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Currently watching: Detective Conan, Gintama (2015), Haikyuu!! S2, Onepunch Man, K: Return of Kings, Young Black Jack, High School Star Musical, Osomatsu-san.

Currently reading: Ten Count, 19 Days, Apple and Honey: His Rose Colored Life.

Currently playing: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed, Persona 4: Dancing all Night.

20 | Taurus | ISTP | Him/Them | CBC | Demiromantic | KnB Nerd | Dog person | tumblr | kik: ryumance | IMVU: terubo | Main Elsword IGNs: Kinesthetic, Dynamique

Formerly usernamed M l Y U K l. My favorite color is green. I like wings. Irl, I'm awkward as hell, so don't think I meant to be rude if I somersault away from you as a first response or something. Due to my anxiety, I am often misunderstood. Online, I'm generally nice, but I have a few things that annoy me too. Sometimes I might come off as unsympathetic, I'm working on getting some of my supposed emotions and other societal things, so bare with me.

Please talk to me or tell me why before you add me, I will not accept empty adds. Like damn, I don't know you. Usually if someone picks a fight I'd take out my roaster, but nowadays I've gotten lazy to the point that I don't bother continue arguing with people. If I'm not on here, I'm probably on Elsword.

I like anime. I don't have a set genre that I watch, but I tend to watch more shonen and/or comedy. RAPE =/= LOVE. I ain't gon laugh at your 12 yr old bs. For conventions, I've only been to Anime North. I cosplayed Yata Misaki, Takao Kazunari, and Gogo~ On Gaia, I've cosplayed Yata Misaki, Annie Leonhardt, Ginko, Kisumi Shigino, Nagisa Shiota, and Leonardo Watch.



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UusikuuTickles Report | 11/30/2015 12:01 am
lol gotcha senpai~ Also, please focus on me for kik right now, I want to talk with you..
UusikuuTickles Report | 11/29/2015 11:57 pm
oi, ryu~
should I change to pink hair instead?
You decide, don't give me no "up to you" line.
fickle monster Report | 11/29/2015 9:31 pm
They're my OTP = w =
UusikuuTickles Report | 11/29/2015 8:45 pm
Not as cute as you, senpai~ redface
UusikuuTickles Report | 11/29/2015 8:36 pm
am I Ryumance-ing right?
Duiri Report | 11/29/2015 4:33 pm
whats he doing now?
Duiri Report | 11/29/2015 3:33 pm
I blocked multiples of his accounts
Ill make sure i block that one too.
He tried to put ne off as a racist and im not ok with that
randomnessforthewin Report | 11/29/2015 11:51 am
thank you >///< *hides in sweater*
Joshachu Report | 11/29/2015 11:50 am
i profile hop a lot for music tbh
so i might stay long enough :c
Joshachu Report | 11/29/2015 11:46 am
well now i feel dumb redface
my bad

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