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XxFantome Report | 07/15/2017 10:06 am
Of course, you gotta be srs about these things man eue
Indeed they do and that's why I've only finished one, like ever. rip. I still play it partially because it's the only pokemon game I've ever been able to play (I never had dem fancy gamey thingies when I was a kid ;-; ). Ben and I are playing it almost constantly together while I'm here ouo luckily we're the same team lol
ohoh and we went back to the mall the other day without our third wheel and we tried the VR thing~ it was like a pod you sit in and had the mask thing, and the one we ended up trying was one of those flippy amusement park rides. It was pretty cool overall actually ouo I went to rub my face during it and I hit the mask cuz I forgot it was there for a moment LOL
Aww rip amu D: I always thought chemistry was kinda fun but art is way better for me <o< and yep! I have to take the course to graduate, they just make you sign to make sure you've had enough of the right classes to make like "the best version of your portfolio that you can" or something along those lines. I'd say being on my last class qualifies me XD
I think should be able to avoid it too User Image I've had two online classes, one was forced because the on campus class was full for a required class, and the other I picked specifically to make sure there was no on-campus testing because I was taking a summer class online ... from another state B) I prefer campus though because it's super easy to forget about online classes!
I hate semis even more since I drove up here omg most of them are so slow and I could have sworn one was gonna veer off the road, another was driving down the center of the freaking highway ;-; and a third one I saw shoved over a lane to pass another semi and nearly hit the other semi that was coming up in the other lane all right in front of me oh god rip rip rip
Thanks eue He lives in Missouri 8D And while I love being able to be together all the time, this house is quite stressful really. I'm going to miss my quiet Oklahoma life User Image
3D is really fun actually! I even started my own personal project now xD OP indeed lol I was the only one in the class who didn't do a human except the snake-lady came close. What marble game? o:
XxFantome Report | 06/28/2017 3:20 pm
Tryhard indeed = fleet, coy, sr, medic set~ dead layer if possible eue much OP
I wish I could have less like that, even after uninstalling a bunch I still have more than 10 games XD It's mostly puzzle games and then there's Pokemon Go emotion_dowant
I want to actually ouo but we were going somewhere and I didn't wanna hold us up any longer emotion_donotwant
Hopefully your classes are as nice as your schedule lol My schedule technically just has one class on it cuz the other needs a special permission thingie >o>
RIP first car u_u I definitely will be too or even avoid it if I can D:
Yeah freeway driving is niiice. The only thing that makes me nervous is traffic. And semis, oh god semis X_X
Because I'll be moving in with Ben after 3 years of long distance relationship, plus I always wanted to get out of Oklahoma ouo
Yush 3D 8D I could probably make anything if I actually tried to? but in the intro class we learned by making a lot of food LOL and random stuff, and then last semester I just had a character modelling class ouo 3d walkcycle and more stuff
XxFantome Report | 06/26/2017 3:55 pm
Lol yeah those things xD My high score is 175 emotion_awesome
I can understand that lol they're only bad for me cuz I forget about the old ones. I just had to delete a bunch of my old neglected games off my phone because apparently they were causing it to lag, like, A LOT. ono
I saw some in the mall the other day in passing and I thought it'd be cool to try :0 I didn't of course but I thought about it >o>
Me neither DX compact schedules are pretty nice though ouo And yeah that's what happened ;-; I'm still baffled about the whole thing tbh
I SHALL ouo I made the initial drive up here pretty easily! Until I took the last exit and all the directions flew out the window, not literally though LOL
That's so true, if businesses didn't look for degrees I doubt I'd be in college at all. I could easily be self taught using like google and deviantart... but going to school introduced me to 3D modeling which I may not have got into on my own so it's not all bad. ouo
XxFantome Report | 06/19/2017 8:09 pm
I know right? (I'm even more tryhard about gruckens though lol) One is cat themed, one is a big board, and the last one builds up a civilization instead of numbers eue realistically I don't play any of them that much but one is new so idk
Idk how to manage time either and I neglect old games a lot but I can't stop getting new ones too :U
Yeah just like clear out the basement or garage or something and go for it ...even though I have neither of those where I live User Image Just make sure to not be near any stairs, that would be bad D:
RIP us with our early classes crying Rush hour sucks. Can you imagine someone going so fast in rush hour traffic that they total your car? True story.
LOL omg your mom xD I can't even imagine that. My mom hated her old van so much, like just the opposite lol
That's one way to do it huh? xD
I wish it wasn't so far D8 but nothing I can do about it :v Thanks though ouo your belief in me shall get there in one piece, totally 8D
True in some ways, I mean I could have googled at least like 85% of that stuff and some of it is such a vague connection like inDesign... oh well. Yep, my last class is some kind of special effects class, that and portfolio prep!
