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HP: 2e+45
Attack: 2e+177 Per sec, OR 2e+189per turn (on average)
Defense: 2e+170
Speed: 2e+147
Stamina: 2e+172
Dextirity: 2e+152
Strength: 2e+117

Notable equipment:
Weapon (Of choice): (MODIFIED) Arawn's Soulblade- Can now harness abilities up to level 52,566 and can cut through (Player note override: VIRTUALLY ANYTHING.)

Notable items:
Soaring clodsu: Portable storage chest, weapon case, alchemy station, forge, enchantment table, and crafting table.
Spirit buster: Weapon mod that can instantaneously be equipped and unequipped. Has the ability to kill and/or destroy spirits and interact with that are metaphysical, but loses the ability to attack physical objects and beings.

Notable Combat abilities:
Cosmos (Passive): Luck-based events can now be manipulated to change or even eliminate chance altogether.
Nerf: (Player created ability): Weakens the user for the rest of the fight to around the same strength or weaker than that of the current target.
Overkill: Rushes the enemy with a barrage of attacks. if the opponent is not defeated by the end of the attacks, the user gets an attack boost for the remainder of the fight.
Everything falls apart: (Player created ability) Rushes the enemy with an overwhelming barrage of attacks, causing fatal blows and dispells 26 buffs.
Regenerate: (Player created ability) Restores all health and recovers from any and all ailments instantly: cannot be dispelled. Shielded while casting.
Buff: (Player created ability) Gives an ally a burst of power, and gives the target a 9,999,999% boost on all stats for 24 hours (Of continuous gameplay.) (Player note: YOU ARE A GOD NOW. Enjoy.)
Split/Duplication: (Player created ability) Summons an exact copy of the user and exists until killed or despawned manually. Max copies: 100,000,000
Corrupted objects: (Player created ability) Conjures a corrupted object in which the conjurer can manipulate to benefit itself or others, duration: 36 hrs.
Absorb: Manually absorb a given trait of an enemy or copy a trait of an ally or neutral target. Can absorb abilities, physical traits.
Meteor Punch: Throw a high impact punch. Usable on surfaces. Can disarm, cripple, stun, and debuff the target.
Milli-Punch: (Channelled) Throw practically a million punches, usable on surfaces. Can disarm, cripple, stun, and debuff multiple targets, hits targets one hit at a time.
Player Details Rookis:

He's an orphan with two desires in life: To become the most powerful being in the universe, and to explore as much of the universe as he can. Gaia is just an intermission to him, a place to visit in between his expeditions, which wouldn't make it so different if it weren't for the fact that it's the only place where he won't get looked at funny or attacked by everyone who sees him.
He has no history to speak of: No ancestry, no parents, not even siblings or half-siblings. They are all either dead or missing, If they even exist to begin with, and he has yet to truly see his mother and father...If they're still alive, of course, which he doubts they are.
He has no desire to get in a relationship with anyone, proclaiming that his love is "reserved for other things than people", despite his temporary obsessions with who he considers role models, which are very short lived.
Speaking of people, Rookis is trusting, brave, intelligent, and gutsy to a fault, often finding himself in difficult situations that he himself has caused, but somehow manages to get out of every single one of them. His overconfidence originates from the fact he has never been defeated in combat, but he has been mortally wounded at times.
Rookis is a rather vain, childish, and ultimately very flawed for a person with multiple personalities combined into one, but he is a rather loyal, helpful, honest, and down-to-earth person who favors giving his (Constantly stated) opinion or the truth rather than sugar coating or lying, though he will bluff and hold back from time to time.
After his experience leading up to and after his departure to Gaia involving his career as a courier, he has obtained multiple associates and allies across his journeys.
Rookis is identified as a "mirror", a condition of both mind and body that locks a being into an ideal state of being and enables abilities ranging the absorption of power to physically manifesting as others, allowing for interesting events to take place, such as a combination of multiple different powers, sometimes even bending time itself, after learning from others at an unusually fast speed, which is a common side effect of being a mirror.
Rook's aptitude mostly revolves around the traits he obtains from others, be it skill to abilities, and sometimes physical traits, which he can only obtain by absorption. He obtains these skills either by himself by study or by absorbing powers, mainly from those who he admires.
His powers are divided into overall power and energy in the sense that energy is regenerating and does not weaken Rookis after use, but overall power is exponentially more powerful and produces energy. Overall power is not limited, but Rookis can only contain so much energy.
Rarely does Rookis use power to the point that his overall power is drained because the cost of overall power is usually so high that he is weakened substantially after use. However, overall power enables Rookis to do things that would either use a huge amount of energy or he wouldn't be able to do it at all. However, it has been observed that, if angered enough, Rook's will alone will substitute for overall power, though his emotions seems to modify its use to suit more situation-oriented purposes.
He has the ability to transfer overall power and to enable others to become shards, an early version of a mirror using a significant amount of his own power to create a fragment, a mirror fragment, that once inserted into the body, causes the user to become a shard.
Using the darkness oriented abilities he obtained by defeating the Drakunuss, Rookis is able to attack one's mind directly upon making physical contact with them. If his attack is successful, he can tap into one's mind, gaining access to their thoughts, memories, etc, but it is noted that his mirror abilities seem to be intermixed with the darkness abilities, allowing him to use this ability to a degree from a distance.

