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Ryu Nerith


Kitsune/Lion youkai


Appears 17, however is older than 900


Tsubakure, Japan


Father: Ferin Nerith

Mate: Kidan Dragneel

Children: Magan, Dying Dustz, KisukexFox, Rose XFox, Mia, Alucard, and Anu

Mother in Law: Lenne

Father-in-Law: Mamoru

Best Friend/Aunt-in-Law: Esarosa Cobochi



Characteristic Song

Winter Rose

Appearance (Please give a detailed description and or picture.)

Usual form:

In her usual form, Ryu Nerith is a very beautiful, slender girl with long white hair that is almost right above her thighs,but her hair is often seen tied up in a beautiful dark purple ribbon similar to the ones you usually see on Shinto priestesses and samurai that seemingly are scattered sloppily throughout japan during ancient times.

On her face, however, the most memorable feature is her eyes. Her eyes are a very distinct almond shape, and the color of her eyes are a beautiful, smoldering golden hue that seems to sparkle when sunlight touches her just right.

She is often described to be curvy and is often seen wearing a long, elegant kimono that is adorned with shapes of sakura petals and dragon shapes with a sword on her hip. This sword was created for her and she never removes it.
Atop her silver head, are two distinct traits that mark her heritage: Fox ears. These fox ears are a snowy white color, with a hint of pink within them, her Nine tails also show and they are almost as bushy as a squirrel's tail, however it is much longer than that. however when she shapeshifts she can make these vanish.

Also, on her beautiful pale face are red markings each decorating a certain part of her face. She loves the marking and sees them to be one of the most attractive markings on her.

Fox form:

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In Ryu's fox form however, she becomes a beautiful white fox with sharp red eyes and blue on the tips of the tail.

Human form:

In human form Ryu is described to be just as beautiful as in her fox form with silver hair that is slightly above her thighs and beautiful, warm violet eyes. during this time, her pale form seems to disappear and she appears exactly human with tan colored skin. Most people think nothing of this because they consider her 'albino.'

male form (Rare):

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In male form, Ryu is described as a very handsome man with smoldering golden eyes. Not much of her appearance changes, except she becomes more lean and masculine in nature and appearance and her hair becomes shorter, more boy-like. Instead of having ears and a tail in this form, however, she is seen more as a human just sporting a kitsune mask. In this form Ryu becomes "Ryuunosuke" though this form never comes out unless necessary or when she feels like becoming male.

Feline form:

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Because of her lion heritage as daughter of Ferin Nerith, She also has a feline form as well. In her feline form she is as elegant as her Kitsune form with cream colored fur and red eyes. Her hair a beautiful chocolate brown color and it tumbles over her shoulders like waves. Her posture in this is described as "Very regal and sometimes very menacing."

In her lion appearance, Ryu is often seen dressed in a gown as red as blood adorned with golden buttons and black hems, her family's color. However, in battle she wears red armor with a black medical-like mask over her face.
However, in all her forms she has a distinct mark on her shoulder (Which in her new current life she thinks it to be a birthmark, however it is a scar from a previous incident in one of her lives.

Amaya is often described as a very shy girl who loves to avoid confrontation unless necessary to her survival, or the survival of one of her companions. She is often distrusting of people, and sometimes will put up a fight if she feels threatened which is mostly because of her past which she doesn't care to talk about or even try to remember.

However, if you do manage to become her friend, or if you manage to gain her trust, she proves to be a faithful and fierce comrade, she may not always be good at combat given her common klutziness, which, unfortunately for her is known to irritate people. Despite this, she will fight to the death for those she cares about, even if she does fall down sometimes during these said fights.

Yuki is also described to be very well disciplined and her humility is a plus too. she knows when to shut her mouth, and she is also not known to speak her mind, unless asked to. She is very dutiful and an amazing cook, which gets her respect from many people.

Despite most of these personality traits, Amaya is also very absent-minded and most of the time no one truly knows if she's mentally there or not because she is always gazing off into space and is often known to unknowingly zone out when someone is talking to her, which also irritates a lot of people. And absentmindedness is definitely one of her many flaws, and weaknesses especially when it comes to the battle field.

