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RufahSeven Report | 09/13/2014 9:49 pm
Hi! Thanks for your purchase. Enjoy it, have a nice night and a happy day tomorrow! biggrin
Grotesk Burlesk Report | 08/23/2014 9:21 am
Grotesk Burlesk
Javier Cross Report | 05/26/2014 5:54 pm
Javier Cross
At least with the latter its mostly 'Hope nothing happens to catch the God council off-guard or if it does happen, pray we can re-mobilize together in time to not die all over the place,'
is that about right?

Where do you stand on Madoka Magica or dot hack(.hack) by chance?
Javier Cross Report | 05/26/2014 3:04 pm
Javier Cross
You role-play in regards to Camp Half-blood-related matters inspired by Richard Riordan's novels?
Or have you role-played for the Potter-world?
Javier Cross Report | 05/26/2014 12:50 pm
Javier Cross
A lot has changed when we last met, I can only guess what might have happened to you during those past few years we were not talking with each other.
I intend to re-rally as much of the old guard as possible, I might consider asking if you remember the dot hack(.hack) universe by chance.
Because I might have an idea involving the Potter-world and dot hack(.hack) before either this month ends or June begins.


Also do you still role-play?
Javier Cross Report | 05/26/2014 1:23 am
Javier Cross
Am I welcome to talk with you, Miss Roseflower52?
Its been a while since we last spoke at all.
Similes and Metaphors Report | 12/26/2013 2:59 pm
Similes and Metaphors
Your signature is something I can weirdly relate to. lol Like, I'm pretty sure that's how I feel internally after reading a good (I don't remember the princess' name, though I do know that she's from the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast? Is it Belle?)

Loki903 Report | 10/30/2013 7:24 pm
Ah it's quite alright XD better it be that form of a scare than something worse like some use! :3 and you're very welcome~
Loki903 Report | 10/30/2013 9:45 am
Hello i just wanted to say I saw you in forums, and your signature is AWESOME XD though I did shriek a bit thinking a giant spider was on my screen when I'd scrolled down without paying attention. also, epic avatar~! 3nodding
Hoshiko Yakimura Report | 12/23/2011 1:22 pm
Hoshiko Yakimura
As a Hufflepuff and a fan fiction writer, I have to say I love your signature.



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