Roxy Wolff

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Last Login: 11/24/2015 12:36 am

Gender: Female

Location: Right now- Undertaker's shop.

Occupation: Experiment. Insane. Stalking Grell and best friends with Undertaker. Bipolar.

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I'm Roxy. I'm 17 this year, and I'm from Sweden.
I am not the most normal person you will find, but I know that I will be nice to you, if you're rude, I'll yell rude things back at you, then feel bad and apologize. This happened to me recently, when people spoke s**t behind my back, I told them to ******** off, then felt bad and apologized, even asked how they were feeling.

I can be clingy, I can be a terrible spammer, I can be harshly rude and I can be in a total other thought when you speak to me, if you speak to me, that is. I can be childish, say stupid things that makes it all sound weird and totally ruin moods or jokes. So... Well, if you mind thiings like that, don't talk to me.
I can be serious, like now, I can be a total crazy-a** cup of coffeine and anime, like I am at most moments, and I'm also very social and polite. Ask me for a favor and I'll most likely say yes, if I can, have time or space to do it.

I also listen alot to people, and I never ever judge you. I'm against racism, I stand up for my thoughts, I stand up for other's thoughts and I work my hardest for other people to feel good and feel like they can trust me. And please, do trust me, I don't bite, and I'm just as good at keeping secrets like I am at learning languages and drawing, which, I am very good at, to be honest.

No, I'm not usually this confident, but now when I'm all stoneface and serious, I am also confident. Mock me in one of those moments, and I will probably explode in anger and tell you all the facts I have and use the most harsh attitude against you.
I will never tell you "You ******** whore", "you ******** f**" or anything of the likes like "Go kill yourself" or "Go sit in your corner and cut your wrists idgaf" because people around me, that means alot to me, have done things like selfharm or had suicidal thoughts.
I will probably just tell you how much of a boot of s**t you are, how much you should mind your manners and how much you can just go and put a stick up someplace where the sun doesn't reach, then I'll go sit and watch anime or draw something for half an hour, then return to you, apologize and tell you how much of a sweetie you are.

Don't listen to my idiocy, because I don't mean it... Unless you spoke s**t about my friends, because I will ******** make you pay for that s**t.

Anime/Manga, Yaoi, coffee, tea, drawing, writing, Team Fortress 2 aaand music. I also love pasta. Feed me any pastameal, or japanese food, like Ramen, and I will love you forever, even when I'm mad.