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Ryo Kazuka (亮カズカ)

Hello there~ thanks for visiting my profile smilies/icon_3nodding.gif
I am proud to be a Muslim
You guys can call me Kazuka, Ryo, Kazu or anything that you prefer....
I like to meet new people so, hit me up smilies/icon_3nodding.gif
I'm 15 and I love music (Feint of coz), drawing, reading manga, beige thingies and mostly anime smilies/icon_heart.gif
I play games like S4 league and some other games.......
I'm mostly Malaysian, half Chinese and Japanese.
But I don't speak Japanese nor Chinese.
I'm that type of guy who is "Bromance"
Bisexual (not gay)
A little more about me
- depressive
- blows candle on 18th January
- friendly
- capricious
- kind
- addict to cool avis
- I like chairo, bēju, ao and aka smilies/icon_3nodding.gif
- super hyper in school
- a Feint fan
- gosh I love anime D:
- not ready for the title otaku ._.
- chujitsuna (don't understand? Translate it)
- white skin fetish


got featured at 6th October 2013

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The Boy Who Lost Happiness

There was this boy who was born a liar like everyone else does, he was clueless and simple.
He never got anything to do with negative feelings or emotions.
All he knows is happiness is still there, he cried a little then happiness came, he needs his friends and that happiness came.
He was the happiest boy that is ever seen by anyone, even through luck is never with him.....
Till one day, everything changed.....
The boy was possessed by a demon who is depressive and a psycho.
The boy never got the strength to fight back and the demon consumes him completely.
The demon makes his life worst than before, from happiness to sadness, generous to cheep and mostly a depression of a demon who has a lot of rotten memories.
The boy doesn't want to die and the demon can't get out of the boy until the boy dies, the boy tried every medicine and none of them works.
The demon stays in his heart locked and chained, rotten the boys heart slowly, by day and night.
The boy started to think that he never saw true happiness again, the demon stays within him and started nonsense behavior.
When he's happy, he's actually cruel.
When he's grateful, he's actually not.
When he loves you, he doesn't wants you to exist
The boy who suffered from deep pain can't take this any longer and he never get along with anybody except the demon who takes everything from him.

The boys' life continues with depression in his pure heart.
The heart of true memories never existed in him and he became mad and a psycho lunatic who can't think of himself or anyone.
He can only think of the life he's having.
He is so pathetic, he can't even defend himself from depression.

The boy lived his life of pain and suffer and happiness was taken away without a chance of getting it back.....

-A true story by Ryo Kazuka

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