XxFantome Report | 06/15/2017 8:35 pm
Lol it didn't bother me much to paste it somewhere so I didn't really think about it I guess
I have like 3 versions of 2048 xD and various other games that I'm working slowly through lol
That makes it seem kinda dangerous lol I might rethink the whole trying it thing ono;
Oh wow that sucks D: I only have to leave about 1 hour early except for my 5:30 classes I had to leave sooner due to rush hour. I so don't look forward to 9:30am class twice a week x_x
Lol I didn't notice much the speed difference but like the size makes me so paranoid especially when in my neighborhood a lot of people like parking in the street across from another parked on the street and I always feel like I'm not gonna fit xD or when I gotta zigzag around them that's pretty bad too User Image
Ooh nice! I see then. Double nice though, sell an account but still get to use a better one emotion_dowant
500 miles! Oklahoma City to St Louis eue sometime here real soon I'm gonna drive there for the first time (as opposed to flying) and I'm kinda nervous ;-;
True in some ways xD animating is tedious but so is making a full on painted illustration lol I would have rather had more animating classes than program-learning ones though tbh
XxFantome Report | 06/13/2017 1:24 pm
You get these little blobby things and some of them stick together, others have special properties like floating, and you have to get as many through the level as you can. And all the ones you save go in one place and you can stack them to see how high your tower gets before it breaks ^^ I mostly play puzzle games on my phone nowadays but I probably would do 2-3 mmos depending... unless I start playing a new mmo then I can get really wrapped up in it for a while lol
Oh I've always wanted to try VR, I can't even imagine what could better than that! Maybe we should try this real life thing sometime >O>
It is pretty chill xD I love night classes, waking up at like 6-7 am every day up through senior year was horrible oAo Midday classes are good too though, anything but morning emotion_donotwant
Me too Dx I'm paranoid enough as it is, even though when my mom was first getting me to learn we still had that big van xD it was so awkward driving that thing
How much did you sell it for? O: Bigger on a smaller scale?
Yep, sometime early next year hopefully! If all goes well unlike for this summer's plans (rip) since it's no small move ;v; Thanks <3 And yeah it is fun, though oddly only a small handful of my classes have actually had to do with animation directly xD
XxFantome Report | 06/11/2017 7:22 pm
I just spend time doing random crap like I don't even know anymore. Here's all my steam games because I am lazy User Image The ones in the "new" section are ones I haven't played yet and a lot of them are f2p mmorpgs. Tera is awesome User Image
Lol OP graphics huh? Is it like a VR? User Image
True! I thought like that too, I was sure I'd get low grades in classes like history and government but somehow got A's xD idk if this college is literally just easy, of if my college-prep HS just did a freaking amazing job at preparing us lol But I do love the flexible schedules, 3 of my 4 classes last semester were after 5pm ouo except my one class next semester is 9:30am twice a week because there's only one time it's offered RIP.
Yeah I think the new car is bigger than the old one which is probably what will take the most time to adjust to but it is a pretty good car, so yes thank you insurance ;v;
Ah I've heard of Clash of Clans but I never played it myself, and I've never heard of the other one at all o: Yay new ipad! Hope it works out for you :3
And well, eventually probably! I want to take at least a semester break while I move and stuff, but Ben seems to really want me to continue as soon as I can ^^ Ooo sciencey~ I'm going for artsy (computer animation)!
XxFantome Report | 06/10/2017 11:24 am
I still play it a lot now that it's back and it's super weird cuz in a way it feels like it was never gone... I do play other games now too though, I downloaded a bunch of free to play mmorpgs on steam and I slowly plan to work through them XD
Oh let's see without z! I can't even remember who I talked to aside from Ben and gaia friends are pretty much the only friends I have anymore. lolrip what is real life??
YUSH 8D except for comp II where I got a B technically. I feel like college is way easier than high school omg. Thank you eue I can't even believe it's been that long!! User Image And yeah, insurance helped a lot, even though we'd had the car for over a year we got back almost all of what we paid for it (well before the deductible). I'm going to miss that car ;n; even though I basically replaced it with a newer model of the same thing lol
Ooh what game was it? When z! went down I just started spending all my time with this guy I met in my last crew and hey now it turns out we still pretty much spend all our time together User Image
Aww yeah I used to do a lot of gaming on my old laptop till it started overheating like that too so I know how you feel D: At least an iPad will be easier to replace than a car though o:
Yay congrats on your first year! I just finished my second User Image I got two more classes to take next semester and then I get my associate's! So what are you majoring in?
XxFantome Report | 06/09/2017 5:46 pm
Making ballerinas out of everyone lol, I believe in you 8D
Yeah while z! was dead I kinda had a time where I didn't talk to a lot of people D: But overall, I've been doing pretty good! Getting A's in all my classes, finally got my driver's license, and just passed 2 1/2 years with my boyfriend! User Image The only problem is that like 2 months after I got my license, I got into an accident and my car was totaled User Image and all the plans I had for summer were suddenly obliterated (and lots of stress and anxiety and tears ensued)
Anyway ^^' what about you?
XxFantome Report | 06/09/2017 10:11 am
I see I see eue you have to keep us on our toes huh? xD but srsly tho good luck finding your new name cat_biggrin



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