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Name meaning: Ryu(Dragon)Kin(Gold) most people call me Tai!
Age: 20 ,1994 Leo
Race: Half English, part Canadian native mohawk/French canadian
About me: I am a Otaki / Fujoshi meaning I love Yaoi(Boy love) and also Any anime I can get my hands on...
I love Animals,Music and Art. Personality wise I'm Tsundere meaning I'm short,cute but have Big attitude and can be hard to understand at first.
I curse like nobodys buisness and will not put up with any BS.
I am possesive and protective of those I love. Can be shy if I'm put on the spot. til I get offended then your in for hell.
Above all I am Honest,Trustworthy & Loyal
Anyway...If you want to know anything else. Talk to me.
♥ ★


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