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Report | 04/05/2015 9:29 pm


~hugs~ last nite was bad. really bad rob!! i kinda think but not really sure yet. that im getting over it. but as soon as i say that. it might bite me in the a**.
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Report | 04/03/2015 4:37 pm


Got it. n_n;
Do you know how to crimp the wire? Even so, it was meant to be that long. I was hoping it'd make it to just below the heart area. That's where it wanted to be.
I also figured if you were to prefer it inside your shirt it'd be easier to deal with than just popping out of the collar. If you want to show it off, it's as easy as pulling it up! I had it for that half day when I sent it, and it wasn't very problematic. sweatdrop

For now, though, I'd say my answer is nooooooooooooooooooooo. :b
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Report | 04/03/2015 9:05 am


I'm glad she's happy with it too. Especially since she talks about the animals to me every day. I like hearing her tell me of the puppies and kitties that get adopted. cat_whee

*gets comfy in sheets* n_n; I don't think I'd be able to handle that cheese, or soup, though! I'm still only on toast and water. I tried a mouthful of noodles last night and that didn't go very well. :b

You're welcome! I was happy to send it out, since it really just wanted to go. What are your first impressions of it though? Just curious.
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Report | 04/03/2015 8:31 am


Figured it would get there by Thursday. n_n
I just wanted to make sure. I ended up taking my lunch time at work the day I sent it to send it. Nearly forgot to put the note in there, actually! sweatdrop

I've been home sick since yesterday. It's been a liquidation event, everything must go! :sick:
Snorsnor got a new job, and she loves it. It's more of a promotion actually. She's still at the animal shelter, but she does front desk stuff now. Lucky her, though. She gets to watch movies while she's working. I'm actually a little jelly since she doesn't work as "hard" as I do. It's all good though. One of these days I'll leave. (I say that now, but it won't be too soon. :b)
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Report | 04/03/2015 8:03 am


Hello, Mr. 3nodding

Did your thing arrive yet?
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Report | 03/29/2015 1:41 am


emotion_zombie emotion_hug
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Report | 03/17/2015 12:47 pm

Cat Sapphire

Runs up and pinches you, because you aren't wearing green! Happy St. Paddy's Day Rob. ~hugs
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Report | 03/16/2015 8:36 am

Cat Sapphire

Just let me grab my paddle, ok? cat_xd cat_mrgreen
Did you have a good birthday?
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Report | 03/13/2015 6:35 am

Cat Sapphire

Oh, no! I'm so sorry! ~cushions you in pillows~ Now, how many spankings is it this year? cat_twisted
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Report | 03/11/2015 7:03 am


You're very sweet, thank you! heart
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Report | 03/06/2015 4:06 pm


hope you had a great b-day!
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Report | 03/05/2015 8:57 pm


Happy Birthday to you, too, and I hope you did as well wink
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Report | 02/17/2015 8:58 pm


Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ I am extremely happy here in Alaska. I even have a really good job at the moment and Im; hoping to transfer here in a few weeks.
Awww, well are things starting to work out for you??
LOL!!! I always seem to get good things from there it seems.
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Report | 02/11/2015 12:26 am


I honestly didn't see anything from you on my FB. cat_sweatdrop
But I do agree with you; I miss being able to chat with you on a regular basis, or anyone I consider closer friends from my internets. I've been so busy lately getting things together when it comes to starting my own proprietorship. I've been talking with a few friends that each bring a strength to a team I feel comfortable with in terms of getting something rolling for business. It's exciting at least when it comes to getting plans all together and sorted, but it's also a bunch of hard work since I'm like the glue for it all. It's what I get for having natural leadership in matters like these, or anything really. n_n;

Have you got your work situation all worked out yet? I like checking up on you too. heehee cat_whee

As far as little projects, so far this year I restored a ring and I'm currently working on a little charm for a coworker of mine. The charm just involved more work in terms of making the stones presentable, since I got gem quality opal in it raw form. I had to dremmel it so you could tell it was a pretty little thing. (looked like a regular black rock when I started). Now, for the ring, I spend most of the time removing all the negativity from it. Not to mention it had been run over by a car, was covered in a funky gunk, and the stone was missing. I'll show you photos if you'd like to see them. whee
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Report | 02/09/2015 12:37 am


Just dropping in to say hello. n_n
Haven't spoken with you lately, but thought it'd be nice to hear from you. cat_3nodding
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Report | 01/29/2015 12:16 pm


User Image
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Report | 01/01/2015 5:24 pm

Cat Sapphire

I hope you have the best year ever! -hugs- heart
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Report | 01/01/2015 4:08 am


[User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Report | 12/31/2014 8:21 pm

Cat Sapphire

happy new year hug-
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Report | 12/25/2014 10:39 am

Your Darkest Temptation

that pic is more than 6 years old, l dont even remember where l got her from. Sorry bro
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