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I'm a huge InuTaisho and Sesshomaru fan. What can I say, I can't pick which I like better. They're both awesome. X3
When it comes to fanfiction I love making scenes of Sesshomaru getting injured and being found by Inuyasha, that way they work up to getting along as brothers.

I own four Inuyasha video games. Inuyasha The Secret of the Cursed Mask and Inuyasha Feudal Combat are both for PS2. Inuyasha Feudal Fairytale is for PS1 and the dialog is Japanese with English subtitles. The final game is Inuyasha Secret of the Divine Jewel for Nintendo DS. You play as a blonde haired girl call Janet from Kagome's time and go through the well on Kagome's property to start the adventure. This is after you move from America back to Japan.

I currently own seasons one, two, five, six, and seven out of the collection. I also own all four of the special movies and find the third to be my favorite, due to getting to actually getting to see the mysterious InuTaisho.

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The One True Miroku Report | 11/22/2014 1:55 pm
The One True Miroku
Thinking about the dark priestess brought back thoughts of Tsubaki whom they had fought a while back that was angered at Kikyou when she placed a spell on her, and brought the rage she had for Kikyou onto Kagome. Hearing that father in actuality his grandfather was being resurrected he froze at the thought.

"So your afraid this dumb woman is trying to use father to gain the western lands herself or something?" He asked plopping down on the ground thinking to himself a bit.

He did find it rough now on Sesshomaru to think he was going through all of this and in some ways it was kind of his fault, but at the same time how the hell could he have known that Sesshomaru was actually his father. However he was still ill because of their hatred towards one another and let out a sigh looking up at him.

"Well then I guess we will have to get along. I guess I have no problem with that then, but don't expect me to call you dad." He said keeping his little attitude.

Miroku let out a sigh seeing Inuyasha actually accepting everything, but had to let out a weak laugh hearing him mention that he wouldn't be calling him father any time soon. To be honest the monk himself didn't really want to hear that out of the hanyou's mouth as it was kind of weird as well to him. He slowly turned his attention to the lord and slowly bowed to him.

"Well then Sesshomaru I will be off to do my own part. When I get word from Hachi if he found anything then I will send word to you." Miroku said looking at the lord.
The One True Miroku Report | 11/22/2014 12:20 am
The One True Miroku
Inuyasha looked at Sesshomaru in shock at the story of how he actually came to be. It took him back a few more moments in disbelief before seeing him place his hand to his chest and looked at him a bit worried.

The monk himself looked to the Lord before finally speaking up.

"Is it the illness or something else Sesshomaru?" The monk ask knowing the symptoms as he was told about them before hand.

"Should we now discuss the other issue here Sesshomaru? I actually didn't tell Kagome about this part as it wasn't really about Inuyasha much." He added gaining the hanyou's attention as he spoke of something else that was up.
The One True Miroku Report | 11/21/2014 3:37 pm
The One True Miroku
Hearing Sesshomaru had an illness he looked at him a bit worried before hearing Naraku's name. He quickly listened more before relaxing when he heard it wasn't Naraku's doing. As he began explaining more he looked at him a bit confused as to what was causing it then. As he spoke about their blood he looked even more confused before he was told that he wasn't his brother but in actuality his father.

"Your my father?! How the hell is that possible?!" He shouted already getting angry with his hand on the sword.

He was really confused now for the longest time he thought they shared the same father but in actuality the person he had been fighting with all these years was in fact his father.
The One True Miroku Report | 11/21/2014 3:09 pm
The One True Miroku
"Its true Inuyasha just listen to what Sesshomaru has to say. You may not be able to believe it but what Sesshomaru has come to talk to you about is true." Miroku as well said looking to the hanyou.

He really hoped they didn't have to subdue him as it would probably just make him more furious to the point he wouldn't listen.

Inuyasha looked at his two friends growling to himself a bit before finally sheathing the sword and straighten up. They did seem right about Sesshomaru himself not be hostile to the point he actually threw away his sword which was something he never saw his brother do.

