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Hi,my name's Rumi.I'm 21 and I look pretty young for my age.I'm an artist and I study graphic design on 2nd year.I'm obsessed with Tokyo Ghoul,manga and maids.Over the years,because of the bad experiences I had , I've started closing myself up like a shell and will open only to certain people I consider trustworthy.Treat me nicely,and I'll treat you twice better back.Treat me like s**t,and you can say hello to the garbage can.I always hang out in 1023 barton 8,if you ever want to speak to me,dont hessitate.If I don't respond back,don't take it personal,it's because I'm afk.

my face.

「あなたが主役に私と一緒に物語を書くとしたら、それは確かだろう...悲劇。 "