In terms of combat, Rookis usually resorts to one of three tactics: overwhelm the enemy in a barrage of attacks, whittle down the defense of an opponent and finish them off in one fell swoop, or in a stealth-based and guerilla-esque fashion. Specializing in one-on-one combat and free-for-alls alongside a hobby of taunting, Rookis fills the role of a tank perfectly, but ironically specializes in agility and speed, usually dodging any attacks directed towards him, and endures any he cannot miss. He uses very predictable movement tactics and very light armor, yet he has amazing stamina and recovers very fast, recovering from a beating in mere minutes or even seconds, even from cuts, Rookis can recover in the same speed, however, due to his previous experiences of being cut, he is more susceptible to cutting attacks, and as such, is more likely to have dodging and/or countering as a priority in combat. If attacked constantly without the chance to defend, or counterattack he could be defeated as long as he is not given a chance to break the stream of attacks.

Ironically, his only observable weakness is genuine love, which, if exposed to it, drains his power and strength to the point of being incapacitated. Imperius has multiple hypotheses as to why this happens, ranging from psychological complexes to a reaction between the concept of love and the application of it with certain powers Rookis uses and contains. Though his general combat skills may be called into question against those he calls his rivals, he makes up for his lack of opponent-oriented skill with a tenacious attitude; Even in the face of certain defeat, he's a fighter until the end, unless he does not see a way to even spite his opponents. Even his teammates can see the tenacity that lies within him.

"This is how i roll!"

Teammate(s) Details


Of course Imperius is an imp, Why else would he be called that? Imperius was and is a prodigy at the magic arts, mastered alchemy, spellcasting, black magic, transfiguration, and everything in between.
And yet that wasn't good enough for him.
He went out of his way to master any profession he could invest in, be it politics to commanding military, he desired nothing but to master the arts.
His obsession overcame him, and soon he was obsessed with knowledge, caring only for newer things and craving new experiences, he was quickly thrown in and locked in Esylum for who-knows-how-many years for his ranting and raving, constant begging for something new.
After escaping his mental asylum with the help of Rookis, Imperius ceased his quest for knowledge, and instead turned to adventuring, usually alongside Rookis. He refers to himself and sometimes others in the third person, and no one knows why. From spending time with Rookis for so long, and at one point becoming part of him, Imperius knows how Rookis thinks, and will sometimes engage in conversations that make the two seem synchronized and completely aware of each other's thought process, allowing for some interesting exchanges, especially if there is conflict between the two.
Imperius is VERY shy, and unless given a reason to interact with others, will either avoid or ignore them. Imperius is actually responsible for Rookis's practical immortality, and claims he has achieved doing so by bounding Rook's spirit to something physical and powerful enough to generate and exert enough energy to allow him to retain his physical form and original power from the point when he died. This is not explained by Imperius. Rookis treats Imperius as a sibling, often engaging in petty rivalries, but they both will work together if and when situations are dire. Imperius despises using profanity. Imperius has no moral regard for those who he does not emotionally invest in, and has no qualms with killing random people. Imperius has been known to attempt to become romantically involved with a select few people until Rookis shuts it down. Imperius has the same exact hairstyle as Rookis, mainly because previously imperius had little to no hair, which upon mentioning this fact in his presence, causes significant discomfort on his part.

