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100% Pessimist

I'm quiet.
I don't take care of myself.
I like walking around outside in the rain.
I like forests and the sound of crunching leaves.
I like playing video games.
I like Slenderman.

- carnivals
- drawing | painting | writing
- burning things
- weapons
- creepypasta
- the walking dead

- small children and monster people.
- heat / the sun
- california
- long hair
- when people speak with their mouths full.

Ask questions if you're curious.

This is for those who actually care enough to know more about me.

Do not ask me about my gender.
I will not give an explanation.

Keep in mind that everything below will be random facts about myself.

I am 17 and I live in California. I absolutely HATE it here. There are a lot of people I don't like and far too many bad memories. Of course, I have to admit that there are also a lot of good memories, most of them associated with my family or a very small group of other people.

I have a natural dislike of people. I am very antisocial and introverted. I enjoy spending time by myself, preferably outdoors or somewhere cold. I don't know why this is and I wonder about it all the time. Because of this dislike I have for people I consider myself asexual. I have never looked or thought of someone that way at all. Even as you scoff reading that, keep in mind that this is something I have felt for years. As many of you have told me, maybe I just haven't met the "right person". Even if this is true, I doubt that it'll happen any time soon.

Despite what I just wrote above, I am a very friendly person. If someone comes to me in hopes of a conversation I will never turn them away. Especially here on Gaia.

I have a very deep interest about the paranormal. I love all things creepy and frightening even though I myself am easily frightened. I have a particularly strong interest about Slenderman. In 2013, I made a 27 inch doll of him along with many, many smaller "chibi" versions. I gave most of them away as gifts.
Talk to me about that story about those two girls attempting to murder someone for Slenderman and I will laugh.

I really enjoy drinking warm/hot beverages outside on cold, chilly days. It gives me a sense of calm that almost nothing else can achieve. I especially enjoy windy days because in my opinion, the harsh breeze just feels really nice on cold days.

I sleep with a candle lit everyday. I am not afraid to admit that I am 17 and I am afraid of the darkness and monsters. It's childish and sad but that is just how it is. I also collect candles. I have a large collection growing on a shelf in my room. It's always sad watching the sacrifice burn. Speaking of collections, I have some really weird ones. Ask me about them.

Not a big surprise, but I love horror movies. Talk to me about them. Suggest me some good ones. Halloween is also my favorite holiday. I love all the Halloween decorations that come out during October. I hang most of them up in my room all year round. I never go trick or treating though, I'm always the person handing out the candy.

I will add more when I feel up to it.

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