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Gender: Female

Birthday: 11/27/1994

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My Aquarium, even without fish

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random sig

Six Truths
U can't touch all ur teeth with ur tongue
All idiots after reading this, will try it
And discover that the first truth is a lie
Ur smiling now because ur an idiot
U will soon show this to another idiot
U still have an idiotic smile on ur face

thnx! come again soon!


very brief autobiography

Hello Everyone! My name is royalpurple101 and I love read, watch movies, chat with friends, and I love me some Jesus! I love to travel and really want to go to England, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and well, really just all about all of Europe. I also love Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, and Italian food. I guess you can say that I'm unique as anyone else. Not to mention that I can creepy insane like running into walls... Anyway, I try to be nice when I can, so if I get mad at you, I'm just mad at myself. smile

Read, comment, and learn.

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Just trying to be me.

The daily little happenings of my life that can be related to other people, or satisfy the intrests of others.

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Chaillot Report | 07/25/2010 9:38 am
Oh, alright. I would be excited too. I like moving around. ^^
Chaillot Report | 07/21/2010 9:03 pm
I've been good, what about you? So I've noticed. It's great to hear from you, too. ^^
Chaillot Report | 06/26/2010 8:10 pm
Hello, long time no talk sister (it feels weird saying/typing that. o.o; wink . =3
Lily Delacroix Report | 05/26/2010 5:28 am
Thank you so much biggrin It's all right, sucks a bit that we're having exams, but they're going well, so smile

Hope you're doing good too!
Kumorg Report | 05/15/2010 3:13 am
heres my profile
sea nectar Report | 02/15/2010 8:28 pm
XD i swear i have my reasons
sea nectar Report | 02/15/2010 5:00 pm
I have a face book 8D

My name on there is : Nao Sakurada

Don't ask.
IxI- lilshorty -IxI Report | 12/17/2009 9:40 pm
i see..
ur mother is ill right.....??
i'll pray for ur mother...
sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad
BoiVisna Report | 12/17/2009 3:05 pm
it was good
IxI- lilshorty -IxI Report | 12/16/2009 11:37 pm
no problem...
smile smile smile smile smile smile