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Name: Name's Ryder, but you can call me "The King"

Age: 23

Roleplay: I don't.

FYI: I'm kind of a grump and a little blunt but I do try to help much as I can so like sorry in advance. I'm 420 friendly. I have 2 cats and 3 dogs, love them all and dote on them all the time. Possums are best critters. Love music, love food (Mexican, Italian, and Chinese food is the best), love traveling.

I live in New Mexico, and when I say New Mexico, I mean the rural Rio Grande area in the north. I am like a 5 hour walk from the nearest gas station, and 14 miles away from town. So don't ask me about what to do in the area because the answer is smoke, and eat tacos/burritos. Unless you're into water sports then you can drive up to the lake and take a boat out or some s**t. Lots of trees though, so it's a nice change of pace from where I was living.



Life is pain
Your pain is no more special than anyone's
You suffer through the pain
Or you Die
This is the way of the world
Suck it up