was enjoying himself quite a lot as he watched the two change.

"That material is call silk." InuTaisho said releasing Kagome when they were done and inform Sango she could look as well as Rin.

Sango let out a sigh as she shook her head a bit as this was now the second time in a short while the she had to not look at males parts showing. Miroku on the other hand was enjoying the sight quite a lot as she seemed to be in a daze now before he was elbowed in the side by the hanyou who was glaring at him.

"Oh what are you jealous Inuyasha?" He whispered in his ear teasing him a bit as his hand trailed down to the hanyou's bottom and began rubbing it.

Instantly his face turned red and elbowed him again even harder before looking away from him trying to cool down so the blush wasn't showing anymore.
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Report | 02/28/2015 11:58 pm

The One True Miroku

InuTaisho looked at them for a moment as he could feel himself become a bit enraged at the though of how they had been treated up until this moment. He quickly took a deep breath to calm down before instructing them how to wear the clothing properly. He had to admit they did seem quite happy to have these new outfits and it did making him a lot better knowing they appreciated them to a point.

"There do you think you two got it down?" He asked with a soft smile on his face.
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Report | 02/28/2015 11:33 pm

The One True Miroku

Seeing that the boys accepted the ones he brought the monk took a seat as he watched them. Of course as they ate the group was stunned to see how fast the two were healing and finally when they were finished they looked like they were in top health. InuTaisho looked at them and gave a sigh of relief to see the two were completely better as well as everything seemed fine with everyone else. He then stood making his way out of the room before coming back a little while later with some new clothes.

"Here you two are. You should change out of that into something better." He said with a soft smile.
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Report | 02/28/2015 11:09 pm

The One True Miroku

Rin looked at them as they agreed on their own names before smiling a bit.

"Ok then its Uncle Hikaru and Uncle Kaoru." She said beaming and rushed over to Inuyasha seeing him back.

"Now that we know their names apologize for being rude to Uncle Hikaru and Uncle Kaoru." She ordered Inuyasha only to get an annoyed look.

Of course this look quickly went away at the sight of his father and the monk glaring at him.

"Sorry..." He trailed off the end.

"Sorry...." Rin said tapping her foot only for the hanyou to sigh.

"Sorry Uncle Hikaru and Kaoru." He said as his ears drooped over his head.

Rin smiled at him once he was done as the monk smirked and handed the demons to Hikaru.

"I hope these will do well for the two of you." He said offering them up.
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Report | 02/28/2015 10:41 pm

The One True Miroku

Hearing Sesshomaru she made a face as he mentioned the names needed to be similar and looked back at them before following his gaze to InuTaisho. As he finished speaking she placed her arms behind her back before tilting her head to the side again.

"But I named them after a flower. Yoru means night or evening while Ran means orchid. There is a flower I found the other day called an evening orchid so it does go together if you go off the flower." She said thinking it made perfect sense to her.

InuTaisho couldn't help but chuckle a bit at the girl's idea to name them after a flower of all things.

"Well that is quite the statement little one." He said with a grin.

"However it is for the two of them to decide what they really wish to be called." He stated only to see her puff up her face again.

A few moments later the hanyou and monk finally returned with a few demons that had fit the eldest twins description.
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