Ugh.. So much to say.. So little to hear..

My name is Ryan.. in case you didn't know.
I've been here far too long and feel way too old.
I live just outside of Chicago.. But I spend a lot of time there.
I tend to smile pretty often.. even when I'm sad.
I wear hats more often than I wear pants. Not sure why.
I follow the Ancient way of the Old Norse and their gods.
I'm Norse, Irish and German and proud of my heritage.
Occasional booze hound and chainsmoker.
I served in the army, but that seems so long ago.
I party almost every single day.. one day it will kill me.
Music is as much apart of my life as breathing.
I'm not too bright and smart people intimidate me.
Either way, I know a lot about a little and a little about a lot.
I refuse to miss life by living to work so instead I work to live.
People seem to like me and I have no clue as to why.

Oh and I have a 3 foot Python.

Her name is Freyja

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League of Legends
Ryan Gunn
LOL. Goodluck with that.

******** YEA.. GOOD TUNES..

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