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Gender: Male

Location: Under Your Skirt!!!

Birthday: 09/21

Occupation: Lax Rat


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Name: Troy
I'm a guy
I watch a lot of anime.
I watch and play sports.
I'm better than you at video games. (Console).
I'm the best friend you never had.
I occasionally Rp. Just ask.
Gamertag: xXxG0LDENxXx (That's a Zero)
PSN: (Changed, Pm me)
Friend Code: 4742-6276-3265

!!!Make me Signs an Avi Art !!!
Signs:2 ^_^
Avi art:7 ^_^

My dog Topaz



"Seid ihr das Essen? Nein Wir sind die Jaeger!" -AoT
Questing: Signs.


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