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About me

"Hey!" The artist smiled at the approaching visitor, "My name's Ryo Tadashi, although I probably couldn't care less what I'm called." He hummed, closing the black sketch book that he carried everywhere, "I'm a 17 year old aspiring artist," He gestured to the black book in his hand, "Although I'm colorblind." He chuckled softly before shaking his head, "I can still see colors, it's just different for me. I have Tritanopia, so everything's a lot redder or pinker. If that makes sense." He shrugged gently, "Thanks for stopping by!"

OOC: Hi! My name's Krystal and I'm an avid roleplayer, moreso off of gaia, but I've done some postings here too. I'm friends with Brooklyn (Kaitlyn's Mun) and we're here to cause chaos and mass destruction hilarity and random accidents. Don't be afraid to add/message me, I'm not in character 24/7 and I'm always looking forward to meeting people.
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Ryo Tadashi
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Random Info:
Favourite colour: Blue (Ironically.)
Relationship: Married to Kathleen since February 22nd, 2015 8:11 EST

Ryo Tadashi