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ohay thar.

Kise (`σ▽σ) ❤ (ㅎ-ㅎ) Kuroko

Currently watching: KnB S3, Shounen Hollywood: Holly Stage for 50, Detective Conan, Gintama (2015), Arslan Senki, Ame-iro Cocoa, Kekkai Sensen, Oremonogatari.
Currently reading: Ten Count, 19 Days.
19 | Taurus | ISTP | Demiguy | CBC | Demiromantic | Asexual | KnB Nerd | Dog person | tumblr

Formerly usernamed M l Y U K l. My favorite color is green. I like punk/rock/grunge, street style, and wings. Irl, I'm awkward as hell, so don't think I meant to be rude if I somersault away from you as a first response or something. Due to my anxiety, I am often misunderstood. Online, I'm generally nice, but I have a few things that annoy me too. Please talk to me or tell me why before you add me, I will not accept empty adds. Like damn, I don't know you. Comments > PMs. Sometimes I might come off as unsympathetic, but don't mind it. If you don't talk to me for a while during my active times you'll be swept away whenever I clean my bud list. If I'm not on here, I'm probably on Elsword. I like anime. I don't have a set genre that I watch, but I tend to watch more shonen and/or comedy. I don't like buttsecks in my anime. RAPE =/= LOVE. Yes a lot of my ships are male x male, I have male x female ships too. For conventions, I've only been to Anime North. I cosplayed Yata Misaki in 2013 and Takao Kazunari in 2014~ On Gaia, I've cosplayed Yata Misaki, Annie Leonhardt, Ginko, Kisumi Shigino, and Nagisa Shiota.

Pictures/Hangout sneak photoshoot under!(ゝ。∂)~☆
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i change the music often.

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