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My Quest

My name is Maethoriel. I was once known as princess Moréfindiel-Vanglirtána of the high elves. But I am on the run, for you see, my kingdom is being threatened by a dark enemy. A very long time ago, long before my time, some of my people believed that elves were the most superior beings and should rule all creatures. They proposed this idea to the king, who disagreed and ignored their idea. Outraged at being ignored these elves started to practice the forbidden dark magic and formed a rebellion against the king and nearly destroyed our kingdom in trying to take it over. After a long battle, in which they lost, they were sentenced to live underground and never to return. Now they are known as the dark Elves and they plan to rise up again and overthrow our current king, my father who is busy putting together an army and fighting against the attacks. And me? I am expected to sit around and wait for this to all pass over. I wish to fight. I do not wish to sit around wearing fancy clothes and wait as the dark Elves try not only to overthrow the high Elves but other creatures as well:

My favorite animal, the dragon, is being driven into extinction because the dark Elves sell them to humans so they may host barbaric dragon slaying tournaments. And it is rumored that dark power seeking wizards have made an alliance with the dark Elves. Hobbits have been taken into captivity by the dark Elves and the Giants’ villages have been burned.

This cannot go on this way. It is expected of me to do nothing, but I cannot let it be this way. I have run away now, with nothing but my enchanted bag and my sword, that mysteriously appeared in my room with a note reading: use it well. I am off on a quest to save my kingdom and all the other endangered creatures as well. I seek alliances, to get as many creatures as I can to join my father’s army in the war against the dark Elves, if you wish to fight for peace as well, please join me and together we will fight for peace.

- Runaway Elven Princess

The real me

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In real life, I'm not an actual runaway elven princess (sorry to disappoint you)
My real name is Teyana (:
Born Febuary 6th 1997.
And about 5"2 in height
Of mixed race, but enjoys making people guess with what before giving the answer away ^^
I am easy to talk to so just feel free to message me smilies/icon_heart.gif

If you have any questions, please, ask.
Try asking me all the places I've traveled to. (:
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