Imperius has invested a massive amount of time studying a book he obtained while escaping Esylum, which has no title, but he refers to it as "The book of infinite knowledge". Rookis has already explained his thoughts on how this situation is literally impossible, yet Imperius is convinced that the book literally contains an infinite amount of knowledge, and constantly studies the book, which is confirmed to contain, at the very least, some confirmed facts.

In combat, Imperius is a ranged magic user with a twist: He aims to overwhelm, and he effectively does this by barraging the enemy with a series of very precise attacks unrelentingly until the enemy is defeated. Though this tactic may not be the most efficient, leaving him exposed and weakened after his attack and all, it is no doubt extremely effective, especially with allies around.

"It seems that once Imperius is done talking, there is something for him to speak of soon after."


It just exists.
It apparently is a manifestation of the universe, according to Imperius, but other than this, not much is known about Cosmos.
It's body is comprised of a matter that somehow can interact with physical objects normally and yet at the same time be able to switch to what can only be described as a "Physical manifestation of a portal to deep space" at a moment's notice.
It's interactions are monotone and communicates in a short and direct phrases, and rarely shows even a hint of emotion.
Instead, it will act reminiscent of those who it interacts with in terms of relationship and sentimental value, for example, a lover or a parent.
Rookis has attempted to copy the physical manifestation of Cosmos, but he claims that the transformation is "Very unstable and dangerous to use for long periods of time".
Formerly alone and silent, Cosmos was called to action to fight it's rival, the Draknuss, with the help of Rookis and his allies.
Only observed once in combat, cosmos has been observed to use rifting, a melodic sequence of attacks using lasers and light projectiles. Extremely dangerous, but predictable.
"...There is no absolute definition of a flaw nor imperfection. Act as such."


This one is quite an unique character. Wanderer does not identify as a specific gender and actually has no name, (for identification reasons, for the rest of this entry, wanderer will sometimes be identified as male.) instead using various titles to identify as, most preferably "Wanderer", a title a travelling salesman gave upon seeing any given adventurer, and it seemed to stick rather well. Very little is known about Wanderer's personality and history as a whole, because Wanderer is very quiet, reserved, and not that social; So quiet to the point where Rookis assumed Wanderer was mute. Wanderer rarely speaks of their past.
Wanderer is very close to Rookis in terms of partnership because Wanderer is not only the one who gave Rook the shard to become a mirror, but also because Wanderer is the original wielder of Rook's first blade. Wanderer was the one who discovered Esylum, according to official documents, and takes partial responsibility for Imperius's imprisonment, despite being unaware of his existence or condition at the time.
Imperius noted that Wanderer is stealth oriented and excels at one-to-one combat, which he says implies that Wanderer was at one point either an assassin or a rogue in the past, but Rookis claims that Wanderer's weapon of choice, a one handed sword, along with the constant use of quick and deadly slashes leans more toward the implication that Wanderer is an agility based warrior, like he was.
The events that took place during the trip to Esylum has trained Wanderer to be A survivalist to the core, mentally and physically trained to withstand most harsh environmental conditions on just a whim, sometimes even being able to support two or three others with food and water, given certain conditions. That being said, Wanderer is extremely resourceful, refusing to waste or even exchange anything that can be of use to anything or anyone else, save for those who know him on a personal level, in which Wanderer would care for immensely.
Wanderer has been known to observe and interact with Rook much more than the other members of the group, seeming to trust him more than others, despite being a loner.

"They say that I'm a hero, I should be hanged for all i've done."


