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Thanks to Xidorn I was proven wrong and a part of my quest was dubbed 'possible' after all. I've been on hiatus for so long and even for the days that I was around, funds for my own quest were non-existent due to being a past, present and future donator. Every time I would leave for hiatus, I would liquidate any items that weren't part of my current avi and dispense all my gold to questors, charities and DTTPAY threads. After I experienced being on the other side of this sort of kindness, I decided to open my own official quest thread, and that is how 𝔸𝔹𝔻 was born! : D More info about me and the items I dream for can be found there~ Jeongmal kamsa, Xidorn-sshi! I'll never forget you! ^ ^; <3

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I Love My Anons!

Here are just a few messages from the ones in my savebox. See you soon, Anons! <3

Anonymous Wrote:
Maaan If you are so loved by all the anons you gotta be an awesome person to talk to.

What forum do you usually hang around in? Can I stick around so I can meet some too?

[NPC] Cupid Wrote:
all the things YOU said are running through OUR heads - t.A.T.u.

p.s. we love you too dearie <3333 smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

[NPC] Cupid Wrote:
I'm really surprised no one has tried to woo you yet. No, actually, I'm sure they have. I'm not always good with noticing things, but... i have a knack for reading people, or, well, people's pixels. And, I can tell that you're someone who's really cool- ha, wow, that sounds lame. But, it's true. It's a shame that you go on hiatus so much, but, I think it's worse that you would doubt people would want to talk to you. I do. Ah! No, no I probably sound like a creeper. s**t. I should stop this...

[NPC] Cupid Wrote:

Had to.
/anon love


[NPC] Rina Wrote:
Hey there!

I've got a special gift for you!

From: An anonymous benefactor
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A young boy approaches you fidgeting. "I really like you though you're so cool it's scary! Please take this gift," the boy shouts as he shoves a piece of paper in your hands. There is a picture of you and the name of the mysterious boy at the bottom of the page.

- The Sketch Anon

My Gaian Desires


Wanted Hoards:

This list is synchronous to my quest thread and is always updated as items are obtained~

I Comments Send Toys

Soda Would Appreciate Some:

`_ Good friends/homies, comment conversations, and a good reason to stay on Gaia~

`_ Signs, OC, Avi & Couple Art—Draw me with Mako, Edward Elric, YunHo or even YOU! :3

`_ Donations & Gifts? c': Questing Angelic Halo D: <|3... Ports, Grizzly Hat & all the recolors, fml~

☰ I raised hell back in the day. Now I'm raising a tiny little heaven. ☰

Suuup~ The name's Soda (yes, for real) and I'm an incurable philanthropist and sushi/bubble tea fiend. You can also call me Beverage, Fizz(y), McFizz(y), Sodie, Soda Pop, etc~ I love people, music, animals, nature and art. I'm an adventurer, I'm a pretty good chef, I'm sporty and I play video games~ I'm a total broski and one of the guys who gets along with everyone which might be a big reason on why dem ladies friggen loveeee me, aha :'D. I have a dawgski named Echo, 'Cho for short, a betta named Mimi, a longboard named Renzo de la Cruz, and a gerbz named Issac, conqueror of all motherf*ckin' necromorphs. WORD TO YO' MAMA. (EXO? haha) Get to know me, mang. I'm real chill and super laid-back, so if you're friendly, spunky or any mix of the two, then I'm sure we'd kick it off real goooood~ c:

>'s, <3's & <|3's:

Comments > Private Messages
Friendly & Funny CBers > Srs Trolls
Nice & Spunky Exchangers > MP Grubs
Kind & Polite Artists > 'Hot s**t' Complexes
Friends That Actually Talk > Add & Disappear

<3 — Art, sushi, just about all music, broskis, video games, the outdoors, chillinnn' & Lunchables.
<|3 — Feeling tired in the morning, when people don't smile, rude asshats, emails & cover letters.

☰ 3-Year Post Hiatus Note ☰

'04-'14 Oldbie, Donator, Vendor & Exchanger
'05 Ex-Gaian Artist & Charity Owner
'09-'12 Semi-Hiatuser

Be one of the people that'll make me stay a lifetime! After 3 years, my profile revamp was on 07/19/12. Regardless if I'm active or not, I have my comment page bookmarked so if you drop a line or two, I'll pop up in a flash. That's why I prefer comments over PMs.Thanks for reading all this way!

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