what is gender?

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Ohay thar.
Formerly usernamed M l Y U K l.
As for my Interests, the actual movies that I like are in the last section instead of mixed with my favorite anime. My favorite color is green. I love what most would categorize as goth/punk, like chains, belts, studs, stripes, etc. Street style is cool too. Oh, but I lovelovelove angel wings.

I am different from your average 18-year-old Taurus ISTP. Irl, I'm awkward as hell, so don't think I meant to be rude if I somersault away from you as a first response or something, lol. Online, I'm generally nice, but I have a few things that annoy me too. Apparently I'm demisexual and questioning.

I like anime. I don't have a set genre that I watch, I go for ones with interesting plots, though I tend to watch more shonen. For conventions, I only go to Anime North. What anime do I hate? Shugo Chara and Vampire Knight.

I don't like buttsecks in my anime. RAPE =/= LOVE. I don't like crack pairings either. I don't bash anyone, but it really irks me how people can just pair characters that never or barely talked to each other or showed the slightest possibility.

Yes, a lot of my ships are male x male, because it grows on a lot of us. I have male x female ships too, so let's all be calm and not freak out.

Click for my dA <3

Hangout sneak photoshoot under!(ゝ。∂)~☆

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