He's a rather flamboyant time traveler who just wants a friend.
Kent is A fun loving, kind, and friendly little fellow who values the company of others, having been confined to a factory filled with robots and machines, and very few visitors during his life before he obtained his time machine. In his childhood, he had free reign over the genetic modification of his body, deciding to become what he looks like now.
He is very socially awkward and considered overly affectionate and acts familiar to those who he considers his true friends. It is possible he may have traveled back to the past to observe and maybe even interact with those who he associates with in the present.
Kent claims his past consisted of living in what he only describes as "A steampunk era factory filled with soulless robots and tons and tons of supplies for the future".
Upon meeting Rookis initially before the Esylum incident, this fellow made it his mission to help Rookis fulfill his dreams, but at one condition: Rookis would become his friend.
Keeping his promise, Kent now follows Rookis on a journey through space and time, and sometimes through UNIVERSES at his side.
He has been noted to play his guitar during combat, and occasionally uses it as a weapon, but claims he will transition out of it soon. It is unknown why he does it in the first place.
Dragged into combat multiple times by Rookis, his new combat style is solely to improvise: Using creative ways to defeat his foes and using random objects as weapons and props and using them in very unpredictable and varied ways. Rookis noted once that, while dueling with kent, he stole Rook's blade and held it in a way that implies he has little to no foreknowledge on how to actually use the weapon, (He grabbed the guard instead of the hilt) but uses it in a way that, to make up for it, he can anticipate and respond to enemy attacks, suggesting that Kent may actually redo events in time over and over again to get the best possible outcome of any given situation.

"Just don't mess up, I don't want to do this all over again."

Apparently, one was not enough. Created by a being Cosmos was charged to destroy, the Draknuss, this Rookis was created solely to destroy his original, but upon realizing he was being manipulated into thinking that the original Rookis was an impostor, he turned on the Draknuss and ultimately destroyed it in his rage.
After doing so, he ultimately joined his original in hopes of finding a better purpose in life, and to spite his creator. Though their origins are very different, they actually identify as the same being, to the point where they both could be affected by the same specific things, and yet there are some slight differences between the two.
This Rookis is much more irritable and assertive and tends to be more serious than his tiny predecessor. He also enjoys combat a lot more than his original, and reacts differently to certain actions directed towards him, usually positive things, such as petting or hugging.It must also be known that this Rookis is freakishly tall. Ironically, he also uses his fists more than his sword, usually keeping it sheathed until necessary, and because of this, excels in hand-to-hand combat.

"Who i am, who i'm not, and who i want to be. "


A shadow-ice magic user, Ich'Thik was an experienced ranged fighter and an effective combat strategist. The previous owner of The Book of Knowledge, he gave it to Imperius in the hopes of him having more use of it than he had, claiming it was "Hopeless to achieve infinite knowledge to begin with".
Grump and tough in nature, but kind-hearted and fun-loving (If one counts slaughtering monsters fun) at heart. Because his life was not documented anywhere outside of sanctum, not much is known about him, and Wanderer refuses to evaluate on Ich'Thik's life.

His death occurred during the final battle at Sanctum, and died due to his heart exploding after overexerting himself in an attempt to sacrifice himself in place of Rookis (Though there was no immediate threat, possible delusion.) from the Drakunuss, who tried to possess him.

"You gotta realize what you want before taking steps towards getting it."


Abandoned at birth and left to die in a forest by his two parents who didn't even know who he was, Kuran lived in forests, jungles, and swamps for most of his life, and is actually distantly related to Kent, which ultimately led to him joining the group, due to his lack of knowledge of the outside world and social experience.
Kuran can be described as a tree hugging vegan with a bright attitude almost all the time. He, although looking very childish, is actually extremely old, and according to him, he has lived thousands upon thousands of years. Despite this, he is curious about the world around him, and often gets into trouble and unusual situations because of this, especially with machinery and architecture. He does, however, notice distinct details that would very likely not be noticed by others, and is more fit for survival than one might expect. He's a lover, not a fighter, usually negotiating with his opponents and teammates instead of actually fighting.He is confirmed to actually be very expressive with his bisexuality and the ability to switch genders within minutes, mainly to either suit the preferences of his teammates or to fool his foes, though he has admitted he was originally a female, but identifies as a male due to the continuity errors that come along with identifying as a gender he/she is not. Though he has identified to originally be female, he prefers to be called whatever gender he/she is at a current point in time, despite originally being a male. Because of this, he sometimes even tries to take things to the next level with his teammates, though his attempts usually don't usually work out the way he intends, but never resulting in a negative reaction.

Due to his pacifistic nature, he's not really one to engage in combat, being a magic user like Imperius, he uses his magic, not for offensive capabilities, but for defensive and recovery purposes. He is notably more powerful in areas with plant life, and is immune to poison. However, electric damage and fire damage affect him more than normal.

