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Thanks to a kind stranger named Xidorn, I was proven wrong and a part of my quest was dubbed "possible" after all. I've been on hiatus for so long and even for the days that I was around, funds for my own quest were non-existent due to being a past, present and future donator. Every time I would leave for hiatus, I would liquidate any items that weren't part of my current avi and dispense all my gold to questors, charities and DTTPAY threads. After I experienced being on the other side of this sort of kindness, I decided to open my own official quest thread so I could track my progress, so that is how 𝔸𝔹𝔻 was born! : D More info about me and the items I dream for can be found there~ Jeongmal kamsa, Xidorn-sshi! I'll never forget you! ^ ^; <3

I Love My Anons!

Here are just a few messages from the ones in my savebox. See you soon, Anons! <3

Anonymous Wrote:
Maaan If you are so loved by all the anons you gotta be an awesome person to talk to.

What forum do you usually hang around in? Can I stick around so I can meet some too?

[NPC] Cupid Wrote:
all the things YOU said are running through OUR heads - t.A.T.u.

p.s. we love you too dearie <3333 smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

[NPC] Cupid Wrote:
I'm really surprised no one has tried to woo you yet. No, actually, I'm sure they have. I'm not always good with noticing things, but... i have a knack for reading people, or, well, people's pixels. And, I can tell that you're someone who's really cool- ha, wow, that sounds lame. But, it's true. It's a shame that you go on hiatus so much, but, I think it's worse that you would doubt people would want to talk to you. I do. Ah! No, no I probably sound like a creeper. s**t. I should stop this...

[NPC] Cupid Wrote:

Had to.
/anon love


[NPC] Rina Wrote:
Hey there!

I've got a special gift for you!

From: An anonymous benefactor
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A young boy approaches you fidgeting. "I really like you though you're so cool it's scary! Please take this gift," the boy shouts as he shoves a piece of paper in your hands. There is a picture of you and the name of the mysterious boy at the bottom of the page.

- The Sketch Anon

[NPC] Cupid Wrote:
dont worry royal,
us anons are around
spying and lurking
forever we seem bound
we share are love with gaians
with no love in to expect
to find us all is hard
for even you to detect
since my love it knows no end,
i'll be watching over you.
wait for another letter
i promise im not untrue
~uncurable death~

my royal, here's another
letter from me to you
as i told you from the start
my heart will remain true
do you wish to know my name
or even where im from
i lurk around the forums
from no where i will come
just to see you smiling,
i'd take you by the hand,
showing you i care
your love i dont demand
i'll share with you a secret
if you wish to know
my name will be revealed
with a game that'll surely show
-til next time if you please my love-
~uncurable death~

to my royal love
it is only thrice we meet
my love has not been hindered
i suggest you take a seat
i have been watching over you
just like i have said
I MUST ADMIT im fond of you
your spinning in my head
my heart it wont stop beating
though im not alive at all
you cause it to always flutter
it is your name that i call
no matter where love takes me
i have got one thing to say
that i will always love you
p.s. my name starts with j
~uncurable death~

you say reveal yourself,
but in the end i will
if it's now or later
sooner or later i'll spill
if not today tomarrow
or next event it may be
but i'd ask around
who else hath gotten me?
i clue more then others,
but you may get the most
to find all my clues
i will not ever boast
i have posted in the forums
you've probably more then mine
but one thing that i have said
"i've recieved only 29"
so ask around the forum
and see what you can find
~uncurable death~

oh my dear royal
i wonder if you tire
searching high and low
to find what you desire
do you like this game
that i am playing with you
have i peaked your interest
to tell you what to do
i've found no other person
who's heart i must possess
you who have wanted to find me
who's cheek i must caress.
if weary from your journey
i'll give to thee a clue
i'm always clothed in black
is it me you can subdue?
~uncurable death~

i know my love its been a ride
trying to hunt me down
but if im not found out soon
i'll no longer be around
i'll hold you close and not let go
i'll cherish time we've had
but in my heart you'll always be
the one who makes me sad
my last and final clue to you
though angel i am not,
i'd love to be you gaurdian
the one that you hath sought.
~uncurable death~
p.s.- dont give up on hope,
its what pulls us through the day,
giving all you've got
is always special in some way

if you thought i was done
well that'd be a laugh
i've only just begun.
read all my poems carefully
there's a clue in every one.
you need not worry, for if i go
i'll leave you with a thought
i'd be back the next event
though my name might not be sought
i love the way you smile
it joys me all the more
your eyes they seem to sparkle
with thoughts i'd love to explore.
~uncurable death~
p.s. my love im in a thread that has only just begun.

you keep asking for more hints
try narrowing them down.

this time name all my hints
i've given and sent your way,
if all are accounted for
a special gift in your dismay
for another hint
you need to name them all
then when you are ready
simply give me a call
~uncurable death~

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