"Fine what is it?" He asked folding his hands into his robes of the fire rat glaring at his brother.
The One True Miroku Report | 11/21/2014 2:55 pm
The One True Miroku
Hearing the foot steps the monk looked up seeing the hanyou and miko finally arrived and instantly tensed up seeing the hanyou himself tense up.

"Sesshomaru what the hell are you doing here?!" Inuyasha shouted drawing Tessaiga ready to go after him.

The monk himself was ready with a few sutras ready to take action to subdue the hanyou.
The One True Miroku Report | 11/21/2014 2:38 pm
The One True Miroku
The monk slowly nodded heading towards the steam and informed the Lord that Kagome would be bringing the hanyou to them.

Back at the village Inuyasha stopped looking to the shouts of Kagome calling to him.

"A walk? Keh whatever, and I'm not bored." He protested knowing that he was in fact bored.

Inuyasha had to admit he did enjoy spending some time with Kagome, and the fact that it would only be the two of them he liked it even more and followed her as she walked on.
The One True Miroku Report | 11/21/2014 2:00 pm
The One True Miroku
The monk let out a sigh of relief hearing she wasn't too shocked about it and slowly looked towards the direction of the stream.

"Lord Sesshomaru is waiting by the stream, but we need to get Inuyasha over there. However I spoke to him before looking for you and he is actually ready to go after Sesshomaru so we might need you to keep him down if he were to act out. How all this goes is beyond me though so now we much get Inuyasha and lead him there."

Miroku stood from where he was and helped the Miko up looking towards the forest.

"Do you think you can do that Lady Kagome?" He asked making sure they understood the plan.
The One True Miroku Report | 11/21/2014 12:46 pm
The One True Miroku
The monk slowly took a seat next to her looking at her very seriously.

"You must promise to stay calm with what I have to tell you. Understood." He said looking at her hoping she would.

"I was currently out in the forest and was approached by Lord Sesshomaru. Recently he has become ill and had been trying to find out why. As we know he had tried countless times to kill Inuyasha which is what has caused him the illness. He is falling ill because with demons they in ways become ill if they reject their child and or attempt to kill them multiple times." She said stopping for a moment knowing he had to explain it well to her as she herself didn't know much about how demons worked.

"Lord Sesshomaru began doing test on his blood as well as some blood he was able to gather from Inuyasha. The reason Lord Sesshomaru has come down with this illness is because Inuyasha is in fact Sesshomaru's son." He said stopping for a moment ready to jump and cover the miko's mouth if she were to start screaming.
The One True Miroku Report | 11/21/2014 12:27 pm
The One True Miroku
Miroku slowly looked towards the sacred tree before looking back at Inuyasha upon him speaking of Sesshomaru and gave a weak smile.

"Ok well thank you Inuyasha." He said scratching his own head before turning and going to find the miko.

Once again he made his way through the forest finally arriving at the sacred tree to look up at it. He had to think about at the thought of Inuyasha pinned to the tree at one point before he noticed Kagome picking some herbs near by.

"Ah Lady Kagome there you are. Um.. may I have a word with you. We have a issue going on and I will need your help with solving it." He said looking at her readying himself to inform her as well.
The One True Miroku Report | 11/21/2014 12:00 pm
The One True Miroku
The monk slowly watched the display of having his scent and aura hidden before noticing he couldn't sense him. It was a great trick to not let Inuyasha figure something was going on.

"Well as for Sango we can relax about her finding out or even accompanying us out here as she went back to her village to do repairs on her weapon, and also to cool down from my earlier actions. The Shippou I'm sure I can get him interested in something else. I just hope Lady Kagome stays calm upon me informing her." He said letting out a small sigh.

"I will be back then Sesshomaru."

The monk slowly made his way towards the village walking along the path that was cascaded with shadows from the hovering trees about and upon reaching the edge of the meadow he looked down at the village. He walked into the village slowly looking for Lady Kagome only to come across the hanyou himself.

"Oh Inuyasha hello there." He said with a simple smile.

"By chance have you seen Lady Kagome? I need to talk to her about Sango." He said trying to locate Lady Kagome without making him too interested as he knew he really wasn't caring for the monk and slayer's relationship.



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