Enemy/Neutral character info

"Mother" (Enemy)

Claiming to be Rook's mother, this woman resides with the constructs and illusions created by the Draknuss in the hopes of finding and reclaiming her lost child and to take out his kidnapper. Ultimately being a shadow, she seems to be in denial that she actually is, for some strange reason. Possibly possessed or being manipulated by the Draknuss. Delusional, aggressive and extremely suspicious of those who she encounters.
As a construct of the Draknuss, it should be noted she does have the exact same attributes as some of the people the Draknuss has seen, noted below.
Eyes: Imperius
Fur: Ich'Thik
Cape, sword, leggings: Rookis
It is unknown who the hair or scythe belongs to.
"I love you, don't run."

Grakki Faira (Neutral)

An elderly (And magical, of course) librarian who wants to make it clear that used to be able to fly, but her wings were cut off.
Ever since her adventuring days, she has dedicated her life to helping out future heroes by learning of the past and advising on what might be the solutions to some of their ongoing dilemmas. She doesn't really evaluate on her life story all that often. Possibly afraid of recalling something traumatic. Strangely, she appears in Sanctum as well as the world the group falls to with little to no explanation whatsoever.
Player note: In the game, she offers hints, new combat abilities and maneuvers, spell books and intelligence stat boosts for a price. She does give tips for free, though. Sometimes they're useful, sometimes just funny.

"Hello, there. I'm glad you came to stop by, but why do you come here if you got a book with every other book in it, and some?"

Lopo (Neutral)

He's...Unique. Described by many as hazy, happy, and actually rather unintelligent, but still functional as an individual. Lopo's defining feature is that he likes food.
A lot.
He likes food so much, he actually is very experienced with a large variety of foods, and as such, he will give tips on what food would suit what play style, and will actually sell recipes to certain types of foods and condiments that one can put on their own foods for specific effects, usually either very helpful, harmful, or just plain unusual.

He's just a regular commoner, though he does move from town to town on occasion, but not in a way that would be unhelpful, but instead convenient for those who live in the vicinity of where he travels.

"Have you ever eaten cake before? It's great for economically stingy people. If you grab a cake, no matter where you get it, you can eat it up to eight times before the actual cake goes away! Doesn't even matter how long you wait! Hey, when you're out there, mind getting one for me?"

Miseii (Neutral)

A courier that used to work alongside Rookis while he was still a courier, himself.
Quiet, but focused, Miseii never really cared to interact with others, and as such, Rookis actually approached her upon first seeing her.
She keeps to herself, mostly, and only interacts when necessary.
During his travels, Rookis can employ Miseii's services to aid him in his journey, mainly consisting of mail carrying and turning in quests from afar at the cost of a little bit of gold. usually 2-5% percent of the reward itself in gold.
"Here's your letter. Pay me, please."

Special Places, Items, Events, etc.

The Draknuss
Known as the Darkness, Shadows, Etc., this thing cannot be described in any way, shape or form. It spreads chaos, destruction, and death in its wake, possessing those it cannot defeat, and manipulating those who stand a chance to withstand whatever it can dish out. For some reason, Rookis is it's main target, focusing solely on him...When it finds him. There is a possibility that it is sentient.
It HAS been observed as a pitch black gas that surrounds those who it possesses. It's visibility process has been observed to be similar to one being colorblind, the difference being that the color black, despite it being its own color, would actually be perceived as invisible, along with the surface said color blocks. Grey has been known to partially work, but it seems to only provide partial invisibility, looking similar to that of the distortion of light heat makes.

The Book of Knowledge
Imperius holds this close at all times, it being his prized possession and all. Apparently containing all knowledge, it's nature is convenient to the owner, when it can be. It displays facts at random, no matter what the page it's on, but in serious situations, it will give very convenient info, or will give information that will not affect anything major, as if answering a question someone was wondering about. It was discovered in sanctum, and it is possible that it was once used by a hero in the past.