Ryu is also known to be a very forgetful individual. This also proves a problem to her superiors too given unless given a detailed explanation on a piece of parchment, usually she forgets what she was told almost in an instant, especially in stressful situations.

Even though she might not always be the best at fighting, Amaya is very resourceful and she is good at living off the land and using the land to fight her battles also, But even this depends.

In her male form, her personality changes much more significantly which makes the male form a more formidable opponent than the female counterpart. He becomes much more resourceful, he's more confident when approaching people and of course, more arrogant, which is one of Amano's biggest weaknesses. But otherwise, not much of her personality changes when she changes into Ryuunosuke and he's just as Klutzy in the male form as he is in the female, which is also one of his weaknesses.


Enhanced bite: since Amaya is a Fox demon halfbreed, she still has certain traits of a Kitsune which includes enhanced bite. In a sense, Amaya has a particularly strong bite, but in the case of this it is because of her strong jaw muscles and Sharp teeth.

Enhanced Durability: Because of another trait of her being a part fox demon, she also has an ability to sustain numerous blows of internal or external assaults. However this does not mean it doesn't hurt her, depending on a certain way she is hit.

Enhanced Endurance: In another case, Ryu also has an ability to survive without supplies, resources, Energy or other items for a certain extended time.
Enhanced Senses: Also another ability she has since she is part fox demon, this includes Enhanced hearing, Enhanced smell and Night vision.

Enhanced speed: her speed is increased

Enhanced Stamina: This gives Amaya the ability to function for certain amounts of time before fatigue and exhaustion hits her, this mixes in with Enhanced speed.
Survival instincts:

Environmental Adaptation: This allows her to adapt to any environment without much difficulty, however this is more of a survival trait to her.

Predatory Instinct: She is able to possess instincts that are similar to that of a predatory creature, in her case, a fox. This also proves handy when she is hunting for food.

Fox Demon abilities:

Claw retration: Self explanatory, allows her to retract or extend her claws that she has as a fox demon.

Fox-fire Manipulation: This gives her the ability to generate and manipulate fox fire, this also includes ghost-light manipulation, Kitsune-bi manipulation and Will o' the Wisp manipulation. This usually manifests as fire, electricity and/or light.

Shapeshifting: She can change her gender at will, disguise herself and even manipulate her natural height.

Weapons (optional)
Usually when in battle, Ryu uses her claws and natural fox abilities--However she is known to carry a sword on her hip that was forged from one of her fangs. This was called "Tamashi no Ken" Or "Soul sword" and because of this she has the natural inborn ability to move her magic and abilities through her sword, thus making the sword very formidable. However it is only as powerful as she is, which depends on what ability she is really using.

Her scythe has many magical abilities, However she refuses to use them unless necessary. She also finds herself strained easier because of the way her scythe is--given it is 3x her size and weight. These abilities she has with the scythe is "Sakura Rain" Which if she spins it and wills it--Petals that act like little daggers fly at enemies slicing them--Even though this is not accurate etc... Not all her attacks with the scythe are accurate because of the ratio of her Scythe and her minimum strength when holding the scythe--But it can be a very lethal weapon sometimes.


Ryu May keep some traits that reveals her true form when shapeshifting, tail, shadow/reflection and facial features being the most common.
If she is careless (Or even drunk) she may accidently reveal true form (Which sucks especially if she is trying to hide from people).
Ryuketsubara has an unnatural fear of dogs.
Dogs can detect Ryu which is why she fears them so much.
Ryu's size could be an issue
As a part of Celestial Hierarchy, Ryu does have have superiors and duties to fulfill.
Ryu is allergic to Iron.

Background story
"When you live as long as I have, you see many things...Life and death strung together, like the mountains and vallies in which we lived... I have seen the fall of nations, the creation of bonds, and even great betrayals.I have been reincarnated many times, and in each of the lives in which I lived, I have seen many traumatic things--Even lived traumatic lives. My story starts 900 years ago--Before I was born as the daughter of Ferin Nerith in this new life.

