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Hey! My name's Krystal, thanks for checking out my profile!
I'm always on slots, so I always have tickets, and I'm always willing to make trades. You can bribe me with nearly every cool item, so just ask if you want something.
I'm almost always broke, though I do like to help out when I can.
If you catch me online, send me a message, I'm not ever on for very long unless I'm selling stuff or chatting with friends.

I'm currently looking to buy tickets in bulk, the more you have the more you'll get from me, considering they're, what, 1 gold a piece, I'll go as high as 25 gold per token if you've got plenty. I might not be able to pay right away, as I sell the tickets, but you will get your money, and I'll make sure by letting you hold on to an item I use a lot or I deem worth the same amount so I can get it back.

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