An insane asylum possessed by the Drakunuss, Esylum is labyrinth-esque in design, complete with booby traps and transport mechanisms, such as zip lines. The place seems to shift by itself, morphing and changing at random, but a few details always remain consistent. The place is filled to the brim with monsters, literal mental ward escapees, and lots and lots of edible mold, mainly used as food.
Though the population's mental health constantly comes to question, they have been observed to act as a group effectively, for a group of unified captives in Esylum formed a pact in order to attempt to defeat the Drakunuss in the hopes of defeating it once and for all. This pact included Rookis and Imperius, who were not aware of each other's existence until the group's population began to fall. Hosted in the commons of Esylum, the only place known to not host any monsters of any kind, The group worked as a monarchy, led by Ich'Thik. After his death, Imperius took command and, upon finding the book of knowledge, was able to push back the Drakunuss to the deep recesses of Esylum, which Rookis entered to deliver the finishing blow, until he realized that the Drakunuss was not entirely at Esylum, and all of the efforts made in Esylum only damaged the Drakunuss. Fueled by anger, Rookis and Imperius followed the traces of the Drakunuss to Sanctum.

This place is as mysterious as cosmos. A giant flying golden castle in the middle of space, this place was the host to, The Drakunuss. Rookis and co. encountered this place via a tractor beam in Esylum. (The rest of the information is compiled of aligning testimonies involving those who have visually observed Sanctum.) The exterior looks like the Taj Mahal with a flower garden. The interior, quite the same, only bigger, and with more rooms and death traps and transport mechanisms and things in a regular arena-esque labyrinth. Not much is known other than than these things: It was infested with a variety of monsters affected by the Drakunuss, Imperius has been there longer than anyone in the group, cosmos had dominion over sanctum, and Rookis had spent a nonspecific amount of time in Sanctum.(No criteria met other than the fact that Imperius was there first.)
It has been noted that Sanctum contains the apparently dead souls of legendary heroes of the past, locked in eternal battle with the Drakunuss.

After entering Sanctum, the remaining members of the group met Wanderer, who was actively fighting the Drakunuss in the area he was in. Quickly setting up a base, Imperius employed the local spirits and offered to command them in the fight against the Drakunuss, in which they accepted, after a tribute and some negotiations. After a while of fighting, they managed to drive the Drakunuss off of Sanctum and into the hands of Cosmos. With some assistance, it sealed and consumed the Drakunuss, destroying it in it's entirety. Still at sanctum, Rookis, Imperius, and Wanderer realized that they could not return through Esylum, due to its connection to Sanctum being previously upheld by the Drakunuss. To solve this, Imperius fabricated a special type of crystal, capable of holding a living being in stasis in a practically impenetrable substance until they return to their homelands. Rookis, denying this option of departure, Literally jumped out of the front door of Sanctum, ran through the garden and jumped off of Sanctum. Cosmos, intrigued by Rook's decision to jump off of sanctum, made a deal with Rookis, offering his blessing in exchange for the chance to genetically copy him for observation purposes, but this backfired when the Drakunuss broke free from Cosmos's grasp and seized the copy, which afterwards, has not been seen or heard of since. After a while of it's inactivity, Sanctum has begun to crumble and rust, according to Imperius and Cosmos.

Despite popular belief, Nowhere is actually a real place. Though not documented, it is considered a very elusive place, those who go in it, know not where they are, and as such, do not recall what it looks like. Even attempted documents of the place usually describe somewhere else.In short, no one really knows what it looks like, except Kuran, of course, since he lived there for thousands of years, but he refuses to describe it.

Kuran found Rookis when he landed, inside of the crater he made in a forest, he was unconscious. burnt and bloodied, most of his equipment damaged and torn. Kuran, promptly decided upon seeing Rookis to nurse him back to health and repair his equipment in the hopes of Rookis waking back up, despite his power regenerating his body by itself, effectively draining him of his previously abundant strength. Waking up in short periods of time, he finally came to for good three weeks after being taken in, Kuran not present and Rookis dazed and weak.
[Player note: The second game starts when you wake up.]
After regaining his bearing, Rookis searched the forest for the rest of his group, to no avail. Right after giving up, Kuran found Rookis and upon seeing Kuran, Rookis realized just what exactly happened. He now had the chance to start over. After inviting Kuran to travel the world, the duo promptly prepared to leave, when Rookis noticed some unusual looking birds floating through the sky. Exiting the forest, the duo wandered aimlessly, each stop they took, Rookis recounted more and more about his previous career as a courier.