In my past life, I was named Yuki. I was sought after by many men...Because of my beautiful white coat and Crystal blue eyes. In my past life, and even in this life...I was a Kitsune and a strong follower of the god Inari... I was a shy girl in life, however, never spoke much to the other Villagers...And I was close to my father, Link. He was a kind man, very assertive in behavior and he lead a wolf pack intermixed with a Kitsune Pack. I loved being around him--around his calming demenor. It was when I was about 200 years old when I met him. A handsome man... A man by the name William and he was a son of Hades.

He courted me--and we quickly hit it off. He was nice and...an expert on Constellations. I loved him, but...Never truly mated with him because well...He wasn't around all the time, in fact, he would vanish for long periods of time. It wasn't until weeks after--That we finally parted ways...and of course, I was heartbroken. I later died in that life. But I remember everything that happened...And I was later reincarnated--But had no father for the first time... It was a strange life--I witnessed the death of my parents and I scattered... That was the place where I met a man from the Eclipse Clan, Dark. He was a sweet man--But very...Odd sometimes. I had a closeness with all of the Eclipse members... Especially him.

He was sweet, Romantic, and his sister already treated me like family...She was my best friend. It wasn't until later that I.....I went to see him like I usually did--But saw him with another woman....I fled the area in tears and left him. I did not deserve a man like that. That was when I was courted by another man... But I never truly knew his name--Only knew him by the name "Hellboy" as he claimed...My assumption was he was from hell... I chuckle when I reminisce about that. I was called "Drows" By a lot of people--Perhaps because I hung around dark elves all the time... However, I made the mistake of mating with him in that life. I had no knowledge that...that he only wanted me for sex. But...I found out when I caught him with the girl he claimed was his "Best friend"... So of course, I left him. That was when I met...Doku.

At the time of my relationship with Doku, he seemed like a gentle man. Romantic and only had the desire to be with me. the first time we met--He wanted to be my protector and guard...My knight in all certainty. I accepted him. We later got together--That was when his true colors began to show. He was abusive, distant and cruel...And at that time the only true comfort I had was my best friend Lexi... I remember everything he said to me, everything he did to me... My soul that was once the purest on Earth began to deteriorate. Darken, like the sky above as night begins to fall. I became different in this life, more distant, quiet...and whenever I tried to leave he would threaten to kill himself--So it was an endless cycle until I decided to leave. I left when I found out...he was cheating on me the entire 200 years I was with him with my Best friend...Lexi.

Then I began to date the one known as "Pat"...Then I met Kidan...The southern dragon--And in this life he acted more like an adoptive father--as he was with his lover, Khanna Blaire Demonica...I felt safe when he was around and wouldn't hestitate to come to him with my problems with Pat--As well--And in this life and the next, I fell in love with him. I was 400 years old in that life and I was apart of another family that was kind and gentle with me. I wanted so desperately to tell Kidan my feelings but... I never did out of respect for Khanna...Pat and I later broke up for good...And I met Dex and later...a Black wolf named Kage--But those tales would be too long to go into so I shall skip them.

I died in that life--Died in Kidan's arms from everything that had occured...and was later reborn to Ferin Nerith--A lion. I took on my name from my Past "Ryuketsubara" and became..."Ryuketsubara Nerith."

I remet Kidan while travelling with my father, Ferin. My soul called out to him, and I never explained why--Until I became his mate to entertwine my family with his--And I remembered him--He was... The one I fell in love with in my past life...Truly fell in love with. I stayed with him and my father--And as I sat upon the snow, a beautiful white wolf approached me--As well as two Ether individuals...They introduced themselves as Esarosa, Lenne and Mamoru... and our families made an agreement...

I have seen many rise and falls of Nations, Friendships, and relationships.... But never the true Rise, of a potentially powerful clan."

xX-To Be Continued-xX


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