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Birthday: 04/24/1992

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Ashura Takashi Report | 03/24/2017 8:07 am
Serenity: Ngh.... I ....can't..
Ashura Takashi Report | 03/23/2017 11:49 pm
Serenity: *Moves her hand in front of her to stop the fire balls*
Ashura: Focus...
Ashura Takashi Report | 03/23/2017 11:29 pm
Ryan: ....*stops resisting* ...Okay...
Ashura: Good. *Lets go*
Serenity: *Gets up slowly* .... Again... *grabs her book*
Ashura Takashi Report | 03/23/2017 11:17 pm
Serenity: ..W..-wh.. *loses control and gets hit by the fireballs*
Ryan: Serenity! *begins to run towards her*
Ashura: *Grabs Ryan's wrist* Ryan, don't. If you can't watch then you aren't ready to be trained either.
Ashura Takashi Report | 03/23/2017 10:59 pm
Serenity: ...*manages to stop a few of the fireballs* Ngh...
Ryan: You got this...
Ashura Takashi Report | 03/23/2017 10:40 pm
Serenity: *Puts her hand out to stop the fireballs*
Ashura: ....
Ashura Takashi Report | 03/23/2017 10:29 pm
Serenity: *grips her book* ....
Ashura Takashi Report | 03/23/2017 10:18 pm
Serenity: I know that Mom, but I won't learn if it's not hard. I might not know much about my Mother and Father when it comes to your strength. But one thing I do know, it was a easy one.
Ashura: ....*crosses arms*
Ashura Takashi Report | 03/23/2017 10:03 pm
Serenity: It is... Mom. I want you to attack me.
Ryan: ...w-wha-
Ashura: *Touches Ryan's shoulder" Don't worry son.
Ashura Takashi Report | 03/23/2017 9:57 pm
Serenity: *closes the book and breathes in deeply* ....

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Lady Rose

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Ettoo... The name is Rose/Amaya and hello, i`m currently 24 years old and getting older by the second.I have a habit of not being " me " because i`m lucky if i`m accepted at who i am i only show who i am to who is more open to me,

I'm English/Irish/British/Swedish and French with some royal blood.
Born and raised in Boston, but moves to Indianapol​is in 2007,I have Dark Brown eyes and Brownish Red hair.I am an average girl who keeps to herself.

I've lost a lot of people and Im really clumsy. I come off a bit... shy at first and when you get to know me I'm quite crazy,I have a limit where i might snap and go..." not myself " lets just say me and scissors are not a good mix..just forewarning ya but its only if ya get me mad to the point where i snap but its all good if it never happens.

I am taken by Ashura Takashi who is my online husbando and i have a special friend my starlight who go`s by Antihero who is the only one who ever got close to me and the only one i can really open up too.

I makeup my eyebrows thanks to the alopecia and that is also why i wear a wig 24/7 so i`m always looking for come good long wigs.

Truthfully If i ever got a blind eye i would replace it with a blue eye not completely sure why but i do,i can see spirits i think it started around when 8 years old.

I love the winter but i hate getting colds which end up happening a lot bleh,i`m not much of a morning person i just tend to sleep in a lot so me getting up is half and half i guess.

I`m a music lover and a big dreamer so i times i tend to have a wish i guess which is just to be loved for who i am its fleeting still but oh well

I have a split personality like i have Rose and at times a chibi me minus the short hair but its just when i`m alone i guess just to make sure i know i`m not alone since i`m very paranoid heck just the slightest sounds can make me jump and scared until i know what it is.. i just hope i can have a bff someday to hang and chat with or maybe i`m just reading to much manga.

I`m not much of a makeup person i only use it for when i go out or to feel pretty also when Halloween comes up so ya i`m not much of a girly girl really nor a sex appeal body i guess that`s why i`m mistaken for younger then i am which tends to be annoying

Became a big gamer as time win`t on surprisingly tho back then i was a kid i didn`t play many games but mostly pokemon now a days i`m more of a gamer then i was before and more of a tomboy then i was back in the day.

I`m obsessed over Silent Hill that i wanna have a bookshelf full of Silent Hill stuff someday and i love Akira Yamaoka`s music.

Someday i wanna get some tattoo`s like wings on my back a rose on my hip and Jin`s tattoo on my arm plus get my ears pierced and maybe a pierced navel? idk yet.

I love anything Disney and i love all the movies but if i had to pick my most favorite it has to be The Little Mermaid.

I`m anti-social but a listener i don`t talk but i`m chatty if it`s a topic i can talk about,i ******** up on my words half the time and a shy as a shell closed up,being alone scares me and i have a plain eating habit but i like what a eat,i don`t have top notch looks but my makeup power solves it,i suck at love,i`m not perfect i`m me odd habits or not and i have friends who are dear to me tho love who i am i don`t plan on changing who i am.

I`m A Child In A Adult's Body,I do Baking, Sewing & Video Gaming I Get A Bit Hyper , Easy Going , Fun , Shy and Get Kinda Bitchy, Easily Pissed Off, Perky, Anti-Social,I`m Team Instinct and i Love Akira Yamaoka`s Music and Obsessed Over Silent Hill , I Like Apples With Honey,I`m A Yandere and Into Horror and Slight Gore,I Love the Winter but i hate getting colds,I`m not much of a Morning Person,I`m a Music Lover and a Big Dreamer,My Most Favorite Youtuber Is Cryaotic, Foxy Is My Favorite Animatronic and I Love Bats.


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