Meanwhile, Imperius, Kent, Rookis, and Wanderer made their landing inside of a small grassland in the middle of Nowhere using their crystal as a means to protect themselves with the landing. Beginning to walk in the direction they perceived as forward, they realized exactly where they were, or more precisely, where they are not. During their explorations, they explore more and more of Nowhere, not realizing where they are, which Imperius ultimately knew this is entirely why they are stuck in Nowhere in the first place, but for documentation and adventure, he keeps this in his subconscious, as a means of tricking the system, until he learns of the entirety of Nowhere, which afterwards, he fakes realizing where they all are, and they immediately leave the place. After leaving, they search for Rookis, constantly coming close to his location, but he unintentionally eludes them almost every single time, until...
Kent suddenly disappears from his group's side for some time, and briefly reappearing back to Rook's party to direct him towards Imperius's party, which upon reuniting, there are mixed reactions towards Kuran's joining the group. The group itself, save for the doppelganger and Wanderer (They considered him annoying and uncomfortably affectionate at times.) enjoyed Kuran's presence, mainly because of the important roles he fills and his overly positive attitude. However, the general public considered Kuran a freak, mainly because of his amazing power over nature and his constantly changing gender. This ends up traumatizing Kuran to the point where he does not trust anyone outside of the group and making him extremely fearful in the process, ultimately leading to fighting back against the lynch mobs that sometimes heads his way. While coping with the stress, the group is faced with foes ranging from common wildlife to soldiers, all the while, Rookis beginning to weaken due to Kuran, and experiencing unusual dreams that have varied effects on reality, basing off of his interactions or even observations based off of said dreams. A short while after these dreams began to occur, strange happenings begin popping up all around the near vicinity, ranging from random attacks to communications people cannot recall ever making. Though these strange things begin to happen, there seems to be no obvious disturbance....Yet.


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ll Alistaire ll
Eh, I guess we'll have to figure out. cat_3nodding
Lil lily91 Report | 01/26/2015 7:37 am
Lil lily91
I think it took her a week to make the characters. Well, Im happy that you liked it! Wait, she said... oh... she sent the wrong picture the first time? What did she send?
Lil lily91 Report | 01/26/2015 5:26 am
Lil lily91
It is cool! Im happy that you like it! They all look so cute and cute at the same time! I think she used colored paper and watercolors. Me and my sister are the only creative ones in the family, unfortunately.
Lil lily91 Report | 01/25/2015 9:34 pm
Lil lily91
Hey Rookis! My sis told me she sent you the drawing she made! Isnt it cool?
AiiMcHalo Report | 01/22/2015 9:43 am
Get me back? O:

For what?


OH! YOU MEAN YOUR PRE-...-Covers her mouth with her paws- Hee, hee! Oops. X3
AiiMcHalo Report | 01/21/2015 7:02 pm
Your status sounded sad so thought a hug might cheer you up. :3
AiiMcHalo Report | 01/21/2015 6:52 pm
Here! -Hugs you tightly-
AiiMcHalo Report | 01/21/2015 6:09 pm
-Tugs on your sleeve- Rookis? o:
Xxrocker_chick91xX Report | 01/19/2015 12:43 pm
Lol thank you xd

Headshot of moi by Requiem Promise.

Drawn by ouija bored!No, not weegee board.

I love art, so I display it on my profile! If and when anyone draws me, I'll display it here! If i miss anyone's drawings, lemme know!

Dis artsu's by Middlemist Red!

Both made by Lil lily91! Thanks!

My first signature image by Extria!

Imperius By Animal Paul-19!

It gets so lonely up here.

I love this for all the wrong reasons! Drawn by moonlight-ice13!

Human sized me, drawn by Pinster!

The dynamic duo by, as you can see, by TayaNyaSonozaki!

Drawn by toe tuts!

Drawn by luvlee_pretty_gurl!

Kent, drawn by Miss Fluffy Butt!...No, i'm not laughing.

I feel like this one's definitive of my face in combat as a whole!Drawn by xXFoxfaceToastXx!

Kent with his little guitar and a song in his heart, drawn by Sultana Vox! Edit of this to the right.

Crossin' to the third dimension, made by TaKoC!...Did i mention it's hard to see directly behind you in the third dimension? I can't even do it!

Wanderer, drawn by Unsanitary Condition!He looks like he's gonna cut something...Or someone.

Happy faced kent, drawn by Magical Cyanide!

The whole team in a cave, drawn by laleczka25! ...I never really realized it, but Cosmos looks pretty majestic in midair...