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roxafox the fox

thanks, Sora, for the Shibuya Nobody [Animal]! >u< I'll pay you back!

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Sora with Wings
roxas u should make ur av look like this

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lol, no. xD

Sora with Wings
roxas, i been thinkin.
since kairi lost her heart cuz riku was dumb, and it was riku's keyblade that turned me into a heartless, which i did cuz i chose to, then it's kind of like, me & riku created u together right right

so i think
as ur nobody-parent
chu's needs to change ur name

to Pancake with Wings.


lol, no. xDD

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another you loved another me


hi. I'm Roxas. I like skateboarding and marbles. I live in Sora's heart, but I can occasionally, you know, pop out of him and play on his computer while he's not around. his neighbor saw me one day and thought I was a ghost and freaked out and called in a psychic medium. sweatdrop

so I found this website called Gaia and made an account and discovered my name was already taken...? so I looked around... and realized Gaia is actually this bizarre place where multiple timelines overlap and collide with each other, so there are other me's running around and other Sora's and other everyone's... and some of them live lives extremely different from mine, so I guess I should explain that I'm not them and they're not me and this is the world that I am from...

I'm Sora's Nobody. a Nobody is born when somebody becomes a Heartless. I'm not Sora, because Sora is Sora. so I'm nobody, see? I don't really exist the same way ordinary people do.

it's 2007 where I live. see my registration date? there is no Birth by Sleep, there is no Xion. Axel was my best friend when I was in the Organization and Sora is my other half. I actually knew Hayner, Pence and Olette for real back then (for more than just one day) outside of DiZ's pretend Twilight Town, that's why they recognized Sora. Keyblades choose their masters of their own free will, not yours, you do not take classes to get them; that is the silliest thing I've ever heard of. all this used to be accepted reality it's fanfiction? ........

well, alrighty then. I met someone else who, like me, isn't really a real person, and we became friends. if you ever thought YOUR relationship was screwed up, pff! try being fused with someone else, who is kinda you but kinda not, and you each have a crush on two separate people who are kinda the same person but kinda not... jeez, as confused I was in the Organization at least everything wasn't quite this complicated!

it gets pretty awkward when Riku comes over to see Sora and they are, erm...together... and me and Sora are both... I don't really... I mean, I do, but... well there's not really anything I can do about it... Riku's Replica is the one I really like, though. guess our crazy neighbor wasn't entirely wrong about there being ghosts in the house.

oh, the fox ears? that's just my Gaia avatar. I can turn into a real fox, too! the internet is fun. some of my friends and other people who came from my world have Gaia accounts, too. they're at the top of the page. I used to be in a relationship with Axel the 8th World Wonder (I made up his username, lol) but he left Gaia a long, long time ago. you know, back before everything changed.


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Roxas's Journal

Saix told me to keep one. :stare:

My Axel Truck

Meet-up and Rally


Look sharp~!



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Riku the Dark Pancake Report | 05/21/2017 6:44 am
Riku the Dark Pancake
Oh, um... er... hi, Sora. sweatdrop
I was just, um...
-fixes Roxas's shirt-
He had a bug on him.
-dusts off his shoulder-
Riku the Dark Pancake Report | 05/21/2017 6:43 am
Riku the Dark Pancake
I am. emotion_dowant -pulls you closerrrrr-
Sora with Wings Report | 05/21/2017 6:16 am
Sora with Wings
Sora with Wings Report | 05/21/2017 6:15 am
Sora with Wings
maybe it was the other way around!
Riku the Dark Pancake Report | 05/18/2017 2:53 pm
Riku the Dark Pancake
Yeah, well my opinion is better than his.
-grabs you and kisses your cheek-
faithful replica Report | 05/18/2017 10:25 am
faithful replica
All animated gifs are slow on IE but yeah, it works. -Pulls you close and nuzzles.- ♥
Sora with Wings Report | 05/18/2017 9:57 am
Sora with Wings
omg! all i wrote was !! i'm so dumb! thanks roxas! sweatdrop also ur thing works on firefox heart
Riku the Dark Pancake Report | 05/18/2017 6:43 am
Riku the Dark Pancake
It's really slow on Internet Explorer but that's Explorer's fault.
Roxas Kitsune Report | 05/12/2017 4:10 pm
Roxas Kitsune
Its alright. Nice talking with you, Roxafox.
faithful replica Report | 05/04/2017 9:18 am
faithful replica
-Blushes slightly.-
-Wraps arms around you.-
faithful replica
Riku the Dark Pancake
Sora with Wings
Le Graceful Assassin
Still Waters IX
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