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Gender: Female

Location: Kanto

Birthday: 04/24/1992

Occupation: Eeveelutions Trainer

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Ettoo... The name is Rose/Amaya and hello, i`m currently 24 years old and getting older by the second.
I'm English/Irish/British/Swedish and French with some royal blood.
Born and raised in Boston, but moves to Indianapol​is in 2007,I have Brown eyes and Brownish Red hair.I am an average girl who keeps to herself. I've lost a lot of people and Im really clumsy. I come off a bit... shy at first and when you get to know me I'm quite crazy,I have a limit where i might snap and go..." not myself " lets just say me and scissors are not a good mix..just forewarning ya but its only if ya get me mad to the point where i snap but its all good if it never happens.So i maybe kinda a Yandere? or just a Tsundere depends on how i am i guess and I am taken by the amazing guy I ever met, Ashura Takashi.
Going past that i love the winter but i hate getting colds (≧///~/////≦ ) which end up happening a lot bleh,i`m not much of a morning person i just tend to sleep in a lot so me getting up is half and half i guess.
I`m not much of a makeup person i only use it for when i go out or to feel pretty also when Halloween comes up (^///~/////^ ) so ya i`m not much of a girly girl really nor a sex appeal body i guess that`s why i`m mistaken for younger then i am (>∀<●) which tends to be annoying
I`m a music lover and a big dreamer so i times i tend to have a wish i guess which is just to be loved for who i am its fleeting still but oh well,I have a split personality like i have Rose and at times a chibi me minus the short hair but its just when i`m alone i guess just to make sure i know i`m not alone since i`m very paranoid heck just the slightest sounds can make me jump and scared until i know what it is..(◡_◡) i just hope i can have a bff someday to hang and chat with or maybe i`m just reading to much manga ヽ(∀<●)

-She waves- Hello my eevee babies my names Amaya how do you do? -she plays with her hair a bit- i kinda have a scene hair kinda style with the side swept bangs but i don`t use extensions well no i do the colored kind my hair`s pure full black and i find using colored extensions fun! i can mix and match them and i can change it without damaging my hair! -she scratches the side of her head- sorry i kinda get exited sometimes...i might get my ears pierced..maybe it might hurt sooo much but i wanna wear earrings tho the rose pair must be my first! oh but i do wear necklaces tho i love my cross one i found a long black thin ribbon thing for it and did some customizing with it <3 " she shifts her head to the side " um..well...oh um i`m into anime and manga and i`m a big gamer my fav`s have to be Pokemon,Kingdom Hearts,Final Fantasy and Devil May Cry i also love King of Fighters even tho i have not played it yet -she crosses her arms under her breasts- mm....i kinda have a my own style i`v been loving the love sleeved or shirt with my shorts and i love the knee high combo with it ~not sure why it just works with my style and works nice with my black clothing ohh and knit beret`s ~ -she waves- not sure what else to say so bye bye ~

♥ I`m A Taken Women ❤
♥ My Husbando is Ashura Takashi
♥ I`m A ♉
♥ I`m English , Irish , British , Swedish And French
♥ My Star Is Ruled By Venus
♥ Element Is Earth
♥ Birth Stone Is Diamond
♥ Birth Flower Is Daisy/Sweet Pea
♥ I`m Allergic To Walnuts Which I Found Out The Hard Way
♥ I'm Obsessed With Music, Candy, French Fries ,Dr.Pepper, etc.
♥ My Nicknames Are Rosie And Ayame
♥ I Want To Live In New York Someday.♥
♥ Fun-Sized
♥ I`m A Child In A Adult's Body
♥ Baking, Sewing & Video Gaming
♥ A Bit Hyper , Easy Going , Fun , Shy
♥ Gets Kinda Bitchy, Easily Pissed Off, Perky, Anti-Social
♥ I`m Team Instinct
♥ I Love Akira Yamaoka`s Music
♥ Obsessed Over Silent Hill
♥ Deeply Wanting To Grow Out Hair and Dye it Black ;A;
♥ Forever Trying To Get A 36C Bust ;A;
♥ I Like Apples With Honey
♥ Into Horror and Slight Gore
♥ I`m A Yandere
♥ I`m A Bit Hentai
♥ Most Favorite Youtuber Is Cryaotic
♥ Favorite Youtubers Are Markiplier,JackSepticEye,PewDiePie & GameGrumps
♥ Foxy Is My Favorite Animatronic
♥ Hooked On Lake Kindred
♥ I Love Meeting New People So Don't Be Afraid To Say "Hello~"
♥ I`m A Brony Not A Pegasister Whatever And I`m Proud Of It
♥ I Love Pokemon~♥ My Favorites Are Flareon,Eevee And Vulpix
♥ Cute Things Are My Weak Spot

♡♡ Random Notez♡♡

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Ashura Takashi Report | 08/20/2016 10:47 am
Chigusa: You weren't there when she was forgetting a few things and talking heads to herself.
Ashura: ....
Ashura Takashi Report | 08/15/2016 3:43 am
Ashura: Well if it's not then she has been very distracted lately.
Akira: Dad you're back also!
Ryan: I dont think you guys will be getting your training guys.
Ashura Takashi Report | 08/14/2016 8:57 pm
Ashura: ....*shrugs and walks inside*
Ryan: Mother dies have bad memory... *follows inside*
Ashura Takashi Report | 08/14/2016 8:13 pm
Ashura: Pretty sure I said I wasn't gonna train him...
Ryan: Yeah. I thought that was what you said.
(Oh... because I saw you with a Valor profile or something when it released. Nvm)
Ashura Takashi Report | 08/14/2016 7:46 am
(Did you change your team to instinct? Meh I found it funny that we was both Valor)
Ashura Takashi Report | 08/14/2016 7:45 am
Chigusa: *shrugs*
Ashura: On hold?
Ryan: ....?
Ashura Takashi Report | 08/08/2016 8:03 pm
Chigusa: Not sure if that explains her attitude, but... meh *walks inside*
Ashura: Eh...
Ryan: So you aren't going to train me?
Ashura Takashi Report | 08/06/2016 6:52 am
Chigusa: She started it. Yer little girl needs to understand her place in the world. *Sheaths her sword*.
Ashura: *rubs head and walks inside*
Ryan: I didn't expect her to run away from you...
Ashura Takashi Report | 08/05/2016 12:26 pm
Chigusa: *Unsheaths her sword* Guess you didn't learn yer lesson. Want round 2?
Ashura: Chigusa...
Ryan: .....
Ashura Takashi Report | 08/04/2016 2:49 pm
Ashura: .... *Looks at Ryan* Then let's go take you home.
Ryan: Sure.
Chigusa: Don't duh me.