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Name: 欲音ルコ - Yokune Ruko (or "Yoku-neru-ko" - Child sleep long)
Yokune - Greedy sound - Ruko has two voices.
Ruko - Play on his droid number "Roku go" (six five in Japanese)
Age: 12 but thought to be 19 on appearance.
Height: 6'5 or 197cm - A spoiled child grows up greatly!
Weight: Approx 190lbs
Type: Vippaloid - Fake Vocaloid. Really an UTAUloid.
Droid number: 65 but used to be 03.
Date of birth/creation: 17 November 2008
Character item: Male voice - Coffee Female voice - Pillows.
Gender: Futanari 90% male 10% female. -Outside of Japan Ruko is usually depicted as female.
Hip size: Average for a female. (although being 90% male)
Breast size: DD cup.
Species: ぴかちゅうの人→「日勝ゆう」に - People of Pikachu. Ruko is also said to be Human but its argued about if he's a robot or not.
Personality: Usually drowsy, hyperactive after drinking coffee, known to behave like a cat when petted. Because of his height people don't think Ruko's that smart, he also has a closet gambling habit and said to be "dere dere" - a hopeless romantic.
Attire: Dark blue tailed overcoat with detached sleeves and pink interior with a purple zip for the torso, a short white shirt with pink hems exposing the belly but barely containing the bust, black low cut pants exposing a g string/thong and black shoes with dark pink soles /sometimes with a heel. Ruko dislikes having his chest confined in a bra, instead he wears a micro-bra with black lace. His tie is sky blue with two pink clips or micro-chips.
Headset: Red headset with a blue illumination and small red detachable microphone.
Hair: Jet black hair sometimes appearing dark purple or dark blue, with one blue lock of hair in the front left side of his face, his hair is kept in two pigtails, the ends reaching his shoulders.
Eyes: Hetrochromia, "odd-eyed" His right eye is red, left blue. Said to represent his both genders and bilingual capabilities.
Special guest appearances: Vocaloid "kagome Kagome" - Ruko is the child who "lost the game" and eventually gets decapitated.
Vocaloid "Synchronicity" - Ruko appears in part 2 sporting an eyepatch. Using his scythe he fights MEIKO to free Len Kagamine, later he appears again in part 3 as one of the fallen in the background with the other side characters as Rin and Len sing to defeat the dragon.
Vocaloid "Chibi Miku doujinishi" Ruko appears many times in this comic even at random which sometimes brings a shock to the main Vocaloids in the cast.
Creator(s): Megumeshi and the great Masters at Viptech/Vipp@2ch.
Voice providers: Yuu Raichi -Male Ruko Yuu Hikachi -Female Ruko. (probably not their real names) Both are Niconico singers.
Yokune Ruko was made for the same purpose as Kasane Teto, to trick people into thinking he's a Vocaloid. Only this time there was an official Vocaloid about to be released, Ruko posed as that Vocaloid who was later revealed to be CV03 Megurine Luka. The joke was successful with very official looking art, carefully made Demos, and rumor of "Bilingual capabilities with a bonus secret dark voice", which was the male voicebank. After Megurine was revealed Yokune gained some negative responses, but not as much of an uproar as Teto had in the past. They kept him as an UTAUloid after the joke ended, making the blue coated she-male a brother like figure to Teto. Ruko's female voicebank is in the top ten most downloaded UTAUloids, having over 2.7million ratings in 2012, and the male voicebank still ranked in the top 100.
(Bio and info from Ruko's official site, youtube, and UTAU wiki.)

Arts by my friends~♪

By Aria/Momo/Sohpie~

By Robbie/Ted/Len~

By Fluff~

Old Screenies~♫

Swapping my tie for Momo's bow

Being a manly man man!

Gliching with Aria? o.e;

Invasion of 1023 8b

Finding barrels and being scolded by jake-nii

Noob days catching bunnies~♥

Noob days with UTAUloid Sheena

NEW SCREENIES! Dec 2013 -Present.

With Luka and a bunny!

Three main Vippers! Teto, Ritsu and Ruko!

Being a scary clown

Befriending a giant pickle!

Meeting a twin! /and a random Gumi behind us

UTAUloid Invasion of 1023 8b:

I Rook I
Ruko Lost the Game

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